54 thoughts on “Man arrested for beating transgender woman; assault captured on video in east Oak Cliff

  1. HE BLACK so no hate crime will be charged. they need black votes until enough illegals cross border. So nothing to see here ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. HE BLACK so no hate crime will be charged. they need black votes until enough illegals cross border. So nothing to see here ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. He beat a man wtf is this world coming to!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not a woman!!! Woman create children. He got his ass beat it is a man not a woman

  4. most of the community, almost all, HATE LGBT…….. its odd tho, the same people who cry oppression, are oppressing others who are different.

  5. Not by liberal media.. they go by reward point system. IF you white -10
    point you lose.. If black plus 3 points. SO how it works
    tranny gets 10 points. , black gets 4 points.
    so 6 point difference tranny wins ; however this tranny was black so its not white tranny.. so eve 6 for 6 draw
    so black gets off.
    However if it was a muslim tranny they get plus 20 points. so with the 20 point and 6 . gay tranny muslim wins and black loses
    this is how courts rule today in USA.
    and the judges are now Oracles.. they dont go by law.
    that is why laws sentencing changes by a squirt or feel of the day.
    teh more liberal teh area the more they use the dummy liberal point system.

  6. Where was all these comments when that fella pulled our a pistol and beat that woman…..ALL OF Y'ALL ARE NECESSARY!!!๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

  7. He he he not she. If I think and believe Iโ€™m something Iโ€™m not is it healthy for society to act as if itโ€™s true. If I think I feel like a duck and tell everyone Iโ€™m a duck would it be healthy for the rest of the world to encourage me to believe I am a duck when clearly Iโ€™m not and canโ€™t ever be. A male who undergoes surgery to hide their true gender can never claim they are a woman because woman have mensural cycles and have milk glands and can have babies so why do we encourage this shit. Call it as it is a mental retardation.

  8. It is not a woman, it is a wannabe!! He couldn't be what GOD intended him to be. We let anything happen in this crazy azz country. If you were going to be a female, you would have been born that way. Not decide this is what I want to be. We all still have to stand before GOD. He is not going to call you Timiesha, he's going to say Timothy!!

  9. This is A MAN NOT A WOMAN FIRST OF ALL. I don't agree with what happened to him but show the whole video of the MAN pretending to be a woman cussing and jumping at the crowd after I believe he hit someone's car. THIS IS NOT A HATE CRIME. Please stop it.

  10. Talking about it's a hate crime no the hate crime is against yourself going from man to woman going from woman to man that means you're brainwashed and you hate one's self

  11. This hating on gays gotta stop period. Cause the shit not fair not just straight mufuvkas on this earth period n whoever condone n this shit stupid asf.

  12. That is exactly why people need to start carrying pepper spray and or a tazer. We live in a dangerous world plain and simple.

  13. Donโ€™t arrest him give him a metal nobody cares about them freaks hells waiting on them all they will be the devils bitch

  14. Wow fucking trash, first of all why is there that many grown people at an apartment complex during the day time none of them have a fucking job or anything productive to do? So sad may she RIP

  15. Throw enough pink at blue, it eventually becomes pink. We have a right to a pursuit of happiness, no need to be jerks about it people.

  16. Quit saying she .he is a man not a she.. The news reporter keeps saying her arm or that he is a she.. The transgender is a guy quit calling that guy a she..itโ€™s so stupid calling this guy a she. Your a guy thatโ€™s what god created you to be . Your not a women your a man.. this transgender stuff is so disturbing.

  17. Some of you people are down right ignorant. Im a lesbian not confused at all… sorry if you mad cuz you cant get the pussy, But downing someone for their sexuality dont matter man on man woman on woman man and woman assault is assault…..period…….. Just because someone differnet than you dont make you shit so dont forget it. Dont be mad cuz some these people look better than your old lady who probably be looking like shrek and your mad cuz she ugly and thats what you choose.

  18. Hell yeah that guy showed that transgender fuck who is boss. Fuck LGBT fuck them they are nothing but brainless idiots

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