Manjaro Linux dual boot with windows (17.*) in UEFI mode

So here we are back, and I’m going to show you how to do well go to your windows PC With manjaro linux xfce I’ve already downloaded to the windows manager Linux iso file from previous videos showed about the review of manjaro linux, and this is commands your exercise 15 point 0.1 Stable version this 1.5. GB in size so in order to put up your image first you need to write the Iso file onto your USB device or your DVD Cd. Anything so if you want to just add upon to your cD You can right click on your iso file Then you can burn it into scrimmage directly from your windows file manager if you want to use a uSB stick Again download a rufus. Are you a Few s or a unit booting program this helps you to write your iso files onto your USb device, so I’m using unit booting double click on the download file Yes and this mode with the pops up where you can select clear disk image, I choose value image from my nation Just select is a file select your uSB device number click ok and the degree speed will be reacted Return with your iso Mhm man so that’s it and now let’s go and boot up the Iso file we just burned? So go ahead and restart your PC, and this time when you do it make sure you get into the bios Mini So I’m showing this in my virtualbox. You can install the Mangawhai sofa and your veil hard drive I’m using the EfI boot mode which is used by Windows 10 windows 8 PCS So you will have no trouble installing it on a real hard disk so I am just hitting my iso file to put that first if it is booting up us, and they if I’m out this enable solid start And this is the manager Alex welcome screen Definite from the CD/DVd alistair the option if you have NVIdia drivers You probably need to make this option non free and dovie cinema. We should go so I don’t have any problem with that You can select the keyboard layout language anything you want and hope so timezone So let’s go ahead and click on fill the option So this will show you the manager the next start screen So my manager Alex has booted up And it is recommended that you have a stable internet connection because if you are having an amd processor or NVIdia graphics card you’ll probably need the manager Linux to try and run the MsW program which should store the required software automatically? So I want ready given a brief idea about Nigerian axes and how to use the Pac-man package manager and also the man Mac the Gui front-end of Pac-man So let’s go ahead and click install manage our linux if you want to see the previous video you can also check in my channel And here is the manager run x install it’s a kilometer installer. Which is used here I think your device to the power source make sure doesn’t vote off while doing this and Select your preferred language hear that click next You can choose your location wherever you belong to if you are going to internet. You don’t have to bother with that I am leaving in just a few select in Kolkata Timezone will be in Kolkata You can set your default language set the date Anything like that click next Sub-Q keyboard layout if you don’t know what a layout to choose. It’s just the default work for you But if you if you want to try it out the keyboard layout, you can all rest of that from here list click next now if you’re going to do well put with your lines or next installation with your windows 10 will have beset with manual partitioning and Choose the empty partition from your windows installation So that you can run both the windows and manage our linux if you go ahead and click in installed allowance And it can automatically search for any free space available and installed manage our Linux Which is not recommended if you replace a partition it will probably replacing other Linux Partitions or when it might just replace anything else So it’s not recommended if you’re less disk if you are doing this excessive fresh in store It’s recommended that you erase your whole disk and sack from beginning But if you have anything like your data music files movie files it will be erased completely your disk So I just show you how to manual partitioning, and this is the common way of doing double boot You can also install your system fresh from manual partitioning also click next person on the list of all available partitions and the first Three partition four partitions belong to the windows installation the this enter first RPG base there in those main partition So I have created a 29 GB of free space. We can do despite the disk management utility available in Windows 10 PC, or you can shrink the volume from here clink click at it, and she’ll custom to roll in from your existing windows partition and I have electron energy be a free space, so I am going to create Some space for my mind jarl next first. I’ll need a 200 Mb at least 200 Mb of that 32 file Which will be our boot efi click the asp and the boot flag now this partition is required if you are going to dual boot your Windows 10 and the environment is EfI mode uefi mode The older Legacy version does not need this partition but if you are voting up in the efi You will probably need this one now in order to check if you are running on the legacy version, or the EFI ocean just stick it in your bios menu and The Chances are if you are running windows 10 or 8 you are turning mostly Efi mode only So this partition is where you must required Otherwise the Linux Partition will not be good will not go to Next I mean I’m going to create root partition for my device and I’m going to chose a 15 GB Maybe 20 GB So 20 GB that my fate and You can also change the volume from here if you wish I mean select 20gb here It should be ext for this I recommended partition file system for the manager Linux. I can also choose XFS btRFs Anything else of your choice what xd xd for is the most popular choice, and it will stable version? Choose the amount point as the root click ok so I have a root partition I have a Fa partition now what I need is a small partition now. You can choose a swap partition Double the size of your eye half the size of your or just same size as the LC one I’m going to choose this 1/2 device and This should work probably for everyone half the size is more than enough for anything So might I have a 2GB ram in my which will work so I am doing just using 1Gb of the next one click ok Now if you wish to create a separate home partition for the system You can do it by creating a new partition. XD for any partition you want I am going to go with butterface and I choose a perform partition Click ok so the rest space is allocated for my home partition if you do not do this The Whole home partition will come under this load partition Which is fine, and if you are a beginner that is recommended and if you are advanced user you can also create different Mountains like the separate Partition where your external programs are stored you can have a separate user partition layer use user installation programs and user files are stored so that next time you want to install manage our Linux you can retain all your user programs from here from this mount option and also, you have a can also create separate wot partition and It’s up to you. How you want your system to work now? I recommend at least 20 GB for your linux system That is the most small size should be Enough for you to walk around with your linux partition. So that’s it so click next choose your Like I mean type in your name, sorry To see all this give any user Id give a computer name type in your password now the recommended passport size is K1 below it should be at least eight dozen lengths and should contain the trip number and the punctuation mark anything like that and It is recommended way of keeping your computer safe, but it’s okay. You can choose anything we want to provide You’re comfortable with if you click on this option. It will automatically log in you to your system you don’t have to type in your password every time you log in That’s not recommended well, we can’t do it now if you click this option that is to use the same password for your administrative account as well as user account it is formally not recommended so you can keep your system safe if you want we have a Different password for your administrator and kon suay every time you want to install a package you type in sudo So sudo will require you to type in the administrator password which is different from the use of possible at least in human systems leave But if you wish to use the same password – it’s fine click next this will show it’s a small summary of what you have chosen and Everything is in order and everything is fine my Necks partition my windows partition is safe and Territorial settings have been done so click next Now this window shows a brief idea of what non-zero green axis. We can go through it my mean mind You can read them you see right it has some valuable information about demands our linux system And it’s an install So I’ll set this we have another store manager successfully. Let’s take a photo boots with our inverse 10 PC And yes success in western group manager on this date, and this is lens out and its installed

23 thoughts on “Manjaro Linux dual boot with windows (17.*) in UEFI mode

  1. Thank you so much sir, was facing issue while creating partitions. Didn't know that I need to create partition for EFI as well.

  2. hello sir i already have windows 10 home on my laptop then i want to install manjaro os, so i have dual os.
    but my partition is gpt and not mbr. 
    i already made my own partition for manjaro linux.
    my question is when i want to manual partitioning in manjaro, should i make my own partition to boot / efi to manjaro or overwritten with boot / efi in windows 10?
    my laptop is a442ur 
    sorry for my bad speech

  3. Grub ended up installing as a second entry in uefi boot options as some 'hdd2 uefi os', how do i delete this? Can I just replace windows boot manager at sda2

  4. Greeting friend, good tutorial. I have a problem, i was install linux as main OS on my pc and now I want to reinstall windows but It do not recognize the usb, but if I want to install another Linux distribution if you read it. what can i do, i need help!

  5. Remember: that u have to create usb drive with rufus when prompt choose dd not iso which is recommended…u won't be able to boot in uefi if iso was selected in rufus

  6. খুব ভালো গাইড ভিডিও। মাঞ্জারো ইনস্টল করার পদ্ধতি অন্যান্য ডিস্ট্রো থেকে একটু আলাদা। এই ভিডিওটি খুব ভাল সাহায্য করেছে। অনেক ধন্যবাদ!!!👍👍👍

  7. Thanks for the video. I could install Manjaro 18 dual boot with Windows. I just had to change the boot configurations of my laptop to "UEFI Secure boot off" (it was "Legacy, Secure boot off").

  8. Well, I have a problem here.

    I installed Manjaro without any issue, but I din't watched any tutorial, so I ended doing only two of the partitions that you did here, the Fat32 fot the EFI and the ext4, but now I'm stuck on Manjaro, not that its that bad, but I still need my Windows OS (8.1) and it's seems that I screwed the Boot System of Windows because, when it was the only OS installed, it only showed a black screen with a text that only go away when I installed Ubuntu and used a program called boot-repair (because even on the Ubuntu boot menu din't apeared a option for Windows) but it seems that that would't work in this case (or at least, I din't find a way to install boot-repair on Manjaro).

    I still had the option of trying to install Ubuntu (or any other Linux OS easier to use) to replace Manjaro, but I started to like it, so it's my last option. Also, I would like to avoid the option of installing Manjaro from zero, though it's more out of pride so it's still an option.

    At this moment I'm looking for solutions out of those two, and I already installed rEFInd (or I guess that at least) as is sugested on the wiki, but still booted directly to Manjaro. I'm looking at other options like repair the GRUB or using other programs but I'm still struggling with the wikis to see what I did wrong and how to proceed, so, what do you think? if I do with GParted the other two particions that you did on the installation, It could work on my favor or it would't help at all?

  9. one of the best videos for dual booting windows 10 and manjaro..
    could you consider making a detailed video like this for fedora and windows 10..
    also clear linux and windows 10..dual booting clear linux is really difficult..

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