March Books

hi I’m Tati and this is what I read in March
so in total I read six books in March first up I finished Runaways an original
novel by Christopher Golden this is a novel set in the world of the marvels
Runaways comics overall I thought it was an OK story
um I did find it a little bit predictable and I do prefer having the
art of the comics to go along with the story however I did think the characters
were spot-on I gave this one 3 out of 5 stars
next up I read five feet apart by Rachel Lippincott this story is about Stella
and Will who are both patients with cystic fibrosis in the same hospital I
really loved this book and I’m not gonna go into any detail about it because I
don’t want to spoil anything and I will have a vlog coming up hopefully sometime
soon where I share all of my spoiler filled thoughts about both the book and
the movie um but I will say that this was my first 5-star read of the year the
next one I picked up was little white lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes this one is
about Sawyer whose grandmother offers her a six-figure contract to participate
in debutante season this one was also a 5 star read for me I love the suspense
and puzzle of the plot and of course the characters then I finished the case for
Jamie by Britney Cavallero this is the third book in the Charlotte Holmes
series so I can’t really go into any detail however the whole series overall
is sort of a modern young adult take on Sherlock Holmes and I am enjoying the
series so far I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars and I cannot wait to get to the
next one which I actually have right here I just realized how small this is
Oh No why does it seem so small now I think this is the last one I need to
read this it’s so small and finally the last two books I read were both rereads
for the read-a-thon by Zoe gratitude edition first up I reread
The Hunger Games by listening to it as an audio book for the first time I
talked a little bit more about my experience in my readathon vlog which I
don’t think is up yet but it will be soon
and in my read-a-thon wrap up which will be up after my vlog so go check those
out if you want to hear more of my thoughts basically I really ended up
enjoying the audio book more than I thought I would as usually happens with
audiobooks and I gave it 5 out of 5 stars and finally I reread the first
volume of Ouran highschool host club by Bisco Hatori this is a great manga
series one of my favorites and I love reading it I gave this reread 5 out of 5
stars as well actually for the first time ever during that read-a-thon I
decided to start counting my rereads as part of my Goodreads goal um I didn’t
you see this because I kind of used Goodreads as a way to keep track of like
the new books I read however I’m gonna be rereading so many books this year at
least I have plans to reread so many books this year that I think it will
really help out my reading challenge of wanting to read a hundred books if I count
my rereads as part of my goal so let me know in the comments where you stand on
that do you count your rereads as part of your um Goodreads reading goal and
that was everything I read and reread in March you can let me know what your
favorite read of March was in the comments or let me know what you think
of any of the books that I read if you liked this video please give it a like I
have new videos up every Friday so subscribe if you want to see more thanks
for watching bye that sounded really weird playing with new hair stuff if you see a
bug flying around I didn’t invite it here okay I need a thumbnail I didn’t do a thumbnail for the last two videos I filmed I read six books
it’s gonna look like I only read two but I didn’t those are just the only physical copies I have and that’s that 🎶

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