Mastering Your Inner Fury: Potion of the Old War and Potion of Prolonged Power

Hey guys, Kelade here. Back with another video on Mastering Your
Inner Fury. Today, we’re gonna be talking about potions
and exactly when you should be using them. Now for warriors, there are two potions that
you can use. It’s either going to be Potion of the Old
War or Potion of Prolonged Power. Potion of the Old War is “summons a pair
of ghostly fallen soldiers that may echo your melee attacks and abilities dealing a set
amount of damage”. This damage is able to be buffed by the same
things that a Draught of Souls is able to be buffed. For example, all of our warrior buffs y’know,
Enrage, Frothing Berserker, Battlecry and it also even gets buffed by Versatility, right,
so if you take off gear that has Versatility and put it on you’ll see the number change
in the damage. The other pot that we have, Prolonged Power
“you increase all of your stats by 2,500 for 1 minute”. Now this only increases our primary stats
so the stats that are relevant to us is Strength and Stamina. You should of course, always use pots if your
guild needs them for an encounter, for a special mechanic right, if you guys are pushing a
boss past a certain phase then yes, your pot’s use will be there. But if you’re going for the absolute most
DPS, let’s kind of go over all the scenarios that you can use your pots. So, of course you’re always gonna use your
pots right off the bat. Since you can-if you pot before the fight
starts you’ll get another pot during the fight. And if you guys aren’t familiar with this
term, this is just called pre-potting right, you generally prepot ideally right before
the tank pulls. Now if you wanna be safe you can prepot 2
seconds before the tank pulls. But if you wanna just get that one little
edge you can prepot y’know the second before the tank pulls. Now so that’s gonna be your first pot and
you might or you might not have lust there. Depending on whether or not you guys lust
on pull, it’ll determine when your second pot comes. Now your second pot is generally gonna happen
either if you didn’t lust on pull, it’s gonna happen when you lust y’know in the
middle of the encounter. If that’s not gonna happen then you’re
just gonna generally use the pot during execute phase or when you have cooldowns up. Now depending on which pot you use that’ll
differ. So just to get this out of the way the pot
that will do the most damage for single target, it IS Potion of the Old War. Now luckily for us the price of the pot has
gone down recently with the changes to the recipe cost and also now that everybody has
flying there will be people farming herbs easier. So Potion of the Old War is your single highest
damaging pot that you can use for Single Target. So for Potion of the Old War you’re gonna
pot on pull, if there’s lust: great! Then your second pot will happen when you
have all your cooldowns again; this is when you’re gonna have Battlecry, Avatar both-essentially
those 2 buffs are all you’re gonna need since the rest of your buffs get triggered
by those. So if you’re gonna lust on pull then once
you have your Battlecry and Avatar again you can use it, and it doesn’t matter: you don’t
have to be in Execute phase. This is the huge thing about Old War pot. It does not “mimic” your abilities as
some people might think, all it does is a proc-based potion that just does damage when
it procs. Think of it working very similarly to your
neck enchant, the Hidden Satyr enchant. It works very very similarly. It just, randomly when you attack it’ll
proc and it’ll do damage. This damage however is modified by our buffs
but it’s not changed by what skill procced it, right. An Execute proccing Old War does the same
damage as an auto attack proccing Old War. The only thing that you need to do in order
to really y’know have good uptime on your Old War procs is just constantly be attacking
the mob. As long as your auto-ing the mob, as long
as the mob is not moving out of melee range, your autos alone are enough to just proc it
as much as you would get. Of course this pot is a little bit RNG, right
if you get a lot of procs during your Battlecry window, great, your opening burst will look
crazy. Now if you don’t get that many procs during
your for you, you didn’t get the RNG there. But generally you’re always gonna get around
one or two procs during Battlecry so it’s not that horrible. It’s generally gonna work out for you. Now Prolonged, right all it does is just increases
your Strength so it’s just the same as giving you a little bit more Strength on all of your
skills but generally this is a safer pot. And if you’re gonna have Prolonged pot as
your second pot in the fight you’re generally gonna want it to perfectly fall off as you
hit the last execute as the boss dies. So if you’re gonna use a Prolonged Pot you
generally want to use it at the last one minute of the fight. Uh right so if you’re gonna do that, you
really do need to know when you guys are going to finish the fight and when that last minute
is going to come up but that’s kinda the difference between the two different pots,
right. Potion of the Old War: you always always line
up with your Battlecry and Avatar cooldowns, you want to stack as many buffs as you can
cause it’ll buff the proc of the potion; whereas Potion of Prolonged Power: you want
it to buff your Juggernaut stacks. Now of course the uses of the pots can differ
if there’s some mechanic in the fight, like Skorpyron or Tichondrius for example, where
there’s a phase in the fight where they’re taking more damage like when you come out
of the bat phase on Tichondrius, when Skorpyron-you break through his shield and he’s taking
100% more damage; those can be situations where you can put your second pot. Because of course, your first pot’s always
free so you should just use that, y’know at the beginning of combat. And since really just auto attacking the mob
is fine, you don’t have to worry about y’know using Draught of Souls in the opener and whether
or not that’s gonna reduce your Potion of the Old War uptime. It wouldn’t, right. Because as long as you’re able to auto attack
the boss and he’s in range of you while you’re Draught-ing, you’re good to go. That’s why I get really sad myself and that’s
why I heavily advise you guys y’know when the boss is pulled, to try to tell your tanks
that you need a couple seconds so the boss is in place while you’re Draught-ing. Now that’s not because your Draughts aren’t
hitting because your Draught range is longer than melee range, but it’s so you can keep
auto attacking while you’re Draught-ing. This way your Old War procs can go through
and actually hit the mob so you can get Draughts and Old Wars going at the same time. And that’s where you can get the 4 million
burst, right where you can get the really good Old War procs plus Draught damage. Now there is a difference of course if it’s
a AoE fight versus Single Target fight on what pots you’ll wanna use. Generally y’know on a fight like Skorpyron
where you just gonna start off, y’know a few seconds of the fight there’s going to
be a massive AoE then yes, the Prolonged Power can put out more DPS on the AoE encounter
when there’s going to be AoE phases. It’s going to buff your Odyn’s Fury damage
on everybody. Whereas if you’re AoEing with Old War it
doesn’t really give you as much damage right even though its going to give you- it’ll
give you essentially the same damage, right. If you’re going to use Old War in Single
Target and then Old War in AoE, it’s essentially going to be the same damage, assuming you’re
using it during your cooldown cause you’re still auto attacking the mob that’s in front
of you. Whereas Potion of the Prolonged Power does
have the added benefit of making your AoE stronger. So something for example if you’re doing
Mythic Spellblade where she summons all those Arcane adds, yes it is okay to pop Prolonged
and then AoE all those adds, get as much damage on that AoE burst as you can and just get
all that AoE. Also you get the added bonus of, generally
after that phase happens you’re probably gonna be somewhere close to Execute range
so then all of your executes are gonna be buffed by Potion of Prolonged anyways so that’s
an added bonus. So yes, generally Old War is better for Single
Target but there are cases in AoE, there are cases depending on fight mechanics where Prolonged
is better. Now another situation where Prolonged can
be better is on the opener. For example on Mythic Guldan depending on
what strategy your guild does, you can either be using Old War or Prolonged. Now it’s not necessarily one is better than
the other but depending on what strategy is, there is one that is favored. So if you guys are lusting on pull for example
then of course, you’re gonna use that Old War, pump out as much damage as you can, try
to skip that second add, the Trapper add, for example. And then-but if you’re not going to lust
on pull then you’re probably going to want to use Prolonged so that way you still have
that pot use active when the Eyes spawn, when the first add is up, that way you can get
much more AoE burst, get that add down as soon as possible, get the Eyes down as soon
as possible and it’ll be much better for you and your group. But yeah that’s about if for pot usage,
wanted to give you guys an in-depth look about how the pots-different pots can be used. Of course when in doubt just use the Old War
and make sure it’s lining up with your cooldowns and then if you ever think that- if you’re
on a farming fight, Prolonged Power isn’t horrible. Though if you want the absolute max damage,
it’s going to be Potion of the Old War. As always thanks for watching the video guys,
let me know down in the comments below if there’s any other scenarios or specific
cases where you guys would prefer one potion over the other. Feel free to subscribe to the channel to see
more warrior content, see ya!

27 thoughts on “Mastering Your Inner Fury: Potion of the Old War and Potion of Prolonged Power

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    Also got a question for you. Since old war procs of both melee and abilities, doesn't it give us just that 0.01% more dmg to activate it before execute phase? Since Rb attacks 2x and Rp attacks 5x ?

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    A lot of guides (including Archimtiros – mmo champion guide theorycrafter) talks about 30%+ of haste, instead your 24%… that's something i still dont understand. Where is the true breakpoint in haste cap? Did you use 24% cos' you prior Mastery/Versa/Crit, or because you dont need more?
    My normal rotation is: BT>RB>OF>FS >Ramp (if i have 100rage)
    Another question… How can i timing the procs of my Battlecry + CoF(Trinket), and DoS? Our cd's are very weird, Battlecry has 50sec cd versus Avatar (1min +/-) and Racial (Berserking in my case).

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