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  1. Do you have any tips on getting into publishing? Literally obsessed with your channel <33

  2. Another great video, Sanne – I'm glad I've got Goodreads now so I can keep track of all the books I see in your videos and immediately want to read.

  3. You HAVE to read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, it's one of my favourite books ever! Here I Am is going on my to-read list now 🙂 And I've been meaning to read Fates & Furies since forever!

  4. So incredibly, incredibly jealous of the Jonathan Safran Foer! It feels like I've been waiting ages for a new book from him.
    (Also want to check out Fates & Furies though!)

  5. I'm gonna check out Girl Up! I wish I could come and see Pride and Prejudice with you, but sadly I am in Germany…

  6. I bought the Helen Oyeyemi book as well. I was at Waterstones, spotted it, and honestly, it's a book that you're almost required to buy it's so beautiful!

  7. Your 'how to not crack spines' video has saved a looooooot of spines in my collection. I'm so grateful for that video! 🙂

  8. Ahhhh! I just bought the Romantic Outlaws book too! I recently read a (joint) biography on Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, Byron, Keats and others by Daisy Hay, and I'm totally obsessed.

  9. The Square Root of Summer sounds like such a fun summer read! Gorgeous cover too. Also, I'm very curious to find out the trick to not cracking spines of paperbacks because I'm always ruining mine.

  10. You are the first YouTuber I ever watched 1 year ago 💗 OMG I did not know this side of YouTube since then ☺️ lysm 🙊☕️

  11. I work for Waterstones and I was in the TCR shop the other day and was seriously envious. I love it so much!

  12. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favourite stories of all time. Not favourite book though, the second part of the book is way too slow. But story wise, it's amazing. My dad read me an abridged version when I was a kid, and the year after (2002) the movie came out. Needless to say, it's now my favourite movie and I highly recomend it.

  13. Really enjoyed the vibe of this video. You seemed happy and chatty and that's so fun to watch! Great video 🙂

  14. I notice growth and improvements in the last two months of your video making. Going to England is a bit short notice. Will say I have been reading more. You are a very good influence. Thanks!

  15. Will be interested to hear what you think of Fates and Furies! I was so disappointed I had to put it down

  16. That cover of Fates and Furies is AMAZING! I heard nothing but amazing things about it! Hope you love it!

  17. May I ask which camera and lens do you use to film? I really love the quality of your videos. Of course, the books sound very interesting and cool as well. 😊

  18. enjoy Fates and Furies! I was interning at Penguin a few weeks ago and had the task of mailing out lots of copies, and got to have one for myself! I've just began the "Furies" section and its AMAZING 🙂

  19. I have The Square Root of Summer waiting for me on hold at my local library, and I cannot wait to go pick it up tomorrow. Romantic Outlaws also sounds right up my alley, so I just put that on hold as well…

  20. The light is really pleasant in these recent videos! Love this setup 🙂 Also, looking forward to know your thoughts on Fates and Furies and almost every book mentioned since thats a wonderful collection. 🙂

  21. Reading is only harmless pleasure for brain; one can only can get better and better. When i see heap of books in your hand to review i envy you that you could do it for fun and be happy, i try to read one or two books a month.. currently reading the sci fi books.. any recommendations for sci fi published last two or three years.. thanks .. love your beautiful smile.. keep reviewing..

  22. With Malice seems so interesting! I've seen a few people receive it recently so I can't wait to hear the consensus. And the square root of summer sounds adorable, I may have to check it out!

  23. What an amazing collection of books! I like the sound of the "Romantic Outlaws" book. I really want to read more historical biographies, but I find they can be quite hard to get through. You have to really concentrate and can't just dip in and out of them…

  24. That cover for Romantic Outlaws is beautiful. I think that the American ne is different and less beautiful

  25. Can I just say, I fucking love the title of the book of short stories. What is not yours, is not yours. It seems so empowering, I love it!

  26. Sanne can you please do a review of What is Not Yours is Not Yours? I've read two books by Helen Oyeyemi in the past (Boy Snow Bird and the Icarus Girl) and I'd love to hear why you think of this collection!

  27. Funny story: I was at a book festival and saw a huge line forming behind me to get this woman to sign their book after they saw I got mine signed. I bought the book but didn't even know who Lauren Groff was, or even how much Obama raved about it.

  28. Oh I want to read practically ALL of these! Holy moly. I sense a book treat coming up soon for myself 😀

  29. Gah! I'm sooo excited about the new Jonathan Safran Foer! You MUST read Everything Is Illuminated and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I've been waiting for a new novel with bated breath ever since the latter came out! So what, 11 years? His work is so magical. So happy he's written another novel! Can't wait! Thanks for letting me know 😀

  30. Oooh a new Jonathan Safran Foer book! I'm really looking forward to your review, because I absolutely loved Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close!
    The Argonauts also sounds really good, I must read it! And Girl Up too! Basically, I want all the books in this book haul, haha thanks Sanne! 😛

  31. just discovered your channel a few weeks ago and I gotta say I love seeing you tubers who talk about reading!! you are quickly becoming a fave!!

  32. Great haul, I love the idea of the Mary Shelley and Mary Wolstencraft book – I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it

  33. I'd be interested in that gender fluid book. Lately I've realized that I've always felt like both genders, or sometimes neither. So I'm always fascinated by people with similar personal views

  34. Oh my, Jonathan Safran Foer has a new book on the way? He's my favourite author, I'm so excited! Do you know when it will be out by any chance? Thanks for another great book haul video, these always cheer me up 🙂

  35. I liked Fates and Furies but it was a struggle as well! Some of the language is soooo pretentious! Will look forward to a review.

  36. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite books of all time (nothing can take the spot of The Outsiders for me). Such a gorgeously written examination of humanity. I really recommend reading all the little footnotes because it was originally written as contemporary fiction and he references a lot of artists he was friends with, which is pretty cool!

  37. I'm in a class on Romanticism this semester and we've actually already talked about M. Wollstonecraft, and will soon talk about the Shelleys – I neeeeed that book!!

  38. It's so cool when you get piles of books early and for free. You can take them to second hand book stores, sell them and then buy a good book.

  39. I just finished reading Jonathan Safran Foer's 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' and I would definitely recommend it, although it can be confusing at times it was definitely worth the read!Xx

  40. What is not yours is not yours is so beautiful, I was looking at it in awe in waterstones in Edinburgh and debating over buying it 🙂

  41. I read The Square Root of Summer and loved it! Not enough YA reads have female leads who like science I think!

  42. Heheh I liked the comment about if you make videos at least once a week for 8 years…. It is very weird and worrying to see that all of us look for instant success these days. In that virtual race to reach at some point, we just forget to enjoy everything. Sad.

  43. I am SO excited for the New J.S. Foe's book, I loved all of his previous work and he is one of my favorite author, you're really lucky to have "Here I am" in your possession 🙂 !!

  44. ooh I love the cover of With Malice, I think I'll have to look into getting that one bc it also sounds quite interesting!

  45. I loooove your glasses! Can you please tell me which brand are they? Greetings from a Mexican living in Toronto!

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