May Wrap-UP [2018] [CC]

hey guys and welcome back to another
video today I will be doing my may wrap up I totally forgot what month we’re in right
now I am filming this a little early I normally wait till after the beginning
of the new month to film but I will be out of town I’d rather just go ahead and
get this up know like up because it’s going up
you know Monday when you see this so I want to edit it so I’m gonna be out of
town during the weekend my parents and I are going to Austin we’re getting our
license for three wheelers and since a lot of states don’t differentiate Diffie
enter eight I’m not saying that weird right but we’re gonna go with it
between motorcycles and three wheelers technically I have a motorcycles license
by the end of the weekend so it’s gonna be freaking awesome so that’s why I was
like I need to get this done and edited so I can schedule it to upload before I
leave Friday um also I look like a fucking pin cushion because I had to go
to the doctors and get some blood work done and I have shitty veins and just
like going this morning reminded me why I never like donate blood or anything
because I went in first off they couldn’t find a vein and I was like I drank water
before I even left she like help with that and yeah and I don’t really drink
soda like I really only drink water mostly and yeah they couldn’t find a
vein they stuck me twice on this side couldn’t actually get one here and then
you have like a dribble in this one I need to bring in another nurse you got
and then I had to bring in a third nurse to finally get this sight to work and I
am in so much pain anyways enough about me ranting about my life let’s jump into
this so for this month I DNFed two books sorry this video was interrupted
by my dad making me a drink it’s great to be 21 let me just tell you as I was
saying I read ten things this month which I’m super proud of myself
it’s been a while since I’ve read that much in a month granted one of them is a
graphic novel and then four of them are I’ve got volumes but I mean it still
counts right I’m also currently in the middle of five books I’m obviously gonna
start off with the two books i dnf’d so the first book i dnf’d was take me there
by Carolee Dean i’ve been reading this for about a month and if you remember in
whatever wrap-up it was that I started reading this I will link it up here if I
can figure out what when it is I has to have been like April I think is when I
started reading this I wasn’t really enjoying it but also at the same time I
was really in the mood for like a trashy YA contemporary and that’s kind of
what this is but like going into reading this it was more than just like a trashy
romance and I was but like there was had that aspect in it and I was there for
that and then um I put it down to read like my class books and stuff and didn’t
touch it and once I picked it back up I was no longer in the mood to read trashy
YA so then I didn’t like it as much um this book essentially from as far as I
read is about our main character Dillon who lives in California with his mom and
finds out that his dad is in jail on death row and decides to take a trip
from California to Texas which I was like yes if you remember in my other
wrap-up so I was like that’s one thing that really got me excited when I
noticed what it was reading this it was really cool at first like I like the
idea of the road trip there was a side romance there’s poems and letters
scattered throughout with um that Dylan’s dad wrote and it was really
interesting I liked it but I have to say when I went back and started reading it
after I’d put it down for a couple of weeks I was not into it it’s told and
present tense which got really annoying after a while and I couldn’t do it the
romance was just ugh and honestly I feel like I just took away from the
story because this story is essentially told in like two story strands which is
a lot of problem I’ve read plenty of books that have separate story strands
and I normally tend to like them but for this one we have the present where he is
like doing the road trip and and then we have a past before he left
when he got in trouble with some gang members and he was like kind of in this
relationship with this girl and just flipping between the two times was
really confusing for me and I just felt like the love interest plotline was just
like it didn’t need to be there I much rather would have just focused on the
kid and his dad and like trying to reconnect with his dad before he dies
and all that crap so I DNF’s it because I was just like I can’t stand this writing
style anymore the tense was too much for me I read a hundred and sixty-six pages
and the next book i dnf’d was the kindness of enemies by Lila
abuela something like that this was a class read that I didn’t finish in time
but I was still interested in continuing on it takes place during the caucus Wars
which is I think 1840s 1850s um this is told in two story strands we
have one in 2010 with a professor who’s Muslim she studies the Arabs from the
caucus era and one of her students gets in trouble for terrorism and so that and
then the other story strand takes place during the 1850s during the caucus Wars
where we follow shamil son who was kidnapped by the Russians and kind of
forced to be a Russian and shamil in the Arabs
trying to reclaim their land and get Shamil’s son back I personally did not care
for the modern timeline I it was like I kind of see how this is supposed to
parallel to what happened but at the same time I much rather would have just
read the historical fiction plot line cuz I liked it a lot more and I was planning
on going back and finishing it because I’ve read like over 200 pages like I
don’t think I was that far from the end but just where I’m sitting right now I’m
like I really don’t want to go back and start
reading it again I have other books I’m in the middle of that I need to finish
it’s also summer and I would kind of like to cut down on my TBR and not be
stuck reading a book that I was supposed to read for class maybe one day I will go back
because it was really interesting but as of right now I’m gonna DNF it now onto
the books that I finished this month so first I read saga volume 2 by Brian
K Vaughn and Fiona staples I am slowly making my way through rereading this so
I can get caught up I am two issues behind I believe and I just recently
bought issue 7 so I’m trying to get caught up again this was a reread so it
was obviously still 5 stars this if you don’t know cuz you’ve been living under
a rock is essentially like Romeo and Julia in space it’s like a great way to
explain it we follow our two main characters who are from warring planets
they fall in love they have a baby they have a bunch of people set after them to
try to kill them and their baby from both sides of the war and I just really
love this I have to say though if you’re gonna read this this does deal with
adult content so be warned but I honestly really enjoy this the second
book I finished was the complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
this is a required read I have to read for my world Lit class I’m currently in
right now it ends this week give myself a massive paper I need to write for it I
hate myself I have to say I really did enjoy this overall like I have like
heard people talk about this because originally I think this is for different
short graphic novels but this one’s like complete lined up and it was so good
essentially it’s a memoir type of graphic novel about Mar Jane’s life she
grew up in revolutionary Iran and so we follow her from a girl up into an adult
and like dealing with the war being sent away to go to school and then coming
back and just like all that stuff I really really love this I highly
recommend everybody read this it is nonfiction but like it’s told in a graph
novel format like how can you not want to read this so I gave this five out of
five stars it really changed my view because this was a this is a time period
I really don’t know much about and just the devastation that partially goes on
in this story it hurts and I like I said I just think everybody should
read this book the next book I finished was the burning maze by Rick
Riordan I actually have a book talk up over this that I will link up here for
you guys if you want to go check it out it does literally just me rambling for
like 17 straight minutes but it’s whatever so this is the third book and
the Apollo trials series by Rick Riordan I was very very much impressed
with this book compared to the previous two installments of the series I was
okay with the Hidden Oracle I did not like the dark prophecy this one really
redeemed the series for me and so I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen in
the final two books of the series this is definitely the turning point for our
characters there’s more stakes at play and shits just gonna go down from here
it let’s be real I absolutely love this I highly highly recommend you read this
if you’ve read the previous two novels in this series I know a lot of people
were disappointed with the dark prophecy I know I was but this book really just
kicked things up a notch and made me like excited for this series once again I
believe I gave this 4 out of 5 stars the next book that I finished was
illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman I’ve had this book for three
years now I think at this point and I bought it when it first came out and
almost all hyped up and I was like I want that it’s science fiction is told
in mixed-media format like I just freaking want it so I finally got around
to reading this and part of the reason I was really putting this off is because a
lot of people said you should listen to the audiobook while you read because the
audiobook is forecasting it’s amazing I did was into this majority on audiobook
I think I read about the last hundred pages in physical form because my loan
on the audio book was up but I still loved it it
didn’t take anything away from me I would recommend though if you’re gonna
listen to audio book you should probably read along with it because there were
some things I had to go back and like look at because it just described it in
the audio book but I didn’t know what it actually looked like it was cool getting
to see that this is one of the series that either everybody like loves it or
people are just eh about I know a lot of the criticism that comes from the
people that are just like eh it’s because it couldn’t connect with the characters
and I feel like it was in the because of the format in which this is told we’re
not in anybody’s inner monologue it’s literally told through chats and
different documents about this event that happened and I have to say I can
see where they did that but listening to the audiobook and like really getting a
feel for the characters and like what they were going through that allowed me
to connect to the characters better because I don’t think I would have
connected to them very well huh I just physically read this all but like
listened to the audiobook really helps me like get into the head space with
like Kati and connect with Katie and Ezra so I would highly recommend
listening and reading this if you want to pick it up because I feel like that’s
the best way to still connect with the characters and still get all the awesome
stuff going on I rated this 5 out of 5 stars I cannot wait to pick up Gemina and
get to Obsideo because this was just so cool
next I finished the astonishing color after by Emily XR Pan this is a
magical realism novel about our main character who his mother commits suicide
and she believes her mother was turned into this bird and she takes a trip to
Taiwan to visit her mother’s parents who he’s never met in her life to track down
this bird this was our group pick for the Sob-a-thon that just recently
happened so obviously I had to read it going into this I wasn’t sure how I felt
because I was it wasn’t really thinking of picking this book up but then when I
chose I was like well obviously have to get it now and I read it and I had to
say I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I was going to you it was
heart-wrenching and it was emotional but it was done very well I haven’t read
much magical realism but the way the bird aspect was done in the story it
didn’t feel cheesey or corny like it it felt kind of
believable and I really really enjoyed that the other thing I loved about this
book is the colors that are integrated into the story in every twist and turn I
really love that I think it really added something to it and honestly I really
appreciated it too because my current work in progress I am trying to
incorporate a lot of color into my portal world so this was very helpful in
that aspect I think I gave this 4 out of 5 stars might have been 5 out of 5 stars
the next book I finished was every heart of doorway by Seanan McGuire I also read
this for Sob-a-thon this is the first book and the wayward children’s novella
series literally they’re all under 200 pages deals with children who have gone
to fantastical portal worlds such as like Wonderland Narnia those kind of
places and they are then transported back to the real world and trying to
adjust to being in the real world again there is a murder mystery in this one
and it was just so cool I loved getting to me on the characters and like
learning about their different worlds and their journeys I really want what
are you like a novella for like every child because I just I just want to know
it all and another thing I really really loved about this book is our main
character Nancy is asexual and I’ve never read a book with an asexual
character and I just really freaking love that and I really related to Nancy
like Nancy’s me like honestly if I think about it if I was like to find a portal
world and like go through it I would probably end up into some kind of
underworld I gave this 4 out of 5 stars instead of 5 just because I felt like
the ending was just a little bit rushed for me um but other than that like I
really loved this and I’m definitely gonna be picking up the next two books
that are already out in the series like ASAP and the final four things I read
this month actually all go together because they’re part of a series and
that is volumes 1 through 4 of my hero academia by I’m going to butcher
this Kohi hurry horikoshi Hori Hori Koosh yeah I’m I’m
not the best with Japanese names I really only read these because my sister
is getting into manga now and she read these and she’s also watching the TV
show and so she was like will you please read these so I read them I really
enjoyed them so this series is essentially takes place in a superhero
society where everybody has or most people not everybody about 80% of the
population has a thing called at quirk which is like a superpower there are all
different things there’s like really cool ones like being able to do
explosions and like speed and stuff like that zero gravity and then there’s
really lame ones like this is one guy can just like stretch his fingers but
you know and we follow our main character midoriya who is quirkless
which means he doesn’t have a superpower and he wants to become a superhero I
rated these first two volumes four stars because I liked them but I felt like
there’s just kind of something missing there also Midoriya is like a fucking
cry-baby and I hate it and then volumes four and five I rated
five stars because we really get introduced to shit going on in the
superhero school there’s a competition of sorts stakes are raised a lot of
stuff is going on and I just thoroughly enjoyed this and I can’t wait for my
sister to pick up the next couple volumes because I really want to read
them I’m gonna kind of run through these last couple books really fast these are
the books I’m currently in the middle of I’m still in the middle of maps and
stories by Jen Malone it’s an e-book it’s gonna take me forever to get
through it especially now that I’m not in classes because I hate reading ebooks
but it was only available in eBook format so that’s why I’m reading it that
way um the other book I am in the middle of
is chevalier by Bree i can’t even say your last name starts with an L
unless I’m looking at it but she sent me this book to like review honestly so I’m
also slowly working through that I also have an eBook version of that so it’s
taking you a while to get through but it’s a standalone fantasy I want to say
novella cuz it’s like like a hundred and fifty pages so it would kinda
be classified as a novella and I don’t have thoughts on it yet because I’ve only read like the first chapter but not the physical books I’m in the middle of the
first one is the beauty that remains if I actually what folk I’ve been reading
this since April and I am really enjoying it I’m slowly making my way
through it like I’m definitely a lot closer to being done than I was last
month I’ve kind of been picking this up and
putting this down repeatedly I thought about reading it first out with on but
it started it before Sob-a-thon so I just haven’t picked it up but um I
really need to get back to this because I love that this entails a story of
three different people in Brooklyn I believe is where we are and they all
have ties to this band and they all three have lost somebody and it’s just a
story about them dealing with their grief and coming together through like
music and stuff like that so far I’m really enjoying it
I love the writing style I really like the characters and I personally just
really love the author because she’s so funny I love following her on Twitter
next I’m in the middle of more happy than not by Adam Silvera
I picked this up for Sob-a-thon I did not finish it I am slowly making my way
through I like it but like I’m not entirely sure how I
feel about this just yet it’s interesting is all I’m gonna say and the
final book I am in the middle of is Aru Shah and the end of time by Roshni
Chokshi this is the first book in the pandava quartet this is also the first
book that Rick Riordan has released in his new imprint this one deals with
Indian mythology we thought our main character aru has awakened this horrible
demond on the world and now she is forced to find the other Pandavas and
save the world from this demon essentially and I’m very much enjoying
this it’s very cute it’s got a lot of the aspects that are in Rick Riordan’s novels
that I love and yeah so I can’t wait to get around to finishing this one so
that’s it for the books that I read in April if you have read any of these
please let me know your thoughts down in the comments I would love to talk to you
about them also don’t forget to Like and subscribe if you want see more videos
from me until then I will see you guys in my next video goodbye

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