MAY WRAP UP | 2019

Hi guys, my name is Anna Marie and today
I’m doing my very first wrap-up video. So in the month of May I have read about five
books… …actually five books exactly. And two of those books were May releases so
without further ado I guess. Let’s start. So the very first book I’ve read in May
I don’t actually have the physical copy of yet. So you’ll see the cover pop up
here somewhere. It’s the third book in the series. And it’s called Only Human by
Sylvain Neuvel. So the book is basically told through interviews and journal excerpts. And has somehow I feel like Illuminae vibes. Which I really liked. It’s about Rose Franklin who as a child
discovered a giant metal hand buried in the ground. So when she gets older she
becomes a physicist. And I believe… she and her crew- -I should know this I just
read the book. But she and her crew… basically have to unravel the mysteries surrounding this giant metal hand. I don’t really want to go into much
detail. Because I feel like I might spoil book one or two for you. So I just can only say that’s an amazing book and I really love the series. And if you still have not read the series you really should. So the second book I’ve read this month…
I actually have the physical copy of. and it’s Everless by Sarah Holland. And I really did not like this book, it was terrible. But basically it’s it has a
great premise. It’s about a world where people can extract time from someone’s blood. So obviously the rich are extracting from the poor through tax purposes. I guess. So when they extract the blood, they create a coin that
another person can consume. And by consuming this blood iron… …that’s what it’s called. They can live on for centuries. They just
steal other people’s time. So in this book we follow Jules Amber she is poor. Because why the hell not? And she and her father have fled the
Everless estate. Which is where the one of the richest families lives in this world. And so 10 years later Jules feels like she has to go back there and earn time for her father who is dying. Because of the insane taxes they have to pay. So her father basically warns her not to go. He does not say why. He just warns her not to go which is ridiculous. If you don’t want someone to go. You tell them why. But if he did… this book would be ten pages long. So here we are. Yeah, so she goes. Obviously because otherwise there would be no purpose to this book. And her father warns her again and again to leave and whatever. She does not. She is
stubborn and quite stupid actually. I mean she goes into danger
without thinking. There’s no self-preservation. If we have to go by natural selection she would be dead ten times over but since she’s the main character… …she lives. So another thing I don’t like about this book is the romance. Jules fell in love with the son… … one of the sons of the Everless estate.
One of the Gerlings. I believe they’re called. I don’t remember his name but one of the Gerlings sons. She falls in love with him when she’s seven years old. And ten years later she’s still in love with him. And the only thing we hear is how in love she is with this guy she hasn’t seen in ten years. And she fell in love when she was seven… And I’m sorry but that’s just unrealistic to me. And on the other
side of this you have the bad brother or the other brother. I don’t know, the evil
brother. At least she believes he is evil. Who… …basically just as her father tries
her to go away. To save her… And it’s quite obvious. But she’s too stupid, too blind, too hateful to even see that. So a lot of pointless stuff happens in this
book. And eventually we get to know why she should have stayed away… …from the Queen, from the Everless estate, from whatever. And it was ridiculous. And it
was boring. So would I recommend Everless? I guess not. I know it’s mean. But I really hated this book. So the next book I’ve read this month was one of my most anticipated releases of this year. And it’s Aurora Rising … I don’t know how to pronounce it. I hate myself right now. But it’s by Jay Kristoff… … and Amie Kaufman. Wow I just blanked on the second
name completely. But they are the two of my most favorite authors. So obviously I could not wait to read this book. And… again I don’t have the physical copy. So you’ll see here somewhere the cover appear… …now. So Aurora Rising is basically Six of Crows in space. And I know, that sounds amazing and I thought it would be too. But I was not really pleased with this book. I think that because of all the hype I have set my expectations so high that I was
bound to be disappointed. So I found flaws in a lot of things. Starting with… thinking it would be Illuminae files-esque book. It is not. It’s set in space but it could not be further from Illuminae. I mean it’s completely different it has a different tone of voice. It reads kind of juvenile. Illuminae felt like
there were actually high stakes. But Aurora Rising does not. So first of I didn’t really enjoy having to read chapters from seven point of views. I believe there were seven. I don’t remember… It really took me out of the
story every time. And I know George R.R. Martin does this. But he does it so well… It has a distinct voice. You know when
Tyrion is speaking. You know when Catelyn is speaking. You know when Ned is speaking. But with this I felt like I needed to
check whose chapter it actually was. It was quite hard to comprehend how… how different the writing was from everything I’ve read by Jamie. I’m sorry… I’m in Game of Thrones mode. By Jay and Amy… …freaking, Jamie… Yeah so I did not like that part. And especially because I hated,
I freaking hated… …Aurora. She’s one of the main characters and she’s so f*cking annoying. Seriously she might be the dumbest person alive or actually not alive. The dumbest character ever written. I mean she’s so naive she actually
sounds stupid most of the time. I truly hated reading from her point of view. Especially because Aurora’s chapters are so cringy to read. The way she speaks and especially with the way she curses it’s ridiculous to me. Who the hell says son-of-a-biscuit and holy-cake. It’s not a cuss word. I mean it’s not. And it’s ridiculous to read from a perspective of… …I guess what was she? Sixteen, seventeen, maybe eighteen. I don’t remember. But how is this a thing? Have you ever heard a sixteen-year-old or even a forteen-year-old
talking like that? I know you’re being censored by whatever, by the publisher, but just… …I don’t know… …just don’t let her cuss then if she’s- – it’s cringy I don’t know. Just… don’t. Okay, so like I said. She is so naive. She’s actually stupid. But what baffles me… She is this super-special-little-snowflake. She’s the freaking chosen-one. She’s the only one in the whole universe, not the world. In the whole f*cking universe who who has this special-powers. I don’t even know… it’s ridiculous to me.
Like how is that a thing. I never thought that Jay and Amy would write that. It was awful, I hated that part. I hated the whole special-snowflake thing and chosen one… whatever. So because she’s this little special-snowflake. She is the only one who can stop the big bad in the universe. Like I don’t even know how that’s a
thing, but whatever. Another thing that I was kind of
disappointed by, were all the alien species. I mean it wasn’t really creative to make them humanoid and bipedal. It’s like yeah… that’s really not a thing. I cannot believe that in the whole universe everything, everyone would look
basically the same. The fourth book I’ve read this month is: Again but Better by Christine Riccio. And again, I don’t have the physical copy yet. I’ve read the e-book. The physical copy is arriving soon-ish, I guess. But here is the cover.
If you haven’t seen it by now. So I know it’s a thing to bash booktubers when they write their novels. But yeah I won’t be doing that. So if you’re here for that, I’m sorry no. I really liked Christine’s writing. Again but Better is about our main character Shane who feels like she has failed at college. And she wants to try it again. So she decides to sign up for a semester to study abroad in London. And she decides to do college again but better so the title really makes sense here. I feel like… … Shane is Christine. I know a lot of people have criticized her for writing what she knows. But to me it made it feel more real. Because the characters weren’t just basic cardboard cutouts. I mean we had… …Shane was Christine basically. So that’s a thing… And also it made me nostalgic for my high school days so that’s a plus, I guess. So the fifth book I’ve read this month is The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James. We follow Romy Silvers who is the last remaining crewmember on a spaceship traveling to a new planet. Romy receives a transmission that basically tells her that there’s a second ship on its way with one crewmember, a boy named Jay. So Romi and Jay communicate through email. And I believe the first message takes a year to transmit. While emailing Romi falls in love with Jay. Without even ever meeting him. So what do I think of this book? It was interesting at first. It actually creeped me out quite a bit. The idea of being all alone somewhere in space was terrifying. Especially the things Romy thought she heard were creepy as f*ck. I don’t really like how it ended. It felt a little bit cheesy to me and a little bit unrealistic. And another thing I did not like is Jay’s reasoning behind the sh*t that he pulled. Yeah I just… …I just don’t know. I mean… …the author obviously tried to explain why he did what he did but to me it felt
unreasonable and just unrealistic. So this concludes my very first wrap-up I
hope you enjoyed it. I’m also hoping to read more books in June. Until next time, bye.

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