Me In A Wax Museum? Nah, They Don’t Have Enough Wax To Make My Lips πŸ€£πŸ˜‚| Rapid Fire With Steve Harvey

(upbeat funk music) – They don’t have enough wax for my lips. (audience laughs and applauds) They got no way to hold
these (beep) on my head. (audience laughs) (upbeat funk music) The question was, yeah,
on her sudden death, belly dancers shake their bellies, what do strippers shake? She was on that (beep)
floor so fast, boom. Dey booty. (audience laughs and applauds) Bing! (upbeat music) – Faith. (audience cheers) There’s nothing bigger than faith, man. Faith holds you when it
get real dark out there. Faith come through when
everything else dumps out. Faith is the same. It stays consistently. God’s promises is solid. They across the board, it never changes. (upbeat music) The best modern musician
right now is Bruno Mars. (audience cheers) He’s the best modern musician. They play real music, they
actually do real lyrics, they do lyrics that
you can repeat in front of someone else. And Bruno Mars is a throwback, man. His horn section, his bass, everything, he’s just a throwback. (upbeat music) What? (audience laughs) Uh, hold up, hold up, hold up. I just know some “blood issues”. (audience laughs and cheers) It’s the only lyric I know. (upbeat music) I’m doing the NFL Honors, right? And one of the guests is a huge gamer, Tyler the Ninja Blevins. But when I was out there
making the announcement, I said, “Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome to the stage.” And the teleprompter’s about
50 yards away, 30 yards away. I said, “Tyler” and then
the screen glitched. It just went (buzzes). It just glitched. And I said, “Please
welcome Tyler the Ni–” (audience laughs) And I thought… It glitched, and I thought
it said the N word. So I said, “Tyler the Nig–” (audience laughs) And it (beep) me up, cause I said I’m not gonna read this (beep) now. (audience laughs and cheers) So the teleprompter guy said, “Sorry, Mr. Harvey, it’s a glitch.” And he straightened it up, and it said Tyler the Ninja Blevins. (upbeat music)

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