Meccano at the London Model Engineering Exhibition 2014

This is a model of the Finnieston crane that
still stands by the docks by the Clyde in Glasgow. It’s an accurate scale model of the crane,
built to a scale of 48:1. The original crane was the biggest crane in
Europe when it was built in 1928, and it was designed specifically to put the engines into
ships and to put gun turrets onto battleships. It was also used for loading locomotives for export. I’m just going to make the jib slew around. It’s got a main hoist which carries 175 tonnes, a hoist from the same crab that would lift 30 tonnes, and the little jigger hoist which will lift, I think, 5 tonnes. But it had it’s own separate crab. So you’ve got virtually three cranes in one!

13 thoughts on “Meccano at the London Model Engineering Exhibition 2014

  1. Amazing models displayed by the West London Meccano Society at the London Model Engineering Exhibition this weekend…

  2. I think the old meccano is better than the new considering the old sets wre huge metal monsters that were fun to build and run

  3. it´s a shame that there aren´t such exhibitions in germany. for sure there are, but they´re not this well known as in great britain

  4. We had a Meccano Block Setting Crane come into the clock shop in Tunbridge Wells for the christmas display. It is to the original diagram and it about 5 foot long. I guess the model was assembled many, many years ago.
    I have never seen a complete block crane and it is stunning, so I did a 22 minute video as I got the hang of operating it!
    Magic! Just pure Meccano magic!

  5. I'm from Glasgow and that model of the Finnieston Crane is excellent. Accurate in detail as well so good job by the builder. Would love to know how these guys do this? Everything to scale and accurate without plans??? Brilliant!!

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