Medivh Update Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

Medivh has undergone a major rework to reward skillful use of his abilities and increase opportunities
for counterplay. MASTER’S TOUCH is now a baseline quest, freeing up players’ level 7 talent choice and rewarding them for skillful use of ARCANE RIFT. Arcane Rift’s damage has been reduced since the quest can now be completed earlier in the match. FORCE OF WILL’s cooldown and mana cost have increased, and it now heals allies for 20% of the damage it absorbs. Its reduced uptime coupled with its increased support power both reward Medivh for well-timed casting, and present opportunities for meaningful counterplay. New and revamped talents reward Medivh depending on the amount
of damage absorbed. FORCE OF MAGIC increases his spell power, while ENDURING WILL reduces
Force of Will’s cooldown. Medivh has several new
and improved talents that open up
exciting synergies and strategies. TEMPORAL FLUX, a Level 16 talent, reduces the cooldown of Medivh’s heroic ability every time he hits a hero with Arcane Rift or lands an auto attack. PORTAL MASTERY allows Medivh to place portals while in Raven Form. Manual placement of portals has been moved to the “1” key, leaving the “E” key unchanged, so that it can still be quickly activated in an emergency. RAVEN FAMILIAR grants Heroes a raven every time they use a portal, allowing them to bombard their enemies using portals in quick succession. We hope these changes
reward Medivh players for skillful play, while also opening windows for meaningful counters. Check out the patch notes to learn more and make sure to leave us a comment or subscribe to Heroes of the Storm around the web. We’ll see you in the Nexus! Destiny is at hand.

100 thoughts on “Medivh Update Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

  1. Some mobility or defensive capabilities on kel would be nice. Such a fun hero but there is no point in picking him over any other mage since he's so easy to dive.

  2. i dreamt i was mediv last night, was killing people, then thought. hay i have masters touch, i dont remember getting it.

    if dream psychics are a thing, i think im a mediv player now

  3. Good reworks for Medivh and Sonya also i love this new type of videos and for some reason remember me League of Legends champion spotlight videos 🙂

    But Blizzard pls Rework Raynor for love of God pls

  4. Decent changes with good intentions behind them. But … BUT … you really should have lowered the range from which portals can be entered. There is just no reason for not being able to block players from using them by positioning well.
    Anyway, in my opinion, Medivh is gonna be even more powerful on high level now (where he was one of the most impactful heroes in the game to begin with). Winrates will still remain low, though, he just is not a hero for anyone beneath a certain level of play, his skill floor is just to high for that.

  5. still not gonna make players to open their eyes and actually see the portal that are places right in front of them!!!

  6. You guys really need to update like most old heroes, xpecially the specialists. Back in the days, towers had a limited amount of cannon balls to shoot and removing that mechanic nerfed all them old specialists hard.

  7. I was worried by how they worded these changes in the notes. But after seeing it in action and hearing more details I kind of like the changes. It really enables some high level play especially with force of will healing for 20% of damage taken.

  8. aww look at that incompetent developers are at it again. cant even get matchmaking algorithm right, how sad, and keep making useless changes

  9. Nooooo you guys still are missing his core identity. The last guardian is a pinnacle of arcane power, a funnel that the counsel of Tirisfall poured there power into(ok his mom but ultimately him). Not even mentioning Sargaress. I just can't understand what about him made you say "Support and utility" instead of "Most powerful mags on Azeroth that could kill kingdoms if he really wanted to". #NotMyGuardian

  10. As a great Medivh fan he was actually one of the first heroes that I bought. Thank you blizzard for making these awesome changes!

  11. hope u guys nerf lunara or at least lower her basic attacks a bit even if you try to escape from her she follows u cuz she's fast like a mount

  12. I love how 80% of these comments are complaining about game changes or issues in game, yet all they're doing is using anecdotes to try to defend themselves. "I got killed by a Genji 2 matches ago so I agree yes he's OP, needs to be nerfed" "I can't play him so he must be high skill cap" "I can play him so he must be high skill gap" I hate most of you here because I know I've probably played with some of you on EUW HotS and I swear, none of you deserve the ability to breathe tbh.

  13. It's been so long since maeiv was released … what is going on ?? Where is the new hero? We do not want crappy reworks instead of actual new heroes !

  14. I don't get how is this a 'rework' and why people are happy. All abilities are still the same, they just fix them a bit…
    He still spams his Q, that's it =/ I thought rework means like you change some of abilities COMPLETELY.

  15. You what about giving Jimmy a rework? A stimpack skill, like every marine in SC-SC2? Something to give him mobility(movment speed)/attack speed(rework his W) and some life steal(talented?)
    Maybe something to bring his outlaws out to play? Like a terran commander? Some drops from the Hyperion(or let him beam up to it during its duration and maybe change trajectory)? Or An ulty that gives him his vulture? Give him a trait? i mean he is the only hero without one

    Basically give old pall Jimmy some loving man.
    I understand that he is supposed to be the beginner hero but even Valla a generic DH from D3 has a more diverse build than jimmy, Right click, Q or Multi-shot.
    Maybe im melancholic and remembering him in mar sar during SC1 but dude deserves some loving.

  16. wrong change, and one more hero out of balance. this was a nice game with almost perfect balance. now after hanzo come out. you start changing heros to do some unreal damage in a single shot from. so bad and so wrong. you cant give heros such a nuke damage and to have so little heros with stun of a 1 sec and a few heros with silenc. it is not balanced and if you give heros a stun of 2 and more sec. then you will become dota 3. i am dissapointed. you start to go wrong way.

  17. He's definitely better but he is still lacking in impact. You have to work really hard to achieve an average contribution. However you do sometimes get those games where you make some absolutely mind-blowing plays (like saving your entire team with a portal).

  18. cant really call it a "rework" when all you do is…that…a rework is compeletly redoing his ablites, making them into new things…this is just…how he was before :/

    My strategy with playing the old Medivh was based on the Force of Will damage talent. Portal in-force of will in the middle of their team-portal out. With the rework, FoW does damage based on how much damage you take while shielded. My question, is this damage calculated before or after armor is taken into account? One of Medivhs talents gives him armor after using portal. Does this armor boost subtract damage from FoW?

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