Men Parade Assault Rifles Around for Gun Rights

two men who decided that show support
for increased gun rights they were going to put on uh… sort of a walking protest and they
decide to walk around their neighborhood with assault rifles and pistols visible
to everybody opposed to show you know that they support the rates and also to
scare the shit out of everybody that’s on them out with a news reporter said what about flooring true witnessed the voices
steering demonstration eighteen debt education about gun control in america but ended up creating a state of panic
in the cell would neighborhood eases sided each hair studio heating in
the back of room of the salon and locked their doors all others rain for help
perfusate two were really there to cause harm so before at what we got a lot of fed by
the story is that let’s read a couple of quotes from them uh… talking about their behavior they
say that this is warren jerome and by the way and he is joined by steve
invoice a boardroom said without threatening
anyone we don’t have that kind of criminal behavior what they should really do is observe
the person to determine if the person’s aggressive is responding to critics and
said you can’t walk around with guns as we’re concerned that he was on the same way of doing anything
threatening anyone uh… and then we have some information
from uh… the youtube channel that these men apparently are affiliated with called marked guardian which sounds
somewhat ominous litany that um… weather stations there
the bios for warned recess i trying to normalize firearms in public
and in my opinion i believe that carry a rightful daily corporate strong closure movie might
area out for any of you always sunny in
philadelphia fans something something that’s really uh… kelly would’ve written but many that you say to make a statement they did get
feedback anyone we cannot garner support for clients is it to go
onto the streets and and here are fifteen-year whenever the cell uh… impose on their backs anytime i
counted time i cover or in town him can’t do that you can you can sign it just titans shock
therapy and just throw it out there and see if at all rights takanaga does that
work right now people are scared to death himself first-graders in regarding three
don kladstrup just killed off a month ago yes he did not want to do
that if people think they’re about to do and that shooting entrance it looks like a it certainly
looks like it at and i in some way i do think a piece of the guns are out
in the all peso it shouldn’t make you more scared because they’re out in the
open because if they are actually concealed it’s just as dangerous right
it’s not just as dangerous as if you don’t know about it so you can’t tell
that yet and he did it gives you a point you know as a country because there’s so
many guns out there that it is better to have open cave in concealed carry
continue i mean terrifying trust me i could see
employment only lines actually went off on a range for the
first time just to get over that haha i still don’t get it still don’t get the
fascination i don’t know that there is no little
that they’re not in the way they did it but a little bit of marion having open
carry rather than concealed carry it just seems like if we don’t see it it’s
not real now of course it’s still there uh… women in any event but let’s just
give you more details into someone time thing that we did the you to jail they
talked about earlier has one hundred videos of ordering walking around in public
with assault rifles and pistols that’s but i know how long it takes to
to produce a hundred years we’ve with professional for the by the
way uh… for him to do it that’s that’s that’s apparently his day-to-day job i
guess uh… i don’t i don’t like this think that yes you’re gonna scare the
hell lot of people to walking around with assault rifles and pistols i think the people should be worried
about it the price of two people walking us through i would imagine that they’re
gonna abhorrence of clearance i think it’s too
soon to await sentencing marry them six months from now i don’t see of
course any if anything i think it’s a it’s a it’s a huge semiautomatic
wetpaint and we e aligned that was smashing spectrally
so because of what’s been happening the past five years or so by i think if you’re gonna have a
handgun he might as well have open carry idon’t
know i don’t know that there is any safety and having it concealed rather
than out in the open both possibility we could conceivably
snatch it from you the fact that when you see a gun it’s
the any confrontation that you have is more likely to escalate to further
violence when they talk about that later dinner
when you see it and so for instance if if you get a fight with someone in some
people’s i done to build a person this is now what the
fight to the death but yeah you might surrender run away to save her life
secretary continue to fight do not gonna punch the guy in the
refractor hand see what it does because he has a god now used to get that done from him or you
assume he will tell you sending with a knife it’s not just don’t
you know i’m gonna get down there a way that i wasn’t gone is out in the open
like you would not be variants friday to have been my benefits the psychological
person with a gun it doesn’t seem to obey behave minority in effects that whether it’s concealed are not the
fact that they do have a gun if that’s the way they operate but it does if if
out in the open versus can and i don’t really see how that would make a
difference i think it would but i get a everybody’s scared of him
for a lot of people are scared of dying this is the idea that’s terrifying but i
really understand why concealed carry is worse than open carry weapons assault rifles assault rifles justin gal nothing like
out period everybody and i haven’t yet we do um… one point yeah i i i think they’re will guidance
you uh… i sent a little bit i’m living in egypt there are on almost every
corner lease in the neighborhood so i was in their armed guards every in in israel many of the people you see
have assault rifles it’s not just bring them people walking around a lot of the
people spend a significant couple of years away from it in the military and
so you will see a lot of guns around millions of countries but and would not
come show in america where people are not walking around possesses and stuff
like that which i don’t buy i think that it creates a threatening environment
where if you’re the person without the gun and
you go out there and people what they are the suburb of you think what should
i guess i gotta get historical to right i don’t want us to be encouraging other
people in the country to feel like we need to be part we fought long and hard
in this country to be civilized

100 thoughts on “Men Parade Assault Rifles Around for Gun Rights

  1. the assumptions of these 2 anchor people are so far off base it's Ludacris. First these aren't "Assault Rifles". Owning firearms doesn't make someone uncivilized as stated. Don't fear the firearm, fear the one carrying the firearm. Open carry is perfectly legal, & should be respected by the liberalized media since it is "settled law". Everyone which wants to avail themselves of their 2nd Amm. rights needs to applaud the actions of these law abiding gun packers. Get over it! They're here !!!!

  2. They are saying it's to soon to carry a gun after a mass murder.I would be scared if I saw a person with a gun after a mass murder as well.The rest is just their views on guns.

  3. I get that in an uncivilized, barbaric place such as turkey, seeing someone walking around with ANY firearm means they are about to go on a rampage, but that's not the case here. You can either suck it up and deal with it [while accepting of your hypocrisy] or just go back home.

  4. Assault rifles were banned from manufactured in 1986. The mark of an assault rifle is the fact that it can fire in burst/fully automatic fire. AR 15's can not do that.
    Look up an m1A. Now look up a m1A EBR. Same gun, same calibre, same damage to be dealt. Both are semi automatic But in a gun ban the EBR would be banned because of the way it looks, like an "assault rife"
    That is how you are brainwashed.

  5. People are whiny about it because the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. So people should get pretty mad when part of the supreme law of the land is violated, since it represents that the law no longer applies.

  6. Per capita the US has a lower violent crime rate than most "developed countries" including halving the UK's violent crime rate.
    Also, America's population is over 300 million. I could argue that we should ban cars, which kill approx. 40,000 people each year in the US. Plus, cars aren't a protected right under the Constitution.

  7. Actually guns from 16-1800 were quite large and used something closer to .58-.80 calibre, enormous by todays standards. Pistols are the number one used firearm in violent crimes, so why are you okay with them? Fully automatic weapons were banned from manufacture in 1986, to buy one takes $10,000+ and a bunch of paperwork. The guns these men are carrying around are semi auto, the same as many hunting rifles, while still using a smaller calibre.
    Please learn before you spew.

  8. You have no right to suspect someone of mental instability because the have a gun. That's like me suspecting you of piracy because you have chrome on your computer.
    It doesn't matter if it's "cool," Its legal and you can't demonize him for it.

  9. Swat teams carry assault rifles (full autos). Most standard patrol cars have an AR-variant in the trunk of the car, so yes they do.

  10. It depends on the department, but in most areas patrol cars have either a shotgun or an AR-15 in the trunk, as well as a couple magazines.

  11. Some states started putting armed guards in their schools. One recently stopped a mass shooting in Georgia, but none of the media sources covered it, it doesn't further their agenda or resonate with their viewer base. This isn't a gun problem. It's a violence problem and a social problem.

  12. Please. More people are killed in the US with hands and feet than guns. The UK's violent crime rate is double the US's. Vtech was done with two ban legal handguns, and the implements they are using to ban guns are completely arbitrary.

  13. Yet you have double the per capita violent crime rate.
    Regulation may work for the UK to reduce gun violence, but the UK doesn't have a hotbed for arms trafficking with a 1000 mile wide scarcely guarded boarder directly to it's south. It's a different situation and requires a different solution

  14. You guys are exercise your freedom of speech like there are exercising their right to own firearms. Extremely ignorant. Yes they shouldn't have been there. But you should know what a assault rifle is and isn't I blame both groups for being idiots.

  15. Dude if you take guns out of the usa crime will go through the roof. look as Australia they out lawed guns a few years ago and their crime rate is 3 times higher then before. Criminals are scared of people with guns if you take them away what do they have to be scared of?

  16. Like semi auto guns are any better. The mass shootings at school or collages are always automatic or semi automatic rifle. Most of the time the people take guns from their parents and use it.

  17. hmmmm idk, I would steer clear of these people even though I love guns…b/c you never know. But, BUT, I don't think they shouldn't have done it, I just think what they should've done is had a shirt or sign of some kind stating their purpose, otherwise it's very unsettling for people who are not used to it…

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  19. Spot on! These fucking liberal douchebags have no concept of "Liberty" and yet they will be the first ones to yell and holler when somebody tries to infringe upon their 1st Amendment rights. Hypocrites!

  20. the fact there are so many mass gun related murders in America is enough to drop the gun regulation hammer on Americans, either you agree that no gun regulation is the problem, or you agree that gun's aren't the problem, America is just a barbaric country that kills on mass it's own people more often then anyone else. I think it's a bit of both personally.

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  22. They are actually, about 11x slower in rate of fire at the least. There has not been a mass shooting with an automatic rifle in over 30 years. Again, learn before spewing.

  23. Completely wrong. The Virgina Tech Shooting, the largest mass shooting in US history, was done by a guy with 2 pistols. Learn somthing before you ramble.

  24. "so many"? There aren't "so many". There are very few. less then a tenth of 1% of murders in the US have been Mass Shootings over the last 20 years. Get your facts straight.

  25. Sorry unlike American, UK doesn't have mass shootings so I don't keep count of all the mass shooting USA has as that will be a full time job.

  26. I mean I watch the news but I don't really care enough to remember all of them as it doesn't really affect me. I just think it is really bad that this happens so often in a so called developed country.

  27. so no, you don't know what you're talking about. less then 1/10 of 1% of crime in the US are mass shootings. It's a country of 330 million people. You're an idiot

  28. wow you'd think whit the amount of murders on the streets they would shut up about the school shootings. also big difference between an ar-15 and a milspec assault rifle. look at the citys with the most gun control Chicago,LA and Detroit.its sad that people think that making a law with make it go away, its like meth its illegal but its still easily available.

  29. wow you don't want to encourage people to have weapons and protect themselves. No wonder people get kill everyday because they are leaving in an unrealistic world. Wake up and check out the FBI Crime Stats, people are getting kill every day in the U.S. and by YOU making that statement is just irresponsible. I understand you don't like weapons, however criminals are killing American people everyday and the American people need to be ready to defend themselves and their families.

  30. I can tell you don't like guns by the way you talk! And have huge irrational fears! You guys are just plain ignorant. How can you sit there and talk about a subject such as firearms that you know nothing about? You have no clue. Firearms are no more dangerous than a pen, scissors or your mouths until used inappropriately. Oh and there is nothing called an Assault Rifle.

    TYT= Twisting Your Truth

  31. This video is so biest it not even funny. If more people were to carry weapons then mass shootings would not happen. Simple, someone starts shooting he gets dropped by a lawful citizen with his own weapon. Guns dont kill people people kill people

  32. Or a guy accidently push another dude and get killed by a paranoid lawfull citizen. Today a 12 year old killed a marine veteran. Guns don't kill people but it make it god damn easy!

  33. A firearm misused does not always kill. Just as, not every person in a car accident is killed. So yes I can deny it. But what makes the two guys in the vid criminals? Because you don't like that they are carrying a firearm? By your logic everyone of us are criminals in the waiting. Gunners and Anti-Gunners. So we all should be treated as such…..criminals. Right? Or should we just be on guard and vigilant of the wrong doers in society and protect ourselves accordingly?

  34. Not saying that one bit. Just saying you should know a threat when we see one. A legitimate threat! And no criminals are not born criminals. But they are taught to be that way by family and "friends". I know what a criminal is I have handled and caught many myself, or did they call themselves terrorist? Yeah we would all love to be put on a registry with a government that would never abuse the registry! They abuse everything else and lie to use about everything else. Why would they stop there?

  35. Ok, just keep killing each other over there in the land of the free. I've given up caring. If your government doesn't care after all this time why should I. The rest of the world should stop caring to unless it spills out into our countries like it did earlier this year when an Aussie baseball player was shot in the US by 3 teens because "they were bored" but meh, my government didn't do shit.

  36. People are murdered all the time all over the world. Don't make it seem like it only happens in the U.S. And how or why would your government do anything? It oversteps boundaries set by reasonable people from both nations. I am truly sorry that he was murdered, but thats the whole point. There is scum here and over there that do not care for any one human being. So every able bodied individual should have the means to protect themselves! Police are not there when it matters most. They show up…

  37. … write the reports after the person has been raped, beaten, murdered, stabbed, shot, abducted or anything else in between. Trust me I see it all the time. Take your own safety into your hands!

  38. Being a criminal is also a matter of opportunity. There will always be people who will use weapons to take advantage from others. Maybe there will be good guys stopping them, maybe not, but the amount of people dying will stay high if you are not, at least, more selective to people you give guns to.
    Switzerland has an extensive gun registry and a selective gun distribution, you don't see people abusing of it. Right now people abuse of the gun right and that's why you see so many shootings.

  39. I can no longer continue this here. If you would like, come over to my channel watch my videos and continue the discussion there.

  40. We fought long and hard to be civilized? Don't you mean we fought long and hard for OUR FREEDOMS??? You don't want to see our guns that's too damn bad for you. I don't want to see gay guys making out in public but they have every right to do so and I support that right. I don't like women having abortions but I support that right. I don't like the government taxing people who buy a truck because they need it because it's not a prius and doesn't get good gas mileage.

  41. AR-15's aren't assault rifles… they only shoot a .223 round. Most hand guns shoot a bigger round. But most people are scared of the AR because it looks evil.

  42. (this is meant with the utmost respect) It is not meant for a scar tactic it is for education and so people will be familiar with it so they don't have to be scared. I plan on open carrying because i want to protect my family and others because sometimes the police just cant get there in time, its unfortunate but true. It is not to make me feel more powerful than others or to get my way, i am just willing to protect others to the bust of my ability at the potential cost of my life. god willing that never hast to happens. I look at it like wearing a seat belt, you go through your whole life hoping that you never need to use it and you may never need to. But the one time you do need it, it may save your life. As another point, the AR in AR 15 dose not stand for assault rifle it stands for Armalite witch is the company that developed. It was then bought by Colt but the AR stayed in the name. An assault rifle is a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle(one pull of the trigger multiple shots fired) designed for infantry use. the ar 15 is a semi-automatic rifle(one pull of the trigger one shot fired). an ar 15 can be termed automatic but until then it is not an assault rifle. At the same time assault rifles not e legal and in my opinion rightfully so but they are already heavily regulated. again this is meant with no disrespect. nobodies probably going to read this anyway and probably no one cares. my spelling and grammar are bad pleas don't judge me on it. thank you for reading.         

  43. Best I can say is that let the police know. That way if a cop drives by they don't freak out and get swat thinking your about to do something stupid. Police priority is protection of self and public and I can understand why they would freak out. The only way I can see around that risk while allowing open carry is if the person doing open carry had like a green lanyard on so police get out see the lanyard and realize its a open carry and can move on. You know? Like some way for people to visibly see you arnt a cop but you also don't have to freak out. Police carry guns with uniform so public have a way to see that they arnt gonna hurt them with guns. Maybe a simple thing like a lanyard that stays visible with open carry when it comes to bigger weapons that cannot be concealed then it would make people less fearful. That's the best I can think of.

  44. You don't have a clue what your talking a bought! I open carry every day and every day I get thumbs ups, I like what I sees and questions about why I carry from people how just won't to learn and under stand the law and there rights, something you should trying to teach with your gift of public speaking. One question, where those two men acting in any way to cos alarm? Or where they two men simply carrying objects that you deem dangerous? One more, is there a way to carry any random potentially dangerous object in a non intimidating manner? Like a bottle, a hammer, or a bat, and is there a way you can carry these things that would scare and intimidate? 

  45. In Tombstone in the 1880's Wyatt Earp would probably have pistol-whipped & then disarmed them & his only critics would have been The Cowboys – a group of affiliated rustlers & robbers who terrorised the border area.

  46. The United States, despite the 3rd best ranking position among the countries of very high human development, had a rate of 4.8 deaths for each group of 100,000 inhabitants in 2010, taking the 5th highest homicide rate among the countries with high degree of development.
    The country that has the largest number of sizes of guns per capita in the world.
    USA is the country with the highest number of deaths per 100,000 population, registering nearly 5 times more than the second-placed Australia within developed countries

  47. (rebuttals in order from 1:40 forward) you deliberately disregard the fact that there is no alternative way to raise awareness of an audience that is not deliberately involving themselves with the issue pamphlets are disregarded and speakers are ignored. This is legal and protected by the law equating a gun with mass shootings is wrong and willfully ignorant a "semi automatic weapon" is on the hip of every law enforcement officer in america and just like ours they do more good than harm by far, if it is supposedly legal for a citizen to own and carry a weapon and the police try to take those weapons from people then you never had the right to begin with. the weapons that protect america are in the hands of the citizens first and the soldiers second, the only way to reduce the fear of something is to be subjected to it. sheltering yourself of a situation because you are scared is not progress it is cowardly and dangerous, this is a reality and will not change to deny that they exist is foolish. carrying a gun is taking a responsibility and carrying a gun will effect the way you operate you act more responsibly because you are held accountable. "Assault rifles shouldn't be out period" these rifles are no more dangerous than a hunting rifle and produce less violence per year than any kind of weapon from pistols to fists. Finally, an armed society is a polite society, in every area where gun owners are publicly accepted and american gun culture is understood, crime is way down. The fact that the SOVEREIGN CITIZENS of the USA are armed, ready, and willing to protect their freedom, the land that they stand on and the technological, industrial, financial centers of that land is the surest sign of civilization and progress.

    the tone of this video is deliberately engineered to affirm fear of these weapons and especially the people who carry them rather than create conversation and promote discussion. We must educate everyone equally on the entire issue before a consensus or reasonable compromise can be reached. There is no reason to be afraid of a man with a weapon unless that man is evil, and no man should be aloud to act in an evil manner without opposition, an evil man will without error obtain a tool to perform his evil acts with, and to deny that same tool to a good citizen willing to protect his fellow man is exactly the same as a sheep herder who buys more sheep when they are eaten by wolves rather than buying a sheep dog to protect his investment.

  48.  It does no good to have your rifle  in a closet for self-defense. Deadly force is justified only when undertaken to prevent imminent and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm to the innocent. This requires the ability, opportunity, and intention of an aggressor necessary to cause serious or lethal harm. None of those elements were present in their open carry on their backs.

  49. So libtards can protest and rage every time someone hurts their precious little feelings but when gun rights activists go out and make a point the same libtards want to ban their right to expression immediately.

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

  50. Hobbesian mentality; the same people trust any idiot to carry a weapon just because he's wearing a blue suit.

  51. Dear foolish Young Turks, it's because of fear mongering propaganda machines like yourselves that so many sheeple run and hide at the mere site of a gun. It's sad that you are so afraid of guns. One day you may be put in a dangerous situation where having a gun would greatly increase your odds of survival. Gun control has never worked because, surprise, criminals don't obey laws. Shocking, I know. Isn't also terribly ironic that every mass shooting in American history has occurred in "gun free" zones?

  52. We should be encouraged to purchase weapons. "When the people fear the government, that is tyranny. When the government fears the people, that is liberty"

  53. For the people saying why are they walking around with Automatic weapons. I pray for you because you are dumb. Makes me sad.

  54. I prefer Swords, especially Katanas.  I'm also into Fencing, so I have plenty of Foils.  I wonder if I should carry one of my Katanas around and if anyone asks, I'll just tell them that I Idolize Sephiroth and It's not fair to only include guns and not swords into the Open Carry BS.  😉

  55. "If you're the person without the gun…" Because you don't have a gun, no one should be allowed to exercise their rights. Great logic, bud.

  56. Broken Record: Assault rifles are full auto. Assault rifles are very rare and pricey ($15,000) The AR-15's and AK-47's we see people carry here are semi-auto and are not much different than many hunting rifles in function.

  57. this video says assault rifles but she says they are semi-automatic that is an oxymoron these dumb liberals don't even know what they are talking about. then she says we should have open carry over concealed carry WTF. concealed carry deters crime because shooters and criminals don't know whose armed so they don't act. when there is only open carry criminals and shooters know who to shoot first and who is unarmed there is no logic on TYT. 

  58. How can you tell if someone is a "good guy" especially from a distance.. do people worry when they see a stranger with a gun until they can establish they are not a threat? How do you establish they are not a threat? Do you get prepared to draw your own weapon just in case??

  59. Stupid bitch "AR15" lol moron not all people shoot up schools most gun owners are responsible and its our right! stupid bitch 

  60. conceal carry is better just because if a mass shooter comes they don't know who to target first but ar 15's aren't concealable but open carrying an ar 15 is effective because it scares the shit out of criminals most civilians actually are okay with it and converse with him in public they can see he is not trying to shoot them it's on his back but nobody will commit a crime anywhere near him    

  61. Theses people that say they don't want to see open carry are the one's who are hoping for someone to be packing if the United states is attacked

  62. I don't agree with carrying around large weapons like that in public, it's only going to cause the people around them to panic. It's like shouting 'fire' in a building when there isn't one.

  63. If the presence of firearms does not effectively facilitate peace through superior firepower, someone please disarm the police immediately!

  64. "You can't….. Do that…. You can't…. You…. You can't….. Just carry a gun around in public…. After aurora, after newtown….. You…. You can't….." What a stupid, uneducated liberal!!!!!!

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