10 thoughts on “Miami Beach police search for 4 men after assault on gay couple

  1. This was NOT just a violent, brutal, unprovoked assault against 2 peaceful gay men. This was a TERRORIST attack directly targeting the ENTIRE Miami LGBTQ population. If/when apprehended, these 4 "men" MUST be tried & convicted of unlawful felonious assault, battery and TERRORISM charges, AND summarily EXECUTED. NO MERCY FOR ANTI-LGBTQ TERRORISTS!

    a straight, retired USAF medic.

  2. Dear Citizens of the US, Dear LGBTQ*-Community,
    I am the girlfriend of Pablo Reinaldo Romo Figueroa. Pablo is one of the suspects who have been charged with a hate crime because of a fight in front of a public bathroom on Miami’s Pride Weekend. The last few weeks have been really hard for him, but also for me, his family, his friends and each person that loves and appreciates him for the loveable, charming and kind-hearted person that he is. Social media, as well as the news often only tell small parts of a long story and put them out of context to make their headline more appealing and sellable. Most of us know that, but we still catch ourselves believing everything that the media says and writes, without even questioning it. Furthermore, there are people in this world who exploit and exaggerate unfortunate situations, just to make themselves appear in a better light. Sometimes they even try to involve the media, just to make some money. Pablo Reinaldo Romo and his friends are kind and young men. They never had any trouble with the law, nor have they ever demonstrated any kind of hate towards the LGBTQ*-Community. In fact, they have been raised with gay or lesbian people surrounding them, with one of them having a gay father and the other ones having homosexual cousins, family friends or other relatives. I myself am a supporter of the LGBTQ*-Community, as I was raised open-minded, have a homosexual best friend, relatives and family friends. I disapprove of any kind of hate against the LGBTQ*-Community or any other group of individuals, and so does my wonderful boyfriend. As we all know, and surely have experienced multiple times, there are always two sides to one story. And even though I know that justice will be served, and that the truth will come out eventually, it hurts me to see and read how people wish death to my loved one, or hope that he will rot in jail. For me THAT is the real hate crime. Many are even blaming the families of the suspects, while due to the lack of firsthand knowledge, there has been no information or statement published by the media yet. And while I am writing all of this, four amazing mothers are in massive pain because their sons are still imprisoned on Mother’s Day, for a crime they did not commit. Making a hate crime, that could mean up to 30 years of jail for my boyfriend, out of a simple and stupid street fight is not justifiable. I appeal to you to as a girl that cannot take the pain and the lies anymore, to stop believing everything you read, and wait for the truth to come out instead. Not every fight that a gay person is involved in is automatically a hate crime. The lives of four young men are being destroyed by ignorance. Ignorance that can be stopped by opening up and facing the truth.

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  3. Look at the 3rd one with a pink towel he looks like hes in the closet …its very sad and these are young man .I say deport then back to cuba the 4 men noww

  4. I would have killed them. Humans like that don't need to be alive. If anyone ever layed there hands on me, my boyfriend, or my family; they will soon be laying unconscious in a puddle of there own blood.

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