Mike Morhaime – Coletiva de Imprensa no Battle.net World Championship 2012

right on sports so bored internationally like this but China is the home to our largest wizard community of any place 30 something like here this year as you know what the bar craft is very strong we think starcraft 2 has a lot of potential historically warcraft 3 more popular kind of the way to that starcraft that it really was Oh I think there’s still a lot of untapped potential for start their soul there’s opportunities markets they’re very important markets to us actually you know I think the big opportunity is these are developing whew good broadband ruff a lot of these barriers will go away automatically without us having to do anything for drums to make our games accessible people market through distribution good online distribution and convenient for people well we’d like to continue growing growing be sports and reaching more people moving the overall quality of experience throughout here being able to tell a better stories scan what the progression is the significance is winning various events we are next year money power can expect in terms of the path to getting to blizzcon today start right to give players around and so r in the process of you know I think that makes it incredibly was incredibly ambitious I worth taking we ran into our share of technical issues it turns out holding up an event like this in China broadcasting isn’t as easy see one thing and so you certainly some challenges yesterday when I think work that’s been largely resolved overall quality of our frames and some glitches that occurred yesterday hopefully that’s fine like I said I think they’re having some awesome they’re also some challenges just with all these tournaments going on and sure what to watch or what position to be able to avoid this event right here otherwise in China and Korea obviously that alone is actually you when you consider China and we’re broadcasting live event lovely that does not happen really ever my name is Sally I said god I came from SC to la chilla you’re already talking about creating a role model I know that one of the object is about water series was to create content about a personal life about a player do you think that that nation was accomplished with this year I think it was largely accomplice we were able to read local heroes around the winner really how they were able to get yes of what this is where there’s surprising upset fernand eight spot ahead I think one of the big themes surrounding the BWC was this is blizzards time to shine for this year a lot of other companies like Ryan had retreated to camp because val have international how happy I guess are you guys with emc in that regard and what does I guess Blizzard plans do to beat out the other companies because everyone’s basically comparing these three games times they lose the best and I guess DIC leaving the pressure because a lot of those companies are controlling it like they’re injecting money like non-stop response to everything really every word we’re always competing companies and other games and everything the way that we’ve always reacted to that is you know we like to learn from what everybody else is doing right but at the end of the day we’re not focused on what they’re doing focused on we’re doing provide a great experience for our players listen to feedback for our players and we are always trying to but are they are games starcraft you is very different very different experience it has a lot of things that the other games don’t offer I think that in terms of our ability and refrigerant death this is a very very unique in so you know we don’t really think of it in terms of how was your response every in our game creative dreams and everything we’re looking at how we’re also making money in terms of travel and or all these problems and people involved in putting on these tournaments are able to get to the places they need to be and so maybe it’s not as flashy as putting all but it’s still significantly for work virtual you know that’s actually more helpful than just the flash you know we don’t feel friend by other games especially other big games and I think it will improve this paper games even better so Usagi this is zero from Argentina hey when I also keep my father tell me all the time you have enough computer gaming enough stop it stop by gaining on the computer today we sports be pro do you think i can get away with it is it up to me you know i think that i think it is becoming more and more accepted people to spend time playing online but in fact it’s the office actually spending time socializing and being part of margin meeting but for social to tell me right now looks like a pro gamer it’s liable to be pro 2 to be like a claim like a career if you hadn’t liked the song or somebody related to you we’re just support that would reduce the court in to be a programmer I’m sure I think it’s important to do what you enjoy doing first and foremost so you know my son wanted to do that because focused and intense focused attention but short of course I I think that balance isn’t you know I would also encourage well rounded but I like the little girl from URL that you make sure you believe for so do would you ecology I think that would be great I think that there’s a lot of opportunity for sort of more mainstream is sport with these sports in general more mainstream with legitimate sports I think that things are actually heading in a great direction over the past few years you know in terms of college in general there are amateur college tournaments that are being run and I think that there’s opportunities to become more highlighted and followed by the college community I think it probably has to start there growing popularity at the college’s main sequence it’s a grassroots thing you know I got an interesting question in the court of the previous talking with Chinese President sort of asking me a similar question and you know I think that another another area that actually is like it the next level the next step in terms of mainstream acceptance media really like mainstream media really needs to start acknowledging these type suit if as significant reporting on them on the level you know even like tennis golf and things like that you know politician all you hear about it and it legitimizes the score and I think when we start to see more of that where the sports page starts to report on his winning these major events and profiles about top players you know not just the gaming press not just in gaming circles but actually starting to do that I think that actually will also help we just have like two different big events is WCS at wcg and for us this is very important first page you from having to stand up and we’re expecting born can expect more in this country’s for Boozer for the sports even with for example World War offensive I do think 2013 is going to be very important here for eSports for us the heart of the swarm coming out surprising us around that I’m Liam from quizzes mechanism I would like to go back to appoint you before which is the amount of content is produced nowadays related to survive in the amount of to one area I think from the expectation point of your today I think that there’s too much thing in de twenty too many veins and in some way the kinds of diminishes the value of the content that is game with those tournaments I know where those importance because you have so many of them is easy to thinking about addressing this issue special terms of licensing from now yeah so you know I’m not so sure it’s the amount of content as introduced that it gets the lack of story around the content if you look at other popular sports maybe baseball popular in the United States baseball content with there is a there is a story around what’s happening and how do we establish in an ecosystem and a structure around all of this content to the players understand which are the what is it you overall relative ranking between players I know that this is a tournament that they’re not must follow the Germans know that it really matters which players who have an attendance of various lands the top players out of service or speeds along hi my name is Sarah I’m Brazil personal discussion on the all-star practice of business it has been suggested that we have some kind of my portraits or unix / three gorges do you think direction you might be sleep our focus right now is on the content not around what other things that we focus on great expansion and you know i think the as movie site so on a daily basis I have you actually want to say yes really current weight on these websites first I don’t think we way I think sometimes the we try to keep people you’re suggesting and we try to take those suggestions what they are and some things we agree with some things to go we have more information but but yeah we definitely look at that stuff and we definitely appreciate the feedback even when it’s critical we know because they really care all right it’s going down for grant a TV Brazil you already told us that one of the goals or blizzard is to develop new markets new place where it’s not already total food speaking about but in America Brazil are happy with the moment movements with you already made you have some new plans what they have in mind about this a perfect video the guy’s translated the games for Portuguese so I think that in terms of the quality of the games and the localisation Portuguese I think we’re doing quite well and we’ve been doing a very positive feedback from our players brazil i think in terms of you know i mentioned before one of our job is to make and being inaccessible for people to pay for the games and acquire the games and I don’t think right now about how we doing better than we know acquiring Sebastian from Julian migration is using right now at this moment these ports are growing because of players Dogu figures and casters or the public figures and casters and pro players are growing even more because of the distance so the chicken and the egg pie I think all of those things are important I think it’s important to have recognizable important to have stars root for and support in any sport you know if you follow us for if you need to have your own team or your your favorite athlete and so I think that’s important i think the pastors were very important in terms of helping the viewers understand what they’re watching that’s also accorded any sport I think that actually the casters have done a great job and not only casting the live events but also adding additional players through and so I think all of those things I think they feed on each other hello my name is fashion are you this financial speaking cancer from chewing on my question is since I travel with pleasure for the whole dog bcs events how do you think of including the spanish histories in the few remnants I’m for example in Portuguese feel you know I think that those types of questions will be really being answered by the amount of demand in the various markets there are if we found that you know by offering English I the majority of people but if there was demand in various regions that I think that’s something that hi Jennifer gave birth how was visible stars regressing and we expected the same kind of sport recife soccer it is progressing well I think we’re doing a lot of experimentation with it right now and after why we’ve kind of gone dark a little bit for information because you know we’re testing out right now the focus you know our next big launch this will be hard to storm so now attention news after my you already portable it seems that that our things missing from the multiplayer the multiplayer beta of thinking that we have access now especially regarding the terror grace it seems that you haven’t found yet why do you want to do it with it how do you guys get into that you have a date but you you have but it’s something that you cannot put a deal I mean you don’t no way you’re gonna get this right how do you have your benefit well we do have a general sense for how long things take you know our release stages and so far for like me so plenty of extra time one of the questions that I I think the answer to that is starcraft 2 is just a game it’s also the timing of our launch actually impacts a lot of people with ecosystem so when we made the decision that starcraft 2 heart perform wasn’t going to be released in 2012 we thought it was important and to let them know when you know expected we also need to give ourselves plenty of time feature but I don’t think could be the whole too bad Dustin’s in Europe changes to Terran and I know that he has various ideas that they aren’t locked in but that he’s going to want to be players in part four we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback the form it’s great extension has so many things that is incredible I think it’s our best campaign ever the cinematics female outdid themselves I cannot wait to share the work that they’re doing and then on the other side I think the great belt multiplayer and I think some of the additional features variety more about you for you and some active play I’m Teheran Iran I’m trying very hard to get might play a lot you know I enjoyed starcraft about making that that I have and I’m saying also laughs so MP I think finally watching Scarlett

12 thoughts on “Mike Morhaime – Coletiva de Imprensa no Battle.net World Championship 2012

  1. Nao aconteceu nada rs.. Nunca tive 100 mil não man 🙂 Claro que todo apoio pra divulgar o trabalho é muito bem vindo!

  2. No meu ipod touch da 3ª geração, as legendas funcionam de boa no aplicativo oficial do Youtube. Eu só tive que botar em tela cheia e ativar as legendas manualmente, clicando no botão CC (closed captions).

  3. Pedroca, pró player aqui no brasil consegue patrocinio de alguem ? e consegue viver de starcraft igual os coreano? ou tem que ser igual o levin?

  4. Fala Alef, beleza cara??

    Cara, a resposta para sua primeira pergunta é "Sim!".

    Para a segunda e terceira, na minha visão é "nem um, nem outro".

    Na Coréia o StarCraft é muito enraizado tanto como esporte eletrônico e como PROFISSÃO (os caras literalmente em horário de trabalho, expediente mesmo.

    O Levin vê a coisa no outro extremo. Toma como um Hobby, e como é um cara extremamente talentoso e já teve um bom tempo para condicionar o RTS, ou seja, "pegar as manha".

  5. Patrocínio existe, mas não sei de nenhum player vivendo de Starcraft 2 no Brasil hoje.

    Sei que você vai perguntar, então já adianto. Acho que isso é mais um problema de saber trabalhar o game como um negócio do que ausência de investimento.

    Patrocínio é apenas UMA das fontes de renda de um pro-player, isso em qualquer esporte eletrônico ou esporte "normal".

    Ainda temos uma estrada a percorrer nesse sentido, acho totalmente viável conseguirmos gerar este cenário nos próximos anos.

  6. Pedroca valeu por tirar minhas dúvidas, não tenho starcraft mais gosto muito de assistir parabens pelo ótimo trabalho, bom seria se tivesse um stream em pt no próximo evento. ;D

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