Hi everyone welcome back to SugarmamaTV. I’m Canna and this is Ellen. Now you may remember Ellen from a back from over 18
months ago. When she very kindly shared her story. And she had saved $10,000 in
eight months, as a student. Now Ellen has continued on with the thousand dollar
project, and she has achieved even more amazing things. And she has come back to
see me, and to share again her story. And as to what she’s been doing. Where she’s
up to financially. And what her future looks like. So Ellen thank you so much
for coming and sharing. Thank you for having me. Just listening to your story
the other day. Like my mouth was hanging. Okay,
it’s been a year and a half since you saw me. And you had saved up ten thousand
dollars in less than eight months. Yes I will link in the video description
box the original video so you can watch where Ellen has come from. But where you up to now? Like what have you done? So just the other week I hit
twenty thousand dollars in my savings account. And I’ve also been on an
overseas holiday to Japan. With my best friend since then. Which is about five
thousand dollars. So yeah I’ve just continued to use all the principles from
The $1000 Project. To really get me there. So you’re using The $1000 Project to really like. I guess evolve and grow your financial
situation. What are your goals to do with this money you’ve got twenty thousand
dollars in your account. What are your dreams and goals? My dream
is to have my own home. As soon as I can so that’s where that money is going. But
now that I’ve hit, you know that significant mark. I’m also gonna
start my own investment portfolio. So I’m very excited to start that
very soon. And where do you want to invest? Well from your advice watching lots of you’re investing videos. I think that I’ll start with some ETFs or listed
investment companies. Great idea. So I don’t have to invest in too many
different companies keep it simple. When you use
a list of investment company or an ETF you outsource all those investment
making decisions to an expert. And your money is immediately diversified so
that’s a fantastic strategy. And would you want to build up passive
income like what are your long-term life dreams? I think that I just yeah
I really just want to start young. Because when you show all your
calculations and stuff in your videos it makes such a difference if you start
earlier. So I might not be you know investing too much money now. Because I
still have that house dream. But even just starting small and just
having a little bit there. Adding a little bit each year. So when I get to
retirement then I’ve got you know a decent passive income and I don’t have
to stress about that. And how does it feel seeing that money in your savings
account, and knowing that you’re about to make your first investment into a
portfolio of equities? How do you feel? It’s so exciting and I think
that I just found it what when you have those habits it’s just easy. And you
don’t have to stress too much about it. And about saving all those extra dollars,
because it just becomes a habit. So it’s just a really nice reminder that you
know you’re doing something positive, every day to get you to where you want
to be. And how is that impact like your stress levels? Do you feel
resilient you feel confident? Yeah I just I feel very confident that I’ll be able
to continue this for my whole life. Because I think that I just have the
habits and, it’s all about balance. At a young age you don’t want to be
saving every single dollar, and not going out with your friends, or having fun or
going on holidays. So yeah I just have a bit more of an idea of how to balance
it out. How to save money while not earning, you know a great amount I’m a
student. Anyway you have a part-time job.
Just a casual job. So yeah, I don’t earn heaps of money or anything. But it’s
just saving where I can but still having fun at the same time.
So I can do it forever. Okay so you went to Japan and had a great holiday the
best friend. You still you’re going shopping this afternoon. Yeah. You still
have all those things it’s not about going, like you know saying no to
everything. It’s just about balance. Exactly yeah. Now what are the things you
did to save that twenty thousand dollars? Because that’s the probably the hottest
question burning on everybody’s tongue right now. So obviously I’ve used money, from my normal salary. So it’s not you know strictly the one thousand dollar
project. But I do use that money. But I also do things on top of that. So
tutoring a lot i tutor a lot. And I babysit, and I’ve done a few market
research things as well as some mystery shopping which is really fun. Wow
So yeah just doing little things here and there. Not too big but they take a
massive chunk out of you know my day or my time. But just things that you can do
to just get a little bit of extra cash and using that cash instead of my salary
to pay for things. Yes, so every dollar counts. Exactly. Okay now can you
share with me how, what you’ve done with saving all this money. How it’s had a
positive influence on the people around you. Like who’ve you inspired who’ve you
encouraged. Who’s like following in your footsteps? Well I should hope that you
know people are inspired by it. I’ve definitely seen a bit of a shift in some
of my family members. You know trying to pay off loans and stuff as fast as they
can. Yeah just inspiring people that it’s
possible, and you don’t have to be. You can still have fun while doing it.
Exactly, and what about your your friends and your boyfriend if you had a positive
influence there? Yeah well I think that hopefully I’ve inspired my boyfriend to
pay off his loan a little bit quicker. Yeah like we still have fun but
it’s just about putting as much as you can extra into it. All right
fantastic and just to clarify like now this money has been given to you you’ve
done this all from your own heart. Yeah exactly yeah. And it’s like you come from
a wealthy family. No my parents are both musicians so
they’ve always been you know very frugal with their money. But definitely not come
from a ridiculously wealthy family or anything. So it’s really nice just to you
know have that, and just make some change. Ellen is actually contemplating
changing her career path. Ellen was studying in engineering and since
discovering, you know like finance and personal finance and investing. And what it does to your like emotional well-being. She’s actually contemplating
a change in career path into financial services. Yes. And she’s just done a
weeks work experience with me. She was a fantastic assistant. And I really
hope that you do continue on that path because it just to me seems a lot more
like a fitting of your personality and your passion in life. Yes Well thank you so much for having me I
had such a great time. It’s an absolute pleasure we’ve been loved
having you in the office. All right everyone thank you for watching. As I said I will
link in the video description box below, the video that we made about 18 months
ago. And just to clarify you saved $20,000, you enjoyed an international
holiday. I’m sure you’ve got more trips booked in as well. Yes. And how old are
you? 19. 19 isn’t that just absolutely incredible. Like seriously inspiring so thank
you so much for sharing. Now for anyone that’s interested in doing The $1000 Project, would you recommend people do The $1000 Project?
100% it’ll change your life. You can jump on board you can purchase the book from
the video description box below. All major bookstores have it and it is just
sold around the world. The principles behind The $1000 Project. There
are no rules you create your own rules. You can do a hundred dollar project it
doesn’t matter where you live, what you do it’s really. The sky is the limit.
with The $1000 Project. As Ellen is living proof it will change
your life. Thank you everyone for watching. If you haven’t subscribed
already please make sure you do. And have a fantastic week. I’ll see you later on
the week for lifestyle love Caio for now

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