Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Review | Worth Getting?

Minecraft, a name that pretty much every gamer
knows that this point, a game that’s pretty much on every modern gaming platform, except
3DS, is finally here on the Nintendo Switch. This is my review of the game as a port, assuming
those watching the video review already know what Minecraft is. Minecraft on Nintendo Switch brings the console
experience of Minecraft to a portable system, for the second time, the first time being
on the PlayStation Vita. Now since the PlayStation Vita version of
Minecraft also runs the console version and is portable, I’ll be making a lot of comparisons
between the two, in order to show the differences specifically with this new port. So for those that have been living under a
rock for the last decade, Minecraft is a popular open world crafting game that’s all about
creation, surviving and on occasion, adventure! There are three game modes in the game, creative
is for those that simply want to build and create whatever they want in the open world. Essentially it’s a god mode that gives you
unlimited resources to create and spawn whatever you want in this world. Survival mode throws you in a randomized open
world without any resources. Here your left to scavenge, mine and craft
your own resources with items you find in the wild. Personally, this is my favorite of the three
made modes and the one I ended up playing the most with my time playing Minecraft on
Switch. Lastly, the third game mode is an adventure
mode, here you’re thrown into adventure story maps that adds limitations to the gameplay
so you follow the rules of the adventure. The Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition is for
all intents and purposes an upgraded version of Minecraft Wii U edition with the added
portability of being on the Nintendo Switch hardware. In terms of power scope, this edition lies
somewhere between the Wii U and the PS4/Xbox One editions of Minecraft. While the PlayStation Vita was a portable
version of the console edition, the Switch edition is definitely much farther end of
the power spectrum. As for the features this version of the game
has, it launches with the features added to the console January update. So while it’s pretty close to being up to
date with other consoles, it’s missing things like the glide mini game. Minecraft Nintendo Switch edition runs at
720p 60 frames per second when in dock mode. In this instance, it renders at 10 chunks
with a render distance that’s on par with the Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the
game. For comparison, the PS4 and Xbox one versions
renders 18 chunks, and for those wondering, what in the world is a chunk. It’s a measurement of area in Minecraft
that’s 16×16 blocks of surface area that runs 128 blocks deep. On PlayStation Vita, that render distance
was 5 chunks. When you switch the handheld switch mode,
that renders distance gets bumped down to 7 chunks while maintaining the 720p 60fps
visuals. In my experience playing the Switch version,
you can definitely tell that the render distance is lower than higher end consoles, especially
if you’re constantly in creative mode flying through the air. You’ll see a lot of poppin happen in the
game, something that is somewhat distracting but also isn’t entirely new to Minecraft. Outside of the rendering distance, Minecraft
on Switch looks great, specifically really good in handheld mode. Coming from playing the game on an iPad as
well as the Vita version, on the Switch the game looks and runs beautifully. In my experience, I have yet to ever see the
game run under 60 fps. Additionally, because of its art style, it
looks great even at 720p on a display this small. Now in addition to the render distance differences,
the world sizes vary in the Nintendo Switch version too. On Nintendo Switch the world sizes are considered
a medium size when comparing it to something like the PS4 and Xbox One editions. The Switch’s map sizes are 3072 squared,
a downgrade from the PS4 and Xbox One’s 5120 squared world size. However, if you compare to the Vita also running
the console version on the go, that’s an upgrade from the Vita’s 864squared size. As far controls go, the built in joycons work
perfectly for minecraft. All of the Wii U’s physical controls are
essentially transferred over to the Switch. You can also use the touch screen to quickly
switch between the item slots in your hud, though you can navigate those with buttons
too. You can’t use a single joycon to play as
a single character, although I’m not sure why some reviewers have docked the game for
that because if you’ve played minecraft before, you’d know that’d be pretty impossible
to do with the control scheme of a single joycon. What you can do is play multiplayer on a single
switch with multiple controllers such as a pair of joycons and a pro controller. Local multiplayer is available for up to 4
players with split screen and 8 players when you’re online. Speaking of online, there’s some good and
bad things with this port. You do have the option to play with friends
online on Switch in both the regular game modes as well as the mini games option. Like other console versions of the Minecraft,
you can customize your online worlds allowing friends to join at free will as well as friends
of friends not your friends list. Sadly one thing missing is voice game chat. It was available in the Wii U version of Minecraft
but is missing here on the Switch version, most likely because of the Nintendo Switch
communication app not being out yet. Regardless, it’s a bummer to see it missing
at launch since Minecraft is definitely a multiplayer driven game as much as it is a
single player one. In terms of exclusive content, there really
isn’t any outside of the Nintendo platform exclusive content that was on the Wii U version
of Minecraft such as the Super Mario themed skins and world. The world is beautifully themed with giant
Mario tribute statues wherever you turn with references ranging from Super Mario Brothers
1 all the way down to the modern Mario 3D platformers. It’s a lovely tribute world to the series
along with the background tracks bringing memories of Mario 64. So is Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition worth
it? Well I can tell you it’s by far the definitive
portable version of Minecraft lying somewhere right between the Wii U and the PS4 versions
of Minecraft. When comparing it to something like the portable
Vita version, it’s a major upgrade going from 540p on Vita with a much smaller world
at an average 25 frames per second to 720p 60 frames per second on Switch with a much
larger world size. If you’re comparing it to the Wii U version,
then it’s a slight upgrade that adds portability to the package but for the time being removes
voice chat until the Nintendo Switch communication app is released. And lastly, when compared to the PS4 and Xbox
editions, Switch is a bit of a downgrade but in return you get a high quality version of
Minecraft that may not be the best, but gives you the freedom of playing both on a TV and
on the go with the greatest portable minecraft experience to date. Ultimately the choice comes to why you’re
interested in Minecraft Switch edition in the first place, you already have Minecraft
on other consoles and don’t care for the portability, you can completely skip this
title. However, if you do want to play it on the
go, even if you already have the Vita version or higher end console versions, I’d recommend
picking up the Switch edition. It’s a great bundle package that gives you
a great version of Minecraft that’s both portable and scalable for a tv experience. Thank you all very much for watching, if you
enjoyed it let know by hitting that thumbs up button, get yourself subscribed for more
videos just like this one. Hope you all enjoyed the review and I’ll
see you in the next one!

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  2. I’ll definitely be picking this up once the physical game releases! Only a couple of weeks left or so!

  3. I have a question, there is a new version of Minecraft coming to switch in a couple of days, what is going to be in that version? Is it the full version?

  4. I started playing on Pocket Edition on a iPad 2 in 2012, then I moved to Wii U, and finally to Switch. Never played on the Xbox or PlayStation versions.

  5. How is it possible that you have paired Bluetooth headphones on the switch. Because the switch doesn’t have Bluetooth. Boi 🤷‍♂️

  6. Why I can’t play Minecraft on my Nintendo if I just bough it and pops a message saying “You must have the software in order to play”

  7. Hello I’m visually impaired and just got a Nintendo switch. I was wondering if you could ditch the joy cons and just use the touchscreen to play Minecraft. Can you do that? It’s just hard for me to multitask with looking at the screen and paying attention to the joy cons. Please let me know.

  8. Am I the only one who still plays on a Vita? My Minecraft is nowhere near that choppy on it though.

  9. Excellent review. I recently bought a Switch and I've been playing Zelda BOTW for a month now. I'm looking forward to another game and it's between this, FF12, FF9, and a Sega collection.

  10. When it comes to building/creating, is that option accessible right away on the menu, or is it like Super Mario Maker where you have to earn your tools little by little by playing the main game?

  11. On Minecraft on the Switch I will start by saying I downloaded it for 20 bucks a couple months back. I also have Minecraft on my Xbox One S as well. So, I am pretty use to Minecraft when it comes to game play and performance. I get their is a downgrade in grahics going from the Xbox to the Switch. Which is fine. I have done a lot of clearing and building in Minecraft to say the least. I have the Mario version on the Switch.

    It doesn't look bad on the Switch. On the Xbox One I have cleared blocks out and laid blocks out from slow speeds to all out fast speeds with no lag or freeze ups of any kind.

    On the Switch doing normal block removal or adding blocks to create items is really poor on the Switch. Many times I am waiting for blocks to vanish or appear that I have either made or cleared from times as high as 20 seconds plus for the changes to take effect. I will even go through freezing where I can't Even freaking move at all because the Switch is so fucking slow on rendering. Even riding the cart around which moves slower than the Xbox One version will stop on the track at times as your waiting for things to spawn in in many areas. You wonder if track is missing because your cart just freaking stops! I guess they should have dumbed down the graphics more because overall all this lagging and waiting for your inventory to come up is really annoying. If it wasn't about portability on the Switch, I would highly recommend playing this game on Xbox or PS4 if they have it and just stay away from the Switch version.

    They should be selling Minecraft on the Switch for 10 bucks normally and not 30 bucks normal price. A lot of games suffer being converted down to the Switch due to lad and even crashes if they are not games made specifically made by Nintendo.

    MK 11 on the Switch is a total joke and not even worth playing when after 2 months it still crashes and lags out and the graphics in many areas people don't see advertised, looks like total crap on the Switch!

  12. To me, this specific version, separate from the Bedrock version, is the best portable version of Minecraft(although Pocket Edition still holds a very high bar to me)because it is on the most powerful portable system, but mostly because it has built-in achievements. The Bedrock Edition requires you to be online to earn the Achievements for the game, which means that I have to try to not do any special actions when on the go. With this one, you can earn them any time.

  13. mine always freezes and the audio will glitch. when i'm playing online with my friends they'll get disconnected any tips on what i do? :/

  14. Your forgetting, minecraft is on the play store and App store so why bother with a switch if phones are bigger and powerful now a days, heck if you got a playstation or xbox one controller just get a phone mount for either of them and boom you got minecraft on the go

  15. If you are planning on getting minecraft and you do not care for portability then get the java version it is the best version of minecraft and if you don’t have a pc then get it for your current system and then buy it for pc once you get one

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