Minuteman – M18 Claymore – Battlefield 4

Hi YouTube, Darth Here:
Let’s talk about Claymores, a gadget for recon and support that’s great for surprising enemies
and defending you when you’re not looking. First up you have to be sneaky with the placement.
I’ve found the most successful spots tend to be around corners, staircases, doorways,
and particularly in high-traffic combat areas. Because Claymores have a small lethal blast
radius of about one meter, they need to placed in tight spaces.
When placing your Claymore, know that the tripwires shoot out in a roughly 90 degree
angle and attempt to attach to any flat surface. Be sure to keep the wires from protruding
beyond the point at which they can be seen from more than a few steps away.
If possible, it often helps to keep the Claymore angled downwards, for example on staircases,
as this will keep the wires lower to the ground. Try to keep the length of the tripwires as
short as possible, as this also reduces the Claymore’s visibility.
If you take the Perimeter Defense upgrade as Support, you can place up to three Claymores.
If you put them all in one spot, you’re wasting their killing potential. So get creative with
your Claymores, and remember, FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY.
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9 thoughts on “Minuteman – M18 Claymore – Battlefield 4

  1. i liked the video because as always it was well done and informative… however, claymores are the spawn of satan in BF4, they add nothing to gameplay and are just annoying. i have yet to see a player at the top of his/her team who uses claymores.

  2. Claymores have no place in a shooter that is trying to be competitive and they are not used as intended (to protect yourself from being stabbed in the back).

    Great video though; amazing how you always do it in one minute.

  3. I used claymores back when I used to play Call of Duty with the smaller map size I would use it to occupy an area of the map.  They don't seem as useful in Battlefield.  I would rather use the Airburst or C4 in most situations and so have pretty much forgotten that claymores are in the game.  I could see where you might use them in TDM or Domination but I am more of a Conquest/Rush guy.  I used claymores in BF3 in particular situations like Rush defense on Bazaar/Metro and in the tunnel on Peak, but that was about it.

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