Models Share Stories of Sexual Assault in the Fashion Industry | Harper’s BAZAAR x Model Alliance

I feel like I haven’t really voiced any of
this before. I somehow just ran out and let that incident
slip. It just you know, slipped from my memory. And a lot of girls kind of normalized it or
some of them just didn’t talk. The photographer’s assistant takes me several
feet to the back of the studio and I’m changing into my next outfit when he decides that he’s
just going to completely molest me within several feet of my mother. And I felt so paralyzed in fear and just astonishment
that someone would have such an easy feeling of ownership over my body. For years I used to repress the memories of
what happened because it was so traumatizing and devastating. For a while I was sexually harassed by the agency’s owner and then sexually abused. I’m finally able to acknowledge that it happened. And I know that it wasn’t my fault. Shame on him, who did this to me. One of the models had introduced me and the
whole group to a manager of a very well known lingerie company and he brought us back to the store. Next thing you know he’s trying to get me to try lingerie on for him, he’s taking my shirt off throwing me up against the wall and pinning me every time I tried
to fight back. And I got away. I got away. Knowing that other people share the same thing
that you’ve experienced is really powerful. The client comes in and she just says, very softly, “strip.” I mean it was so demeaning and so dehumanizing
I felt like I was like in a dream or something. One second. I was asked halfway through the shoot as I had been over and over and over again to remove my top, or in other circumstances it’s been top and bottoms, and the photographer made me feel stupid for not doing so. But him trying to pressure me, I did not post
the pictures I did not speak to him again and I blocked him and that was that. It’s too hard to say. I felt this immense amount of shame. I didn’t want my agency to know about this,
I didn’t even want to tell my boyfriend at the time. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. These feelings women feel way too often almost
every day and it leaves me feeling absolutely invisible. Inadequate. And it’s in these brave stories, but it’s
in all of our lives. I wanted to feel sexy and I wanted to feel
intriguing and I wanted to do the things that would make me look that way. But I didn’t want to do them then. He told me to spit on my breasts and to do
other things that I really didn’t want to do. I started to do what he wanted and then I
was mortified and I started to cry. And he kept taking photos even when I was crying. It has to be you know collaborative, creative,
well thought out and I do see it as a form of art. This didn’t feel like that. It’s funny because some people might say why
didn’t you just say no. But when you’re put on the spot in that moment
and you’re with someone who is in a position of power and influence that’s much easier
said than done. Since that time I’ve done many nude photo
shoots because I chose to do them and I wanted to
do them. But we should never be made to feel like we
have to. Even if you think that because we’re in this
industry and I’m like a commodity that doesn’t mean that you get to use and abuse. And it’s not ok to pretend that it didn’t
just happen.

22 thoughts on “Models Share Stories of Sexual Assault in the Fashion Industry | Harper’s BAZAAR x Model Alliance

  1. Sometimes in life there's always those kinds of people who take advantage of our dreams. I really wanted to be a model but my father told me that it's a gamble and things in the modeling industry have sneaky expectations :'( Right now I became a historian, comic author, animator… But I still dreamt of becoming a model.

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  3. this is one the reasons of depression the facts that its a taboo n people will questioning u why wont u no etc. its hurt inside that people just cant say things that should be say n prevent bad things from happen

  4. I'm sorry but I can't respect or understand women who don't say anything! Shame on you!!! Shame on you! I would totally go and tell I wouldn't care! sexual harrasment is not Ok! RAPE is not OK! This girls are being raped and not speaking up! Shame on you for not speaking up! I don't feel this women are brave nor do I respect them. They didn't speak up when it happen for fear of not loosing money! Money was more important then self respect

  5. Please fight , Don't run away from the situation
    As running away from the situation will give these bad people more power to do so .
    Be strong and fight for your rights .
    Make them realise that you are a goddess . And give appropriate punishment to them

  6. How dare people ask these victims, "Why didn't you say no?", "Why didn't you tell someone?", "WHY WHY WHY". It is never their fault for ANYTHING that happened. People should be asking "Why did he do it?" " Why can he walk and sleep knowing what he did?" "Why do men do this?"

  7. Good for them! Brave girls! It takes a lot of courage to share it online. I wish they made public also the names of the men who abused them.

  8. Uhm, sexual harresment is a lot more common in the male fashion industry, contrary to popular believe. In the real world there is an unequality towards woman yes, but in the fashion industry men get half paid for the exact same job and sexual harrasment is way more common.

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  10. Went through something like this recently I’m so ashamed i want to expose the guy but at the same time i want peace :(((

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