Modern Warfare is a BIG PROBLEM for Battlefield…

Battlefield has a big problem guys, and that problem is call of duty modern warfare 2019… I wanted to play some battlefield 4 today and talk about this because this is just something that has been such an issue for Battlefield Recently, I have not talked about it. I’ve neglected it for too long And even though I’m someone who primarily plays Call of Duty and I’m mostly a call today YouTube channel. I miss battlefield I genuinely miss playing battlefield and enjoying battlefield titles for those that might not be familiar with my history with battlefield I play bad company Bad Company 2 and I really enjoy battlefield 3 and battlefield 4 even battlefield 1 to an extent but to be Perfectly honest with you guys. I have not played battlefield 5 like at all. Oh my goodness I haven’t played any battlefield recently for that matter But I wanted to play some battlefield 4 and talk about this day because I haven’t had a chance to address it yet I do hear from people asking me if I’m gonna play like battlefield 5s new s DLC whenever it comes out or follow through and Finally do the battlefield 5 quality with every gun video The reason I haven’t been doing any of this stuff is because I haven’t been playing Battlefield 5 at all So yeah I figured I’ll talk about it today because I’m tired of this being an issue and I really wanted to shed some light on this Because if dice isn’t careful they’re going to die to call of duty modern warfare And here’s why we all know that this year’s Call of Duty game is going to be Modern Warfare’s could be a modern military Shooter but what’s really kind of incredible about modern warfare is that they’re not just making a modern warfare game? It’s not just gonna be another call duty that has like sixty six Maybe 99 Infinity Ward is actually being very ambitious by making this the first Call of Duty game That’s gonna have support for 10 V 1020 versus 20 and even up to a hundred players at multiplayer And this is really huge news because battlefield has always been known for 32 vs 32 having these epic and immense like battles with 64 players It’s always kind of been a staple of battlefield that along with battlefield being a very liked class focus Squad base and teamwork and objective oriented game man. I did terrible for the first game back I really should be playing large-scale battles considered what I’m talking about But yeah, it just feels like battlefield is gonna be getting hit really hard with Coll duty this year in the past It seems like battlefield and Call Duty have always butt heads with their games modern warfare 3 was directly competing with battlefield 3 and ghost Was going up against battlefield 4 and for quite a while now It hasn’t really felt like Call of Duty and Battlefield had been competing with each other I think if you try to match up the timelines infinite warfare came out at the time of Battlefield 1 but even then infinite warfare Was able to slowly outsell battlefield 1 but what’s so strange about all of this Is that the year after Cole did he went ahead and made Cod World War 2 and then he here after that we got battlefield 5 and what’s really so interesting about all of this? Is that after Cod World War 2 people didn’t really want another World War 2 Call of Duty game and there definitely is some crossover between Call of Duty fans and Battlefield fans so if you bought a Call of Duty World War 2 that year and you play it you probably didn’t want to get Another World War 2 game. Oh my okay, that was terrifying me personally I definitely felt like that was the case when dice was hyping up battlefield 5 I was really looking forward to a modern battlefield game, but that wasn’t the case at all We ended up getting a world war 2 game now I can’t really speak too much about Battlefield 5 because I don’t know too much about how the game has developed since then like I don’t personally know if battlefield 5 has Improved since launch, but it seems pretty clear to me that there’s a lack of direction over there at dice I think they figured after doing battlefield one that could just continue this trend of doing older battlefield games and it would somehow get that Explosive amount of support from the community like battlefield one day with the trailer But it just didn’t happen because it’s not what people want I think we all know what the battlefield fans have been wanting for quite some time We’ve wanted Bad Company three, either that or another game like Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4 So if we started today, this is exactly why I’m so worried about battlefield I need to find a new server with modern warfare this year They’re not just going to fill the void of having a modern FPS game They’re also going to have large-scale battles for the first time ever We’re potentially gonna see a hundred player mode in call duty, which is insane in fairness We have no idea how this is gonna turn out. We don’t know if it’s actually gonna be any good or not We don’t necessarily know if it’s gonna be very vehicle based over It’s gonna be very infantry focused but with the beta of modern warfare We’re gonna see how a large-scale call duties gonna play out very soon. And even though I’m very excited for that I’m also worried about battlefield. It just kind of seems like they’re getting left behind to the meat locker 24/7 oh god. What am I joining? I personally haven’t heard of battlefields gonna have a new game out in 2019 Maybe they’re waiting until 2020 to do something It just feels like dice is in a very tough position with battlefield because they make the games by yearly so for 2019 They’re not gonna have a new Battlefield game as far as I’m aware so they’re not gonna have a chance to compete with modern warfare until 2020 and by then we could be getting black ops 5 we’re gonna be getting a soft reboot of black ops We don’t even know so I have no idea how they’re gonna compete with call duty at this point and even though battlefield and called that it can be pretty different at times people compare them all the time whether we like it or not people are gonna compare and Contrast Call of Duty and Battlefield to each other and whether or not we like to admit it These games are in competition with each other. Oh my god, that guy’s camping in a corner I found the Call of Duty player in here Wow Oh my god, please just lay on the ground now. But yes far as I’m aware with modern warfare and the 20 versus 20 I’m not sure about 10 versus 10, but I think this is gonna be the case with Modern Warfare’s like large team modes I don’t think it’s necessarily gonna have a lot of vehicles I did see some stuff for like light transport like driving around on some ATVs to get around the map a little bit faster But I don’t think that modern warfare is necessarily gonna have like jets and tanks I think they’re just gonna have like these light vehicles or just keep it infantry focused So as long as modern warfare doesn’t do that battlefield will retain its uniqueness never got much fun lockers is on battlefield 4 This is pretty much this hardcore TDM that I’m playing right now. It’s actually pretty good No-ho-ho, just much a res that dude. I got took a grenade to the face I take on all the information we have so far as this battlefield fans will probably be checking out modern warfare this year because it’s Gonna be a modern FPS game and since people have been dying for Bad Company 3 and they’re waiting for a modern battlefield game They might just get modern warfare instead. And since they’re looking to do 10 versus 10 20 versus twenty and a hundred player mode I think that’s really going to entice them even more it can potentially get a lot of battlefield fans to migrate to call duty this year And that could be good or bad for Call of Duty any battlefield players coming over to modern warfare are gonna have some pretty high Standards and hopefully Infinity Ward can actually live up to those standards as excited as I am for modern warfare I’ve been let down by ghosts. I’ve been let down by infinite warfare although in fairness for infinite warfare I didn’t really have high standards for it in the first place. I Just turned the quarter insult like four or five people. I wish I was ready for that I’m just hoping that Infinity Ward will be able to survive and thrive under all of this pressure I personally didn’t feel like that was the case with ghosts or infinite warfare, but hopefully things change this time around Oh, and I guys I want to get a shotgun kill Okay. Oh we lost again that dude have a riot shield. I think I completely forgot that they added that in battlefield 4 Oh, here we go. I got some good old siege. I don’t know. I’m talking about Rainbow six siege I’m talking about siege of Shanghai where we get to use deal if Lelouch team to take down sea giants tell y’all this map is Actually, just so epic. It’s ridiculous He just crashed us into Okay To be fair seems like something I would do, but I’m curious to hear from you guys What do you think about the current state of battlefield? And how do you think modern warfare is going to affect that cuz I could be completely in the wrong about all of this maybe Battlefields fine maybe modern warfare really won’t have that much of an effect on battlefield Yeah, no idea where I am. There’s a spawn beacon right here. I mean come on, but yeah guys definitely leave this moment What so yeah guys definitely leave a comment and let me know what you think about booty feel Are you also hoping that they do a modern FPS battlefield game as well? And do you think that modern works are going for some larger scale stuff is going to hurt I’ll feel at all. I take this thing down. Come on. There we go Oh, so satisfied think I just really miss blowing sh%%t up in battlefield time for an epic gamer moment I’m gonna drop down just gonna parachute to here through B over here. And where’s this tank? Is this tank still down here I really just wanted my revenge on that tank. Oh Wait, they were in the tank. I thought it was dead. Oh, come on. It just goes to show how much battlefield I’m playing recently Marvel Scotty There we go poppin off Died already. There we go. I still got ya. What is that? There’s a cat up there. We’re gonna give up the cat There’s so many other people up here. Okay? You’re up there. Oh my god, another dis bear shooting down battlefield is just so crazy, dude I really do miss all of the ridiculous things that could happen in battlefield 3 & 4 I do think I’m gonna end it here Because this is actually a really good lobby. I could play this for hours But I think I pretty much said all I could say for now about Call of Duty and Battlefield competing with each other So thank you guys very much for watching. Hope you guys enjoyed this video about battlefield and Call of Duty. Oh my god I’m actually going I’m going for the repair tool. Let’s go Oh No you get back here You’re gonna die. Oh, come on Oh my god, but yeah, thank you guys very much for watching Hope you guys enjoyed this battlefield video If you guys did enjoy this video and you want to see some more battlefield stuff Make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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  1. LIKE this video if you want BF: Bad Company 3 or a new modern Battlefield game! ლ(~•̀︿•́~)つ︻̷┻̿═━一

    Do you think Modern Warfare could be a big problem for Battlefield?

  2. The current state of battlefield is like what happened with COD during BO3, IW and AW, no one was interested and we think the opposite FPS game like BF was better and we were scared for cod since BF1 was going back now COD is coming back while BF is not.

  3. Call of duty: we got 100v100
    Battlefiled5: sir what do we do
    Battlefiled 4: I dont know we only got 32v32
    Battlefiled 3: its alright boys we got him
    Battlefiled bad company3: it's time for 100v100 ladies

  4. Dont play bf5. The game has lots of glitches and the game is being destroyed by hackers rn.

    (Edit) we need a civil war battlefield

  5. Not a problem for EA. EA has technology 20 years ahead of Activision. EA has the money to buy out activision. EA has the ORIGINAL creators of the modern warefare series. Since Activision took back members of INFINITY WARD who has legence to the original creators….. EA knows how to dissect modern warfare with a knife.

  6. I dont think there will be tanks and planes in MW. I dont think they will go that far back to like call of duty 2. I have high expectations for MW, so far so good. As for battlefield idk if they will ever come back.

  7. The problem with Call of Duty is the yearly release. So they dont last as long. I hope Modern Warefare has support and last for a long time rather than BO5 comes out and everyone migrates over to that.

  8. Love those vids where you talk about a subject and play a game at the same time

    Continue the GOOD content merky merk❤️👌🏼

  9. The two games are so different the player base aren’t even the same, cod wont outsell battlefielf because it’s better but because it’s a more popular game, there’s battlefield players and there’s cod players.

  10. The next quad feed with every gun video should be a channel wide objective. People send you clips and you choose the best of the best.

  11. I like call of duty and battlefield but i feel that battlefield needs a rly good game 2 revive pretty much wat merk said

  12. Merk: I think we know what the Battlefield people want this year
    Me: Battlefield Vietna-
    Merk: Bad Company 3!

  13. Me playing bf4 today:
    Hops is random lobby instantly on hangar 21

  14. I still play bf4 bc it’s a classic I can always go back to, even if servers are hard to find. I’m a fan of both battlefield and COD but I’m looking forward to the new beta and also looking forward to the next battlefield

  15. I think dice are shitting themselves but cod will pull out only some of the stops in big team gameodes we know what infinity Ward is like

  16. The CoD seriers never really kept me from buying a Battlefield game but DICE and EA really have to convince me the next time they release a BF game. They just really messed up with BFV.

  17. I’m happy that cod is making a battlefield style game mode cause then the beast will reawaken and start making good games again

  18. I picked up battlefield v in the sales for £24 and absolutely believe I overpaid. I go back to bad company 2 and agree that dice have lost their way

  19. Battlefield's problems began when they went woke and stupidly added females peominently in BF5 and rewrote historical stories to be feminised.

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