Modern Warfare is a BIG PROBLEM for Battlefield…

100 thoughts on “Modern Warfare is a BIG PROBLEM for Battlefield…

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    Do you think Modern Warfare could be a big problem for Battlefield?

  2. The current state of battlefield is like what happened with COD during BO3, IW and AW, no one was interested and we think the opposite FPS game like BF was better and we were scared for cod since BF1 was going back now COD is coming back while BF is not.

  3. Call of duty: we got 100v100
    Battlefiled5: sir what do we do
    Battlefiled 4: I dont know we only got 32v32
    Battlefiled 3: its alright boys we got him
    Battlefiled bad company3: it's time for 100v100 ladies

  4. Dont play bf5. The game has lots of glitches and the game is being destroyed by hackers rn.

    (Edit) we need a civil war battlefield

  5. Not a problem for EA. EA has technology 20 years ahead of Activision. EA has the money to buy out activision. EA has the ORIGINAL creators of the modern warefare series. Since Activision took back members of INFINITY WARD who has legence to the original creators….. EA knows how to dissect modern warfare with a knife.

  6. I dont think there will be tanks and planes in MW. I dont think they will go that far back to like call of duty 2. I have high expectations for MW, so far so good. As for battlefield idk if they will ever come back.

  7. The problem with Call of Duty is the yearly release. So they dont last as long. I hope Modern Warefare has support and last for a long time rather than BO5 comes out and everyone migrates over to that.

  8. Love those vids where you talk about a subject and play a game at the same time

    Continue the GOOD content merky merk❤️👌🏼

  9. The two games are so different the player base aren’t even the same, cod wont outsell battlefielf because it’s better but because it’s a more popular game, there’s battlefield players and there’s cod players.

  10. The next quad feed with every gun video should be a channel wide objective. People send you clips and you choose the best of the best.

  11. I like call of duty and battlefield but i feel that battlefield needs a rly good game 2 revive pretty much wat merk said

  12. Merk: I think we know what the Battlefield people want this year
    Me: Battlefield Vietna-
    Merk: Bad Company 3!

  13. Me playing bf4 today:
    Hops is random lobby instantly on hangar 21

  14. I still play bf4 bc it’s a classic I can always go back to, even if servers are hard to find. I’m a fan of both battlefield and COD but I’m looking forward to the new beta and also looking forward to the next battlefield

  15. I think dice are shitting themselves but cod will pull out only some of the stops in big team gameodes we know what infinity Ward is like

  16. The CoD seriers never really kept me from buying a Battlefield game but DICE and EA really have to convince me the next time they release a BF game. They just really messed up with BFV.

  17. I’m happy that cod is making a battlefield style game mode cause then the beast will reawaken and start making good games again

  18. I picked up battlefield v in the sales for £24 and absolutely believe I overpaid. I go back to bad company 2 and agree that dice have lost their way

  19. Battlefield's problems began when they went woke and stupidly added females peominently in BF5 and rewrote historical stories to be feminised.

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