we’re live interruptions right over here
this is happening right now actually happening right now we’re the body’s
back in town to throw down plant a little bit ecology how’s everyone going
oh my goodness we’re the duo here Tom and I versus Jack over there look at
him he’s already it you probably hear him yeah and I can smell him from
here Tom so much going on right now put me and lee jin-tae here to show you guys
gunfire it’s an incredible game mode in the brand-new modern warfare game coming
out with your faces no too far away to v2s
my partners syndicate and I we’ve been training for approximately 16 seconds
today I’m so ready I’m time zone it already I’m maxed out
to be honest I’m shaking do you think we’ve got this in the bag
I think we’ve got this in the bag people don’t you know to expect they’ve got
like a professional player on their team and then I think I think Jack used to
cast or something I could be wrong he’s already doing backflips and jumping
around the room this this is this is actually going down we’ve got the twist
shot the hype is real is real dude I know I see errors they’re real do people
were in here before we even like seven hours ago waiting for this I woke up
this morning to my phone I had like Japanese people French like Germans only
my Twitter feeds just being like this is about to be the craziest reveal for
ecology a light did ever eat every region of Call of Duty had tagged us at
tweets this morning yeah I actually thought woke up in a different country
not gonna lie needle hey to learn a few more languages I was really kind of hit
a few more demos time with my belt you know tptp last night looking looking
strong per usual but I’ll bring in more hype to the table than he has been
trash-talking for like a day all day as you know courage he throws down no no
guys today we’re strategizing Jack I want to wish you go to their status lady
teammates sit down wait this is way too much curse is happening now wait for
everyone well sheriff be ready for this okay because this is about to get real
sweaty the reveal of gunfight you guys have played way more than just power
your pen so far for the day my pits are always sweating yes okay I will plastic
cover it we’re fine a grain would have been a poor decision like the Hulk
yeah I feel like I feel like sitting it’s about to rip the shirt off before I
look for the end of the day I was feeling pretty calm before we start this
off but like there’s been so much trash talk with how this is gonna go down I
played this game mode and it is beautiful it is intense and it is super
super fast paced it’s give me a to be – you get a random weapon set up from the
get-go and you get two chances to try that server first team to get the other
team eliminated wins that round and then you get to give a try again with the
same set so say we got a pistol and rocket launcher we go against it if they
win we go against will share with us by the way rocket launchers freaking blast
so far Lowell throwing knife action maybe you might make an appearance I’m
just saying we could tease a little bit elimination this elimination that’s what
we’re going for a straight we’re not gonna go for the for a little too little
Don point we could play super nerdy and just stay
back and out you know out heal them to the OEC we’ll see what happens we got a
big announcement though August 1st guys August 1st is the fun multiplayer player
universe reveal all good food we’re gonna see today it’s gonna be amazing
but argost first make sure you put that date in your culinary me you want to see
everything you want to see what will they got you’re gonna see it August
first mark in all of it write it down put in here a little notebook your diary
whatever it is you read at night before bed marked down but August first it’s
happening and we’re teasing you today with some govern I’m ready to literally
hurt your feelings Jack to be amazing what can we just got we got a double
team a guy all right Tyler oh we’re just let me just get into my cuddly hey you
ready yeah we’re not if you’re not in the cockpit position yes you’re not even
taking off what do you want to go right at the top or you want to go left
July cut immediately goes quiet ladies now this the strategy I’m gonna straight
out right let’s go right okay are they just sitting back and
camping uh yeah today our tiller – yes come on – nah come on – stuck um put one
I think it’s rice that’s dope let’s go let’s go baby all we did was one we got
we got it hey hey and yeah now the hives here they let us have our
round oh my god they’re shooting immediately almost said he would try
hard mode oh he’s weak I’m dead Jack stop it he’s
not worried he’s not really through that so you see what we get is the same set
box back and we get to switch out you didn’t have to kill him while I was
laying in a fair fight I would love to a brought back then maybe just pull out
the RPG this is the way courage RPGs RPGs only are produced RPGs only I just
nearly blew my face off it’s on the right side of you
I don’t know if you left just got myself I thought I was gonna get a smoke that’s
fine we’re fine Oh ready to you’re right all right
listen maybe we’ve got a little bit carried away at the stop I didn’t even
I’ve just watched I’m spectating syndicate crush your feelings I’m gonna
be shadow punishing you the game feels really good it feels really good the
fluid the movement it feels good I played before this game mode is oh my
god we got Molotov so ch1 pistols on the okay let’s go school skills go how many
I’m gonna hit left this time you don’t know anything but what stop calling out
I was stuck I’m literally on fire not like a fun way nice nice nice nice
can you stop calling out TP I didn’t come they need it they need a relax
Tom Jax over there Pettis must know you can see the dew on his upper lip I’m stunned Oh Oh mojo TV what somebody
told me oh I should have snuck out yeah next time next time I got it all right
I’m gonna crawl in I’ll creep my way in where is he what about I don’t know
is it Ness monster we’re at hold on I got a Molly did I just get quickscoped
oh my gosh Jack Jack come out and play with me Jackie good hiding from me Uncle
Jack he’s damaged Jack I’m gonna hurt your feelings
No Oh I lied don’t hurt mine I was just trying
for the objective that’s all I wanted I think it might might be wonderful he
returned good he’s shooting us to the bellybutton every debt this thing shreds
for distance yeah this thing melts okay maybe a
little over-aggressive oh nice where’s the other one No is that a shotgun
oh no way see that’s what I try to do to year but I just whiffed it I want to
make you feel better about today right this is game point
all right we gotta win this we gotta brings back a lot of pain wait how do
you look at this right up right off that right up the tires and then it in my
forehead no idea he was back towards their spawn no way no way no way Nathan
I was right as long as my bikes not towards it
Wow he killed with this dude I turned and he just came to me in the forehead
now he’s only knives only yeah knives only yeah throw knives only I’m gonna do
the super sprint way up boys oh wait where is it wait wait come and get your
knife I’ll let you get it hold on I got a no you should hold it melee Owen melee
only I had a knife we supply some a lace I have no idea yeah easy for top oh my god that’s beautiful
you know nice again that’s again not again oh I guess we’re not doing knives
only TP pulled out their shoddy unbelievable come on now I know I should
have got that that was so bad those boys I’m a little man I whipped every shot
I’m a little nervous about that one what will regain want to tap again I want to
write oh that’s guys ever tell you is uptown
with me you might have jumped off set well no he’s out he’s done when I killed
him is back to this one but right yep down there you dropped down somewhere yeah Oh me like I’ll let you say it in
normal called you you like you’re healthy like regenerate yeah your help
doesn’t reach a nice you can see the top not so much help you actually go yeah so
if you get tapped in the beginning you actually have to please a nice plane
yeah yeah they’re gonna win this one if we don’t come back here a little bit
home top I’m a crease hopefully this guy isn’t just waiting on a head glitch over
here a little high no no worries when they get up close
it’s like that’s that’s going thanks for not turning on me have been a little
over CP as expected is carrying the other team RPG yeah no hassle don’t hold
a gun out alright okay you ready three sick I’m gonna I’m gonna 360 RPG them melee only banoffee geez man there’s
only tech is he getting fucking stuff I might have Rockets on me yeah you have a
grenade to be ever gonna know no melee only melee only with the RPGs I don’t
want this to be as slow as possible every side you can turn around it yeah
oh my god how did you done take it ten five
easy easy start you wanna meet we had it we’re getting–we’re get the juice
flowing right now yeah we did pretty fair as well I got seven kills you got
six but I did in fairness I would really die ten times if I didn’t rocket myself
twice so yeah straight if TP would’ve been on his team when we definitely
other W that easy easy if he pulled out the shotgun in a knives just saying it’s
interesting I like that each game that you play it’s like a random set of
goalies so I guess as far as far as I’ve seen so
father says can get pretty fun different Itachi whatever the sawed-off came out I
was like oh my gosh yeah apparently ii drew so much fun
Pirellis got some decent range too because he popped me from like it’s too
big for one of their their head glitches at the spawn of where those tires are on
that wall yeah if there’s one thing I’m known for
its snipers called you before give me a sniper m4a3 I’ve been running
slot people love that gun ever since then I’ve never been the same I mean that was Jax come up and in bo3
snipers man doing wall runs and stuff yeah Jax Jax come Oh kiss come on Jimmy
no was once a caster now a blaster baby you know the deal rock and roll you get
I’m ready for the next don’t forget guys a rich rich rich me the ring reiterate
there it is words are hard it’s not it lock in the morning or perfectly amazing
August first full universe reveal all of it you guys want
to see it be their holy player reveal if you want to don’t miss it
do not miss out multiplayer you can with baby we’re just giving over sliver today
you can see a lot of it on the first this is it I know how to do this I got
this alright yeah we we got those matching tattoos last night for a reason
Tom I don’t to talk about it I don’t know why I’m Daisy tuxedo mask or
whatever what you say same one matching I love it let’s go to the left go top
you spawn the same thing is like real close in front of you
yep Oh what the heck I helped you mommy son boogy guess him is he down
yeah I know he’s too slow well actually I don’t know in the bottom he pees a
freak with a shotgun cook your date on him bro just just Hail Mary oh you hit
him little bit pistols are good whoo skal there’s too much pressure I swear
to you he keeps he’s just just free aiming no scoping me in the face every
time I approach can I take the shot man believe it you missed a hundred percent
than the shot she don’t take he was two hundred and fifty percent of the shots
she do shoot anyways well he’s a trunk assess my role I think they want to get
him love doing here no there’s still this bond right come we come to cross I
saw night well journey I’m stunned for an eternity knocking up you you don’t
know where we’re at come on somebody’s done yep nice epistle swap it’s always
faster to switch to your secondary job I do not play these campaigns can you stop with the grenades it’s
offensive what I’m not bottom right how much help take him down to Jackie comparable jack I am scared because I
have no house 24 can’t hear any hundred you’re gonna listen right here you gotta
listen I didn’t even need health for this round the next one up let’s go
maybe that’s why yeah well we’ll pop it later I’m stunned say it with that
whiffle the hell out that you got his profile this is your map
you can’t find me if I’m quiet I’ve got a feeling that’s not gonna work too well
for your book we do have another gun no I don’t know okay this isn’t looking you
don’t know where I’m at I wouldn’t hide in the spawn if I was you
I’m trying to distract them I’m in my own spawn
oh never they I am in it yes this is the fun I want Jack not not that fight oh
yeah I don’t have glasses I should have just won for the objective
he was scared too all right side right side I’m gonna run the left alone he’s
talking to myself they like a lot no I’m not I’m not
pushing you hold this Molotov please you’re hiding he’s weak he’s really weak
don’t seven either you study we study each other I was in full-blown mode the
couplings intensified now we it’s just it’s pistols round for life right now
baby oh go get my tiny kiss oh don’t worry I got sorry I’m trying to avoid my
own fire right now so yeah he’s got for myself sure he does
it’s Tyler tptp bro I watched a lot of this man and calling it egos you got to
go for it now well y’all go for the joke just gonna miss like two or three but
then connect with two and then you’re you know you’re fine so yes you already
know you already know oh my goodness oh let’s go tom yeah let’s unless that
lesson let him push you did set a claim oh but he avoided it Jack please just die the way I want you
to die this from which side would you want me to push it from if you’re
looking for my side don’t come to your side middle I know you’re sitting still
but I just feel like I need to challenge this we need a count of how many times
he’s got out of his chair as far away he’s cheating I snapped what off this
time not the other one easy easy okay oh we really wanted it come on man give me
this I just want them to push it yes please come find us there he’s it’s a
fake call out I know your secrets jack I do not but I’m just assuming this
never feels nasty about it why are you so good oh wait that’s a but I did that’s you
you’re doing that was a terrible idea it’s okay you just you only have like
ten percent of his hell’s you should be fine look at that that’s a win for us yeah we
got we got stem now gonna be a little little rehe look what oh my god they
doubled up on the right side bottom hit probably back towards done you’re right
John your everything could be maybe I’m a liar
top thirty six beautiful beautiful Tom stop it stop it you monster gotta get it
you want to cook these frags just write a double date them yeah they double up
they don’t open on one side two seconds oh they did the same thing
I got Jack bottom left Oh teepees right side right so I put me back so that’s
pottery bucks this one I know you could hear my footsteps Tyler
we’re wearing very heavy iron boots you got a frack
I’m not challenging that you know Frank even with eight HP I respect it now I
should I should I shoot a child I should have pushed it the one shot fight yeah
there’s not health regen in this unless you go stim
yeah just stim is the only way to you don’t feel oh you’re right right right
right right like close on our side you try drop down let me just can I turtle
you little just a total dish there it is that’s all I wanted Matt I was like I
wanted your hand I just pray and praise so hard what is it Hey Eagles oh oh
let’s do the deagles I didn’t know oh I would not try rushing with the Oh
beautiful what is this what is that folks any money oh my god that is not
where I wanted that to go I was trying to pick up my Tyler come on man let’s
cross let’s cross my – Loretta CD do you want okay I got the deagle out he’s got
the machine gun I got I just I just want him come on just owe
me you missed the first shot in the deagle you are dead oh my god let’s go
beautiful did you know we had vibe dude this is epic oh yeah he’s to the left
but once left alert is your stick yeah looks like he’s stunned
no he’s not what am I getting shot when we get a shot with here I hit him once a
day let’s go tough to top it with a little tunnel – yeah serious wonder one
down my chest it’s like there’s sandwiches on the line we’ve been game
mate that’s a win just popped off one one that was a good win as well
dude we carried well played gunfight to be – it’s the one big bag douche I love
that mop I so so so about my yeah I think I prefer that one is that you know
the ability on the other not to go underneath yeah we’d have to worry about
the channels on the sides and having TP you know peek out shoot me in the
forehead so yeah also like how off the RIP with the snipers you can just
whoever if somebody’s just God like I wanted other potatoes with them sniping
them or us to be able to just jump off and hit a snipe would’ve been sick okay
I want to know how try how do I look when I’m playing because I that was the
fort the bomber going with the cod lean as close to the screen as I could get
and like if you’re not if you’re not actually inside of your monitor you’re
not playing the game correctly I think according to the handbook the entire dev team – laughing yeah
they’re they’re having somebody back there Wow
we need to get courage a jacket a letter but to make letterman jacket
obviously sorry bars on offs deagles sorry minds Claymore that’s knife is a
few LM G’s hey wait until you see a scoped Eagle wait what just wait
you might I hope it’s no but we’re playing beautiful eagle
it’s there what all right you’re in the forest boy Harry you’re know is it wasn’t even close distractions we’re not
back anywhere we’re trying to snake across the map
okay wait how do I take I’m just taking to damage off a flash grade I’m using
this bucket this small barrel oh he actually just won the game yeah we got
that round come on no I know okay you just gotta hide a little bit
you know what I mean yeah no it looks beautiful you want to push really hard
now right okay Street Adam straight middle all right let’s do it
oh he’s just holding down the button I like it
I got a hit I’m going well they know where I’m at what’s up I
said it’s all there this week waking you is for HP Shh tell her it’s for HP hey
Tyler how’s life right now I’m taking a bath no full HP HP yep I just I thought
I wanted to bathe them a little bit you know I mean yeah I think we had to keep
it interesting listen I got him down to four HP the
only reason I messed up is because I tried to switch to the pistol but with
an L engine you should be able to cap that flag from underneath someone in
this room what Jack I’m sorry I was just not an easy collapse in general yeah I
don’t even know me stuff can we gonna like a water break or something all the
sweat you’re carrying this right now you’re absolutely carry this okay Lilly
ugh action all right look at the deck okay
I don’t know the 12 out they know where they know where mine came from kids like
13 explosions on the map at the same time I son one back here I’m not gonna
push that he’s a wizard somewhere in the back I’m not gonna push that he’s a
wizard he’s like at the very back and they’re like hot oh my gosh I’m I have
no idea where else oh yeah Wow
can you just destroy that is an absolutely beautiful gun oh my god man
that felt accurate every shot let’s do that boys pushed it up what’s to play
buzz it’s got a GG in the chat when we get this going we just go to Gigi’s
right now early on please on miweek 8hp what’s up I wanted to give him a
firework show before we killed him so there it is
4th July all over again we’re winning these games so easily right now let’s
not talk about the same five guys we won’t talk about the 10 5 for the first
game though I love this gun honestly MP comes out I’m rocking on
Eugene what the heck all right they’re going full try hard mode now what’s up
my limit I’m not I’m not we felt like I felt like
that I was in predator right then I couldn’t I couldn’t see him anywhere
he’s in the bushes he was invisible I think this I’m just I’m just gonna pull
the pistol out the try-hard switch has been flipped he’s a fully professional
world champion mode is company fuck that was a textbook play Jack and I’m
congratulating you what was amazing oh no took it right over to the chest
will be like yes knife as I’m right no did he really just find a gym spot ready got Sun on the right side he’s weak
nice bye yeah my son sweet dreams team it’s a pleasure
he’s um be round right now and I love it I mean absolutely counter trading off on
round carries by the way it’s a I’ll get to that good – and then we’ll both lose
four rounds and then so about that one time you went zero and fifteen Jack what
happened that oh how did that miss he’s yeah Jack had it done emerge Rev on that
oh and fifteen shirt all my good help middle oh no oh my god stop what’s right
on you in red and the other ones on top of there in left an hour yes be sticky
beaver meatball we have shotguns I told you we were talking too much yeah Jack benches 185 twice so I’m so
sorry I messed that up oh okay I like it to be one box one
still fun wait no I’m gonna go no scopes no scopes only no scopes only that was
definitely not a noscope Tyler no scopes oh oh now we’re doing no scopes no stunts someone’s gonna hit it no
objective I feel like I’m in a club full Lobby no objectives either no cuz you’ve
got to sell it draw I don’t even know where you went
oh we’re truck draw oh this is wrong we figured that out today all right
back to back to sweaty mode let’s get it oh oh you went right side he’s on follow
Oh was that it was that a pistol or a shotgun I played the game before so I
assumed that that would be how the weapons work I just didn’t know all
right let’s get it ah top left bottom actually okay you
didn’t have to trade with me did was back back with the heck right on you
right on you oh my gosh he’s what he’s like he’s laying down right now Jack
that barrel ain’t looking too good for you brother a little crepe back here you
got to watch his teammates screen every now if you played in a tournament or
something I could be there how could you hear you I was winning the round sorry they’re gonna destroy us this round no
way I talk shit oh no nope what I’m gonna control I just really
love rocks to be honest no way no way we had to give him some confidence
beautiful riding the kneecaps you’d on forever
no more running his tracker is over with okay what he left the book life
I’m just sparring its fastest boats we have two frags hold these for me boys
what’s the health on the reef seriously me there’s a week
oh the head glitch don’t want some else honey I just saw like a tiny sliver of
his dog I know right that was an adult play better than that
that was an adult way he’s a grown man should see his chest here it’s insane
all right listen guys doesn’t have to end like this – – right you’re right
what’s the back spawn oh yeah right right was it the spawn stuff onto the small
stuff I’m looking at your screen here just
give me one subtype of this all right oh shit Oh jack instead I have a sitting
duck he’s weak up there I’m gonna watch the
cross go for the objective from her side if you can he’s gonna soar down on me
like a falcon called it out easy plays easy reads baby let’s go we got did you
know I just killed him off all right you know your beasts do that
gun feels good this sounds dude I’m Tony with a red
head on it boss oh my goodness yes three flex oh they’re sitting back way back
it’s a good name how do you do or do you hold me here we see a noob in the wild
the wild move stop it you go this be the rock be the rock be
the book you are the rock I’m not as physically in shape as the rock but
mentally I know I think I’m there here emotionally yeah I’m connected to Dwayne
Johnson do you know what it’s about August 1st August August first full
multiplayer reveal exactly oh that’s a that’s a big-ass scope oh my god has a
large scope on there baby what’s where I left actually one went far back
I think he’s carving his name into a tree or something with the bullets hey
guys listen this grenades got your name on it
oh yeah I see him back in his little this little Hut over there yeah I got
something up on the woods uh north I’m gonna track a little pop shot
through but I just can’t see him hope to my right yeah
I’m gonna cook hold on yeah see miss him I hit him once he’s gonna wind up down a
like he’s out of one shield here they’re both stunned nice he’s way back
where is it we went from health just not objective
he can see it he can get see them Jack where was it – if I left he’s going
forward how many we well we needed to get you at least above I to let you walk
I thought he wasn’t back but let’s still no yeah actually just gonna reject he
died miles did we win this with two up I know go over the saw what was her love mr.
love I wanted to send myself a bit before I
oh he’s still over there hold on I’m blinkin give me a second
come on keep going see oh no he’s better he’s better you still there zoomed in I
didn’t whatever I need to look left more right more there needs to be a throwing
knife round to end this somehow I’m telling you oh go I should go I had
so many hits and he set them right side headshot not really but it felt good
where’s the other really right I’m gonna Nate over – yeah right very back right
you study stun nice or easy let’s go baby
he’s no no four hands not this we’re not no we’re not gonna need shot at yeah that should be I think a big deal
beautiful absolutely beautiful a performance review
you absolutely carried me that night you absolutely I mean I saw some some dirty
plays with a pistol I’m just saying listen I appreciate you it’s the result
that matters tom can I just shot a action guys in the UK last bit you just
got the face fell off just saying do you see ty look at Tyler’s smile
right now do you know that ring he has from being a world champion he’s
thinking about that right now yeah he’s like a fool like he wears
three clubs and just points it at people this is a two to one baby two to one map
count do we get the ring no we get like a carbon copy made of made of paper
weight material so yes I would like to play the 2v2 variant
oh yeah it’s about to get about to get dangerous
dangerous let’s just say both sides are completely drenched it’s got the nice
light cover down to my waist at this point yeah that means we’ve we’ve been
putting in the work over here how about you how are you doing I trade clothes
with you but I stretch your shirt out so to be too there Ian once again August
first full multiplayer reveal intense plan to be choose gunfight all morning
it’s good to be ready to play a little variant action I got something you don’t
see how I’m not being rude to you I’m so proud of how well we held up Oh
like seriously I thought TP was gonna slack was it dude I mean like I started
a little bit like I was a me down site look at him I was like he’s gonna
absolutely destroy us and we actually just did that you know optic if you’re
you want to replace him can you call hex um I’m great I’ve never felt better this
is the best I felt at 10:45 a.m. since I was in Middle School throw it out there
all right this is a variant though yes this is a variant surprise surprise
audience what is this pistols and there’s things on the back we can find
oh wait what yeah wait wait wait okay horse that’s mine right there
immediately that’s not let me look I’m gonna look to see what you’re pointing
out right there do you want to see we want to race to it race to it you know
what vibes this is giving me okay school remember
okay I got it oh yeah let’s go oh that was that whoa my robots might be in
there wait oh my god you said throwing a stone
in a little bit okay oh stop stop shooting me he’s out there on their side
stairs weak yes let’s go baby oh yeah by the way guess what he’s – that’s you
that’s okay thank God for Lee fires head-on oh yeah
everyone you owe me a quarter chicks I guess I guess you can trade I’ve never
I’m just glad I was there to witness oh yeah what everyone behind I guess you
can drink we didn’t even find out interested Lewis oh sorry that was me a
heart attack came out of nowhere flashback I don’t like how there’s a lot
of you left versus me this is easy 180 Hale I’m not top right Oh beautiful bit of an
oh snap snapt on him let’s go I like how the guns have more of a realistic recoil
pattern cuz it seriously we’re talking about this it makes for like more of a
we’re of an interesting gunfight okay it’s more funny if you choke sweet raid yeah he directly bottom
middle maybe trying to play the objective hey Jack
we’re yep but he’s probably a hippie mp9 corner over there to your your
northeaster oh I am a absolute potato how do I don’t read that playwright good
game your mean is so nasty do I so I’m such a veggie team you just have a
pistol you have an imp you nine I don’t I don’t even know you know what you’re
incredible you’re incredible Tom you’re probably are we gaming when you get home
oh yeah you’re breathtaking dude sorry if my breath smells by the way it’s
10:00 a.m. so oh he’s on their side under stairs we have a sniper what did
that even come from oh you got it you gotta blame them oh yes this is the
combo we want this is this is what we want to see oh shit let him push your
letter push me to the knees slide the Nick this that slide was just so nasty
oh that needs to be at a montage just that over and over you gotta need a
montage I need a mom time oh that’s where thing is beautiful Oh TP you’re a beast dude he hit every
single shot 74 healthy 7 HP by I gotta load yep
Oh was that through the wood or did you just you wallbang no now we know that
sliver oh he’s insane he’s insane Wahlberg
where’s there’s a sniper at ok ok I don’t think he knows where I’m
going up top of top it all the time middle no yes let’s go
don’t try to go back to Turkey little pop shot off I’m never sure he’s that
you let’s try to get it Oh back to the stairs the stairs that’s right it’s
gonna be 5 he’s got 59 health for the call out you
just pulled these plays off just incredible King cute thank you thin to
care for your direction and I’m running right we’re just we’re just gonna go
we’re School Street I’m here wait he said it’s been eight shot let’s make
sure he loses he’s up there top left I don’t think he thinks I’m gonna use it
now you did thought you did that Venegas oh my god no pistol city can stop it
dude just stop it hurts let’s go get you get this my friggin do
you want it I’m okay I like it I love that call out damn it yep oh the double
team yeah that’s my best alive I was trying to switch from the sniper to the
stun and I was like just give me one second well I put this 30 pound rifle
away and then pull this tiny grenade out okay I like it I like it that’s what we
were doing off the road wait thank you I’m a top yes don’t call out my call out
reloading oh okay they’re not moving it they’re
like moving it’s super slow mode so I don’t have no idea where they’re I can’t
I can’t sound maybe dude my god just when I’ve been hit no way hurry let’s go you staying at I
hit by a big highway jumping over that wall I was just praying he was gonna
push it I was like no slip the run boy please just move dude my my emblem and
tag like Tyler I’ve got he’s beautiful that was from your kneecap by the way
were that shot connected no you were just you need a nice resting place
Oh TP what was that man what was that we see mm right underneath he’s stunned
hold on I’m gonna go for the assassination I didn’t know this trip
let’s try to get the first kill with guns
yeah save your stunts and we’ll try to double the last guys yeah all right
Lord Kira is inbound want a bigger place maybe there’s two flashes of top
oh no I stood myself on my tail that’s okay oh dude I’m injured I have to underneath you oh that’s you okay I
can’t even tell live tour the sounds coming I think he’s on our left side up
bottom I’m sure yo where you at give me give me
some vision here you might be directly underneath my feet I think there by my
side nice I’m gonna send my worst enemies – that story fascination guys yeah nice shotgun T I’m on their side
I got a stun I got a stun and ice bomb hold on a way for it we’ve heard I’m
gonna run left for a new assassin it give me a second he’s super cold yes I’m
gonna stun him out I’ll tell you what a jump that’s got me all right
he’s what one upstairs I’ve got two boys upstairs upstairs other Sandler side all
right we just we just sorry okay I have one boy left I feel the flight top mid
yeah flight uh mid Ronnie we got to make sure baby
yeah next next round we’re definitely gonna we’re gonna double up sent to up
top he’s up top still up top one in the middle I’m in the middle oh god dude
Robert he got that he’s on my tunnel on my body in the Oval Simon oh no did the mp9 didn’t pick up I
picked it up we have to do the attitude animation okay I ain’t got time to like
milk I’ll give you the pistol out dude I gorgeous insane
such a beautiful good where is that located as behind us do you not want to
get it let’s get let’s get spicy with it I think he’s gonna be the bat-crazy last
one I respond yes you’re right wait there respond respond I don’t wish
upon you enough I mean there’s love you want Jack you’re gonna win on health you wouldn’t
help reading like a book so I’m sorry baby
hell yeah you know what I could have done to is I could have mounted and then
it would have been even more accurate but I just wanted to flex so I’m sail Oh a nice courage will play oh what’s this
bro just gonna open to play like it’s such a nerd you guys you guys don’t know
where I’m at please don’t be sitting in the corners of the mat oh my god I knew
it so don’t beautify kit if I could have
killed one yeah that’s like oh we could have reversed it oh they were both there
Oh snaky little hydrous they had their little crevices they were hiding in just
wrapped a little blanket hardened low crevice all right yeah honestly the
animations are beautiful I wasn’t reading the chat talk about Oh courage
on the right side in the crate and she’s gone now yes beyond you don’t owe you
beautiful oh you can ball bang it every time we got to try to get some Snipes
through that yeah I’ll be going are we going up 3-1 are we going to – it could
get interesting close it out four three two I’m ready you know I’m gonna get
this claim or I’m gonna Bob somebody with it hold on somebody just died like
this please I don’t want me you masking their backs
mine that’s one yeah that’s him you son
missed every shot them tail easy skull baby Emma look at that look at the
call-outs Wow we’re in sync and X for an Xcode pro and
a try heart and we just like that we McKee we’ve been keeping it interesting
to say the least let’s go guys nice yeah let’s go a
little little sneaky dude let’s get some I don’t know what you just said but I’m
gonna pretend like I’m on the same page hey the whisper oh nice play Ronny
there it is Oh TVs did I get you the Claymore don’t get him no damn it he’s
weak though oh I did not hear right nein nein nein nein okay all right I like it
I think they’re gonna do the same thing just be prepared aim for nein nein who’s gonna take the
final round Jack where’s your casting out we need it
in this moment he’s in the very back oh there’s privately not exactly top it up you might have
jumped on hit him he’s really damaged outside he’s up top but I looked at your
screen that’s too close round yeah – – beautiful we get a game five I’m hoping
Wow settle the series don’t you lie to me like that
it doesn’t make it more entitled mess up that hairline later we tied that we did
it you guys don’t forget what like you’ve seen here today
amazing wanna settle us at the full real Augustana ready whole multiplayer reveal
do not miss it we’re settlements do not witness ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna
be throwing down the team we’ve got experience behind our belts what a nice
shot sit down you can beautiful man I don’t care he comes over what a nice guy
should we should we go over there to the club I feel like we should get better so
oh wow we can finish this series let’s get it going going down
line it up min-jeong class tonight we’re doing
cartwheels can I just show you what he’s doing did you just do a clap as we go to
the gym oh do you guys want to play you should they flip a coin I hope that you
have a protector on that hey Suri we already forgotten the normal one
normal one sounds good light it up guys game five here we go alright we’ve got
this in the bag though if we’re for normal yeah I mean I did drop 18 in the
last normal fluid so we’ll see how’s it been trying to get three this one for
even 21 blackjack if you like and not as well no we actually do pretty well you
did Wow courage carry t feet again unbelievable
13 to 12 I mean we barely lost in all fairness I was setting claymores up on
the top I got my negate they were like I love this mob this is a good mouth
they’ve learned alright guys was a favorite what’s the
favorite gun you’ve seen so far as playing ego it’s a real thing guitar
could get your uncle going look at this thing I’m John wick I wish I had John
wicks hair I just wish I had any hair to be honest I want him in the bucket spawn
Oh TP is eternally stunned dude scope Desert Eagle I said on your back like
you’re a beanbag pillow or the murder of you
oh no no no I I feel like I’m Oh courage she’s just a walk in the park a little
kin the pine boys I been good with sticky since 2004 man you still I stock
him dude ride of the chest bro I just want to pull the trigger that’s soon he
in I don’t know shoots me he’s go back far far right yeah I think I think he’s
just sitting in the base back there I stuck him again just kidding I didn’t
but I did dome him so that’s good you don’t left side to right side gosh
really I don’t know what it is with pine yeah
this is this is an ominous map game mode for when it comes out just I want my
confidence to be there before the ceiling increases then boy fake does it
feel like cut yes very much so it does the thing that feels like major
different is the animations but it’s like it’s a good it’s a good it’s a good
thing which what we can rent right middle to to their side their side oh yes this is what I like to see from that
far oh yeah that’s just you know a 1000 would just be delicious it would be what
I’d want dude look at my title that is so sick it’s called States already
animated oh yeah and it a little harder not move it firing haunt some guy in the
chapel Bobby noob chips oh no can’t get between that I am NOT
skinny enough for that tree nice right side with me I’m gonna stick
him in the face hold on sixty-eight help I don’t see you stunned made for this game-mode we made them
pine Kings we’re gonna find things boys yeah we’ll be taking all game battles
and wagers requests when the game comes out hey man I want that ring see to be
real here I come oh okay like that all right that’s a teepee strut right
they’re calling it he’s like into pre-fire we got two of them going left
captain what’s up I just wanted to stick him in the face again
both on though they’re both my there in left side they’re both here on the left
side ones went backwards their side mid and they had a look already yes just do it and the health is even here
on this 1v1 as Jack hurts Dunlop almost ready to go
Oh in 15 again in another stream oh I did not seem down that raw god damn it lieutenant oh that’s okay we got zone
leaves only throwing knives only I feel like TP is gonna shoot me the face nope
throw knives only yo-yo what that’s a lie I felt that that wasn’t a seer oh
you owe me I’m gonna see the ennovation oh that was so close
it’s okay oh nasty oh yeah yeah liking it oh you’re getting pizza maneuv it is
not this is not ideal Oh a jumpring what – he’s a psychopath that was close
I would have survived that I was gonna say it would have hurt Amelia scratch it
is merely a flesh wound let’s go yeah we can use guns this time
yep okay Oh Mike you have me out here push it with a knife yeah I don’t understand how I expected
that shotgun shell to go for a metal this is not looking ideal hey you got it I’m not on the heady duty piece
call-outs are so descriptive and well I’m good
me I’m like he’s by the tree I could have made a sandwich in the time frame I
was Stan just know how to bring it back we were five and oh we were far as this
we had this I mean we had to give him something still he says yeah you know it
just says we need to make him fuck oh wait we still got more throwing okay
good good good so knife across mom straight wait wait can you thank you can
you got five seconds he’s one of top left he barely he barrels Stephanie from
behind he’s he’s in been read oh you got it no no come the Tegel and a shotgun
just he can’t touch him i I was done then in between the Heinekens as well I
can’t even believe yes the m14 sorry what okay
that’s how that’s all I needed to know that’s all I needed to know black rice
ball back right he’s lying down yeah back right stone kickin it that special
I’m sweet back there I want to do I want to do assassinate but I felt like
shooting a face forehead I don’t know he had no idea you were
there yeah it’s a little little koala just hanging out I secure this dub
little koalas this comes a beast yeah they’re just gonna spam it o me o beautiful grenade wow those are cool
beautiful he is the arts out of it alright hey Yugi I should have stuck
with the argh a little wait how good is the grass the
bushes are better than I thought snake okay I’m ready
did the slippery little snail slippery laughs Nick how’re you watching you
psycho yeah that’s not pissed at me all right yeah take that Auggie’s beautiful
I’m about the grass that’s all I know like we got this you ready for some nerd
place yeah what’s yours what’s your sound oh yeah okay are they on the right
side I don’t know they might be I’m watching I’m watching yeah we got it
will you want to watch our say it was really nice
oh my God he’s in there no get stay that stays I stay sighs he’s not he’s nice
what you said about oh oh you so anyone what the heck I don’t know here’s to go
to the flag place he’s one day you’re learning baby one
day of learning one morning ah yuichi just a represent an optic right
there when are you getting your neck tattoo this is for you actor forever
oh he’s up top oh my god he’s in the he’s in the cavern
he’s the Titan up there my bus that I’m sure you know you’re gonna do this this
is your moment you all shine bright like a diamond oh no that was effective mr. bullets
yeah you didn’t even see me he’s got a look until you in the eyes cannot hold
the heady pot we’re getting ready to order like wrap up or something on a
laptop up there as well but wrong time interrupt I love this mom just shotgun
by the way apparently shoots a mile let’s try it out right oh do not why why
nice oh that that’s disgustin oh yes pushed well juice put you told
you he’s grown up top he’s um he’s going back to their side base or their stairs
yes that’s right can we please make this an Olympia battle whatever shotgun this
is no I don’t actually know who everyone had it was gonna shoot yeah oh don’t
wait up so good I really thought I was gonna
like a falcon 6 let’s get it all right I’m gonna yeah that’s a switch
wait guys shotguns only shocked us all only yeah shotguns Olli with that little
red bait on your forehead now I think you’re up you can hit it for this far
yeah oh don’t tell them that for next round oh geez oh oh okay I’m just faking
you out first you’re gonna go down the health anyway
sounds like he’s going up top on it he dropped you he’s got killed by koi pond oh my gosh
everybody same-sex our own ooh guns let’s go yes they don’t want to give us
a last round they don’t they don’t want any but they’re gunning I’m so nervous I’ll hit him are they both on the left
side yeah all right I got I got no RPG mo left it’s all good though he’s coming
right down the middle yeah yeah back far right oh that look tasty can I shoot now
oh yeah he’s shooting you cheater I said I’m just gonna I’m just gonna win with
the objective Jack just just kidding let’s go easy the first ever champions
on modern warfare beautiful GG oh you have to you had to I felt like countless
treaties I appreciate yo and you guys are watching over on any major new
streams subprime right now do it alright guys we didn’t be wrapping up don’t
forget August first multi-player play a universe video meal if you want either
put it in your calendars put it in your phones write it on the wall if you’ve
still got a paper wonder where ever it is be this that is where the hype is
gonna continue on August 1st yeah this been absolute amazing guys with my book
movie shit you guys tuning in see you guys next time we will see you smashed
it I can’t believe we smashed it still alive and winking you


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  2. That's so cool mode man I love it but game is so expensive for me. 60€ on really. It's 450 TL on my country god damn but I want it :,( .

  3. What I like about this is that you could become really good with a team mate and make different plays to execute after each round.

  4. Damn, since I can't afford this game and a console, I'm literally waiting for the game's campaign

  5. so if you shoot a rpg to the ground with an enemy next to you the enemy takes 72 damage (shown on the top of the screen) and you take a possible 100? why do u receive more not even close to the same damage taken. WHY ISNT IT ONE SHOT. ITS A RPG FOR FUXK SAKE

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