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so today Blizzard and Activision have actually revealed the PC specs via the
minimum and the recommended requirements for the PC version of color D modern
warfare through battlenet and so we’re gonna be going over both of those today
and as well as discussing one really interesting thing about these
requirements so the first thing we’re gonna be going over is the minimum
requirement so this is just like basically the bare minimum to play the
game it’s not gonna look great it’s not really gonna perform great but you can
play it and also something about like requirements like this is that you can
kind of fudge this a little bit like if you do not have you know like this
specific graphics card you have something a little bit weaker I’m sure
you’ll probably still be able to play it but this is like the minimum for you to
really have like an okay experience so the operating system is Windows 7 64 bit
or Windows 10 64 bit the CPU you’ll need is an Intel Core i3 43 40 or an AMD FX
6300 so those are some pretty old CPUs they’re basically anything with in the
past I don’t know seven years would work and even the slowest like an i3 would do
okay but for the the video card your GPU needs to be an nvidia geforce 670 or a
gtx 1650 or an AMD radeon HD 7950 or higher has to be DirectX 12 compatible
so if you have something like a 780 that’ll do fine if you have something
like a 960 that’ll do alright if you have a 1050 Ti that I’ll do alright or
any AMD equivalent for your RAM for your memory you’re gonna need at least 8
gigabytes of RAM which I feel like it’s pretty standard most people have about 8
you might say Ram if they’re gonna play games but here comes the big kicker is
for storage you’re going to need of 175 gigabytes available of hard drive space
so that one is rough because most color to games and most games in general maybe
sitting around like the 50 gigabyte area but this is gonna require almost
quadruple that 175 gigabytes available of hard drive space so it looks like
they are really not gonna be compressing like anything with this and it also kind
of sucks if you are trying to like run this off of an SSD because SSDs they’ve
definitely gotten cheaper over the years but still like high capacity SSDs still
aren’t you know really inexpensive compared to a hard drive and 175
gigabytes on your SSD for one game isn’t going to be the greatest thing ever then
of course you’re gonna need a broadband internet connection but as for the
recommended requirements this is what they kind of recommend for you to have
like a pretty decent experience with the game this isn’t like your max settings
something that they talked about last year black ops tours they kind of gave a
couple different requirements they’re like okay here’s minimum
here’s recommended here’s like you know for like ballin if you want to do like
4k 60fps or like ultra wise stuff like that like they had a couple different
things like that if you want to do like eSports or whatever with like 144 Hertz
really high refresh rate stuff like that but it’s just minimum and recommended so
recommended you’re going to need Windows 10 64 bit so you’re gonna be dropping
Windows 7 so just the recommended is just to have Windows 10 64 bit with the
latest update the CPU would be an Intel Core i5 2500 K or an AMD rise in r5 1600
X or better so that’s some pretty decent CPUs especially on the AMD side like a
rise in 5 1600 X that’s pretty good for your GPU you’re going to need an nvidia
geforce 970 or a gtx 1660 or an AMD radeon r9 390 or an RX 580 or higher and
also still has to be DirectX 12 compatible now the recommended specs for
your RAM for your memory is up 50% up to 12 gigabytes total for recommended
memory for this game and yeah I feel like a lot of games are starting to do
that nowadays a lot of games are using more rams
because we have multi-core CPUs and you know you can actually utilize a lot more
RAM now I mean that’s good a lot of like high-end gaming systems have at least 16
gigabytes of RAM so you know even just having like 16 gigabytes of RAM in your
system is gonna be plenty for this and you could even still have things open in
the background while you’re playing with 16 gigabytes of RAM and the storage
doesn’t change just one hundred sixty five gigabytes available of hard drive
space and then a broadband internet connection is required as well but man
that storage thing is really weird some people speculated its this is also taken
into account all future DLCs and maps and game modes and anything like that
like this is taking into account all future stuff that the game itself might
not be like 175 gigabytes to download launched at least but as they put out
more and more updates for the game released new maps and stuff it will
progressively get closer to 175 kg lights so those are the recommended and
minimum requirements for the PC version of color D modern warfare doesn’t say
anything about rate racing although we know that the PC version of called early
modern warfare will support ray tracing on compatible GPUs doesn’t say anything
about that here and it also doesn’t say anything about when we’re gonna be able
to preload this on PC so that’s kind of disappointing I’m sure we’re gonna be
able to get the ability to preload it here coming up real soon because I mean
we just have two weeks from tomorrow is when call duty modern warfare will
actually be released so I’m assuming that at least probably if it doesn’t
start early next week if it doesn’t probably start at least like Tuesday the
15th it’ll probably start at least like next Friday about the 18th or so so
we’re gonna be able to preload modern warfare on PC and also probably on
console on Xbox and ps4 as well probably give everybody about a week to preload
the game to download it and especially if you actually do have to download 175
gigabytes for this game then I know that there’s definitely gonna be some people
are going to need to literally leave their PC or their Xbox or ps4 on for
days at a time just to download that whole 175 gigabytes so I’d like it for
them to at least give us a week to preload the game but I guess we’ll just
have to wait and see so as soon as we find out more details about that I’ll
let you guys know and that is all the details we have right
now about the pc version and all the requirements for it
and if you guys have any questions about this liminal comments down below if you
guys are wondering if like your specific system will be able to run modern
warfare let me know in the comments down below I’ll try my best to help you guys
out and yeah there you guys go thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you guys next time


  1. Hey bro can I run this game on my pc Intel Core i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz 16gb of ram windows 10 home NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 1TB SSD Hard Drive ?

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