MOM’S FAVOURITE SON | Destiny 2 w/ Robin

100 thoughts on “MOM’S FAVOURITE SON | Destiny 2 w/ Robin

  1. Hey Robin I have a Warlock two its level 20 with 305 defense armouries and 305 damage weapons but don't have PS4 PLUS

  2. You’re explanation of how to play Destiny made me so sad but I’d love to see more and I’m well aware this is an old video.

  3. I like this video because it’s seems like jack just being casual and not super energetic or hyped up. I wish more lets players made content like this

  4. I have a level 40 Warlock with 400 Light and the best gear and the most overpowered scout rifle ever called Tlaloc in destiny 1

  5. Whenever I see a dreg I just call it Greg because it helps me to not get killed. I don’t wanna get killed by GREG 😂

  6. i have finished playing the game 2 times now, and i just cant get over it, I NEED MORE, but instead finishing it on my Titan, ima watch you cause you the best lmao

  7. Watching this in 2019 with the ViDoc for Shadowkeep and the more focus on MMO this year, I wished he played more destiny 2 🙂

  8. Hey, you should come back to this when Shadowkeep comes out. There are a lot of changes that have been made since this came out

  9. I actually didn’t realise he played this until now, his face when he takes on the knight 😂😂 a would love if he ranked up and got more light and then take on the leviathan

  10. Jack it’s 2019 I’ve played d2 start to finish twice dlcs and all (other that forsaken lol)

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