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(upbeat music) – New news, Hot
wheels monster trucks spotted in the jungle,
we go to sports. – That’s right. We’re here in the jungles of Monster Island
where a new group of Hot Wheels Monster
Trucks are competing in a downhill competition
in the Tournament of Titans. They must take on bigger, badder obstacles to see who
will win a trophy for their collection. Ready? Let’s go. Round 1 Leopard Shark versus 32 Degrees. Go big! Go Hot Wheels! Looks like 32 Degrees gets
hung up in the jungle wall. Oh and Leopard Shark
rolls in backwards. (laughter) (scream) (explosion) (cheers) (baby crying) Round 2. Rodger Dodger versus
Loco Punk Toxic Here we see Loco Punk’s
new look and neon tires Go big! Go Hot Wheels! Toxic! (fast-paced music) (jeers) and it looks like Rodger
Dodger will move on. Loco Punk just couldn’t
keep the train on the track. (cheers) Round 3. Tiger Shark versus
Hot Wheels Racing 1 These two trucks
can also be seen at Hot Wheels
Monster Truck Live. Go big! Go Hot Wheels! (fast-paced music) (gasps) (cheers) Oh let’s see that again. And Tiger Shark hunts
Hot Wheels Racing down from behind and flips
his way into victory. (cheers) Round 4 Steer Clear versus Skeleton Crew Go big! Go Hot Wheels! And it looks like Steer Clear may have fallen
into the trap door. (cheers) In the replay, we see Skeleton Crew
triggering the trap bridge. Steer Clear got staked. And Skeleton Crew
finishes upside down but that’s still
enough to move on. Semifinals Leopard Shark
versus Rodger Dodger Go big! Go Hot Wheels! Oh, what happened
to Leopard Shark? Rodger Dodger finishes
but let’s see that again. The swinging boulder
hitting Leopard Shark right in the tail
sending it flying. And Rodger Dodger will
advance to the finals. Tiger Shark versus Skeleton Crew Go big! Go Hot Wheels! We’re neck and neck
as Skeleton Crew takes a dive after
the jump making room for Tiger Shark to
take this one home. (cheers) Here we see both
trucks somersaulting over the river but Tiger Shark
is able to regain control and swim its way
across the finish line. Championship Tiger Shark versus Rodger Dodger Go big! Go Hot Wheels! It’s neck and neck down the line and it’s a win
for Rodger Dodger. (cheers) Here we see it get coming down to the last moment with Rodger Dodger
winning it all. (cheers) A big congrats to our champion. Rodger Dodger for the victory. Wait, what’s that? The other trucks are racing
to see who gets third place? Go big! Go Hot Wheels! It’s chaos at the start and it looks like Steer Clear just barely crosses
the finish line. (fast-paced music) Here we see a slew
of trucks falling into the river as Steer Clear comes from behind
to finish third. Well there you have it. Another amazing competition
on Monster Truck Island. Stay tuned for more Hot Wheels
Monster Truck competitions in this Tournament of Titans! (upbeat music)

20 thoughts on “MONSTER TRUCK JUNGLE RACE! | Monster Trucks | Hot Wheels

  1. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are FLYING, CRASHING, and SMASHING through this course! Which Monster Truck were you rooting for? 🏁

  2. Those are some really cool Monster trucks! Love the beginning! Awesome set up! Love the video like always!

  3. Your hot wheels monster truck are so big! And can you make twin mill a hot wheels monster truck because twim mill is my favorite car keep up the god work. GO BIG GO HOT WHEELS!

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