More Democratic 2020 Candidates Are Backing An Assault Weapons Ban | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “More Democratic 2020 Candidates Are Backing An Assault Weapons Ban | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Everybody knows that in states like Florida, an assault weapons ban is absolutely pointless. The treasonous actors in Tallahassee profit too much from events like Parkland. You want to get these people to do their jobs, the Democrats must start encouraging others to take arms and irradiate the former Republican party as it is a threat against democracy.

  2. Do You notice all the politicians calling for gun control only talk about taking away guns from legal gun owners and not from criminals.

  3. If these candidates keep using skewed fake firearms data instead of the FBI stats it's going to bite them in the butt

  4. Of course they are after there FALSE FLAG EVENTS they always call for gun control to unarm American citizens to Weaken us, instead of keeping guns out of the hands of whacked out PEOPLE,it's the CRAZY PERSON that kills not GUNS,we need more CITIZENS carrying guns to protect American citizens from the LUNATICS.THE DEEPSTATE CORRUPT DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS WANT TO CONTROL US AND DIVIDE US BUT DIVIDED WE ARE WEAK BUT TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG DON'T LET THEM DIVIDE US ANYMORE.MSNBC YOUR FAKE LYING NEWS

  5. You can’t control 100 million weapons and you can’t control the weather. You can’t even fix pot holes or roads. You can’t deal with healthcare.

  6. Gun owners, the majority of them at least, will not respect any sort of “assault weapons” ban. We won’t turn our guns in, and we’ll continue to make more.

  7. Trump will pass a ban just like he passed a bump stock bill. I'm tired of fighting pass what you want it doesnt matter, now try and figure out how you people intend on getting them! They will be lucky if 50k get turned in. In the mean time you continue to put people in deep dark places by themselves with 350million guns still on the streets and expect this problem to end overnight.

  8. The only way this gun issue will change is if the leaders are personally effected by a situation, or large numbers of white population they have no care about John Doe getting killed or hurt ! Surly people need to realise it can happen to anyone anywhere , neither radicals , crazies or criminals should have weapons of any kind

  9. That's not going to happen, every one should be going walking around with assault weapons at all times, you never know when a right wing republican will do a random mass shooting … it seems to be the only solution – they won't disarm these lunatics. It seems only logic for everyone to go around with assault riffles at all times. I mean, that's the world republicans want to live in …. so let them.

  10. WHOA look at the comments full of russian bots …. wow neither the news or youtube does anything about it, they are very active on topics like this

  11. Lets say it DID pass and that it DID significantly decrease gun violence.
    The point of the second ammendment is to be able to fight THE GOVERMMENT not if they become tyranical but WHEN they become tyranical.

    So what's your move to solve that problem?

  12. Protester should change their signs to "Expand the black market" at least it would be honest because that's all it would do 🙄

  13. Assault weapons ban… political theater 🎭 … You people are STUPID… you're not taking our guns… why not ban HAMMERS 🔨..??

  14. I like some of the ideas of a couple Democrats but I can’t even consider voting for anyone who is going against guns.

  15. Try coming door to door and taking them away ! COME AND TAKE IT TEXAS ! Better catch a episode on A&E about are history. Shake the tree gotta deal with the bee's and rake the leaves.

  16. It appears, the media has decided it should be Biden for president. I have seen Biden in more images, videos and discussions than any other candidate. Once again, the media has inserted itself between us and and "their agenda" of supporting and therefore showing us only Biden. I have seen one video of Elizabeth Warren in three weeks. BUT, there has been more than 20 videos letting Biden spew his old fumbling man crap and has long past his prime and needs to go home and finish the dinner dishes. All Biden wants to do is resurrect Obama's polices, and is making promises he can't keep. Go home. Let a fresh mind up there instead of an old politician that is out of touch.

  17. I love hearing gun policy from people who likely have never seen a gun in person let alone shoot one or know ANYTHING about them.

  18. The 3% is ready to do it again, fight a tyrannical government. Don’t mess with the second amendment. We are ready!

  19. Who are the american citizens saying they want a weapons ban… You guys say most Americans want it ,your full of crap liers…maybe the very small 0.1 percent anti gun group that you are making out to be in the millions lmao. You guys are stupid if u think the populous doesn't know …idiots

  20. The most ignorant part about this is the fact that assault weapons are already banned. Reagan and Clinton banned them. There is already something called "The Assault Weapon Ban". These are just regular rifles

  21. Assault weapon ban is a lie that the Dem candidates are feeding. If you tried to legislate that the courts would shut it down as an outright violation of 2nd Amendment. So you need 2/3 of states, all of congress, and the president to amend the constitution. This is impossible and will not happen. This is a wedge issue lie. Dems and Reps have left it untouched so they could divide us against each other and secure guarenteed single issue voters.

  22. Assault liberals don't want anybody armed to oppose them. End the violence before they start filling the mass graves.
    Lot's of places fell for it. I hope we don't.

  23. The problem is not the gun, the real problem is the racist rhetoric of Trump and every corrupt elected official. Not the gun not the video games

  24. The U.S. Constitution clearly points out that the federal government is NOT the one who gives or provides us with the right to bear arms; reality is, the Second Amendment is a natural, "god-given" right that only tyrannical governments can erode and take away from the people.

  25. It's too bad, that an individual can measure the IQ of politicians, by their justifications on logical issues. Leftists constantly wish to take away American Rights, whilst claiming that it is done for their own protection. What isn't being said is, that politicians seek to remove Rights from individuals, so they can't be opposed if tyranny becomes apparent! People, open your eyes and not fall for the deception!

  26. The left legit wants to ban 99% of guns because they want to bad semi auto guns and “high capacity” guns which to them is like 8 rounds

  27. Democrats already have a great responsibility that are off for you for them for other for yourself or your family and loved ones and your children as well what kind of future data from your past your present and to be to have a responsibility of your loved ones average family children and grandchildren as well that I keep moving forward is always to be a responsibility only responsibility that the key moving forward is for trusted them others themselves or any one of them because this is it right now you know this is the real life that we are here on this day that remember that a few years ago that are off of voting that it was going to take the house seat and the house well you Americans and citizens you already chosen the one already is for the Blue Wave for Democrats to be a responsibility and you pick the right one it is to keep moving forward but the Republic I don't really know but there's always a better future of a Blue Wave by next year on 20/20 and there is nothing to be rushin of a to have a row who you going to choose from on Friday for the next president of the United States of America for Americans citizens different people different language over to have a better responsibility for the future that it is always to keep moving forward of a better positive way that is America right there because United States of America is four different Americans different people are different language and a different of a from your small business into a growing business and for the good of a d economy it is for the future of the United States of America everywhere from large biggest cities small cities towns smaller towns quiet towns and especially that perform towns as well because sometimes that are of a different of a Town's it could be quiet or ghost everyone notice to take very seriously to be responsibility to stay focused on that on that spot and to have over a positive thought for the future way it is now let's say that somewhere in the US of a different towns that it is so quiet and so ghosts and it's not taken seriously to be responsibility that how did they going to do it everyone notice that to take to be responsibility to understand listening carefully and to trust them that are of a day quiet town or ghost town where big of a grow of economy and more people that how you said if you could build it they will come and if you take it very seriously to be responsibility for you for them from others and for each other is to keep moving forward from a brighter future ever but only has to be responsibility and for Olivia that for us for them and others and for each other the choice of a person that who could be the next president of the United States of America but only responsibility that you could understand them they understand you and always keep a promise and for trusting of a to grow of economy it is especially dad for I always have to say this of a few we could go a few months ago in a few years ago Democrats already have responsibility it is to keep moving forward over safety and Democrats already want to have to pass it on full control of the Vinings of weapons that and make sure that history cannot be repetitive again but it looks like it is BPS up again but the damage has been done already and Republic is not taking it very seriously to be responsibility then what's going on anyway

    PS I'm a handicap I speak both language and most of your people that you want to see something of a better future than the future is going to be you Adama others it is like of a positive way future

  28. It's illegal to murder yet people still commit murder. Why they commit the murder is what is important to stop murders. Ban assault weapons and experience the repercussions. Banning anything in the U.S. has never resulted in the desired outcome.

  29. “Democratic candidates vying to invoke the next civil war. In which they all die due to cowardess and no training or arms”.

  30. the civilian militia is gonna have a field day with this isreal funded democratic candidates. all jewish owned msnbc does is poison the english language. pure propaganda

  31. The loudest people are the gun nuts. Until we can pull together and fight back. We will continue to be at the mercy of the gun nuts. People (especially white men) are not responsible enough to have weapons of war.
    How many deaths do we have to go through before we understand that?

    Side note
    Cops get off when they murder someone why because they fear for their lives right? Hmm maybe if we had less guns that cannot be an excuse? Gun don’t provide anything other than death. Why can’t y’all let them go? Don’t give me that bs you need them to fight the government. The government has the weapons that would make any of your guns worthless. How you gonna fight against tanks? What about drones? Not to mention the guns our military uses. You know the military that has been giving a blank check for longer than I have been alive. Huh So no your guns won’t help you fight the government. Nor will the protect you against a mass shooter that get the drop on you. Wake up people guns are not worth it.

  32. FBI violence in the past five years statements

    Number one killer in America is being bludgeoned to death

    Just another way to violate the constitution and continue the global agenda notice when federal government is out on vacation the globalist are out starting trouble with Americans it stops and there will be no more negotiating or compromises on natural born rights

  33. This is why it never gets anywhere in Congress. Doesn't matter who's in charge. They have to know what they are banning.
    What is considered an assault weapon?

  34. Assault weapons account for less than 1% if all firearm related homicides. If we eliminated every assault weapon in America it would at maximum lower the firearm related homicides by less than 1 %. So why are politicians and the media obsessed with getting rid of assault weapons instead of handguns?

  35. The 1994-2004 Assault Weapons Ban had ZERO affect on weapons related crimes and deaths. Google it. This is just Democrats jerking off and trying to make it look like they are doing something. And they know it.

  36. Why not? Hitler did and so did Stalin and Mao…seems logical the Socialist Dems would try and confiscate guns. Then the REAL killing can begin.

  37. Assault is an action. It is a legal term “Law. an unlawful physical attack upon another”. A baseball bat can legally be considered an assault weapon. Please do not be suckered in by terminology. Define “assault weapon”. Use reason not emotion to create laws.

  38. I'm all for assault weapons ban, seriously, no joke. You guys go first. First the CIA/ATF/FBI/IRS/EPA/NSA/DEA/DHS and the mercs who bodyguard Obama's kids and all the other nomenklatura give up their assault weapons, then after that we talk fairly and honestly about us giving up ours.

  39. DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN PUSHING GUN FREE ZONES. Kamala Harris, Feinstein, Pocahontas, and many other female Democrat politicians have actually caused these shootings and the death of innocent children in their own disarmed schools across the country. The history of the USA is that we have always had armed venues to create a deterrent to these pycho mass shootings.

    But then the Democrats began taking our gold from Fort Knox and replacing with the Federal Reserve.

    The US people are angry about this so the Democrat began slowing disarming all US cities which is tyrannical. And what we are seeing with this Democrat tyranny is the first security breach – Psychos realizing that Democrats have disarmed every city venue.

    In a psychos mind…….. These Democrat Politicians have turned our children's schools and all city venues into target rich, easy access, disarmed killing fields with plenty of sitting ducks waiting for slaughter.

    My kids are in a private armed school, and we do not shop in any store that does not allow conceal carry. Because psychos fear stores that allow conceal carry good citizens.

    And this is how a LOW COST DETERRENT is created in any city !!!!

    But the insidious Democrat Politicians block this are are even going after our tyranny deterring capable rifles like the AR 15 which Democrats use to arm their Gov Buildings.

    The blame should be put on the Democrat Politicians who have already disarmed schools and most of the other city venues – and this Democrat action has invited psycho-shooters into children's schools and ALL city venues……and we have seen the results.

    All this disarming of US citizens and forcing the Mexican borders open promising our hard earn taxes to be given to Mexicans is going to cost the Democrats the White House and Congress in 2020 when we voters remove these treasonous Democrats from office.

    The USA Gov is now passing bad laws that infringe on our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights and the Supreme court will not act because the same treasonous politicians Obama and Clinton chose the Supreme Court Justices.


    I'm getting angry, and tired of this feeble mindedness. WAKE-UP !

    This is how FREEDOM is lost. Democrats have been stealing from tax payers for a long time now.

    The Democrat Politicians are part of the misdirection and to brainwash that the world will end in 12 years unless we hand control of the money printers over to the Democrats one more time before they crash the economy. Omar is part of the Democrat Politicians plan for a coup of the USA Gov.

    Read on so that you will have an increased insight on the insidious Democrat plan.

    Here in the USA we have an election opportunity in 2020 to replace all our Treasonous Democrat politicians who are coming after our capable rifles. We will be successful in this endeavor.

    DEMOCRAT COUP !!!!! See the sinister Democrat End Game in the USA. You will be disarmed and enslaved as the Democrats Continue to Force our Borders Open to any dangerous migrants that will assist in the coup by voting Democrat !!!!!

    With Benghazi Obama's help, Democrats used Mexican migrants in a Coup to take over the California Government. The Democrats force our borders open and are using your tax dollars for welfare to support each of those Mexican Democrat Migrant Invader Voters – and are now busing thousands of Mexican Migrants over the border every day into border states !!!!

    These are not skilled workers, and some are child traffickers and drug dealers as part of the Mexican Sinaloa Drug Cartel which is now the largest Drug Cartel in the USA ….thanks to Democrats promising Sanctuary Cities with the hands of Ice Agents tied…which is any Drug Cartel gangsters Dream, and the root cause of these Migrant Caravans !!!

    Democrats have removed all immigration policy….Most of these migrants do not show up to their immigration court date, but the Democrats have voted to allow all migrants to vote Democrat On-Line !!!

    And with a swipe of the pen Democrat Muslim Obama helped to rewrite immigration policy !!!!

    Because of this Democrat Coup, California will never see a non-Mexican sitting in the Los Angeles Mayors office and senior criminal Mexican Senators who falsified immigration documents are now controlling the California Senate in Sacramento.

    Now Democrat Politicians are attempting another coup at the the USA national level by importing Islam.

    Take a close look at the Minnesota and Michigan Democrat Party winners !!!! This happened FAST !!! I suspect that Merkel was attempting the same to gain votes and remain in office.

    This California coup was successful. As Mexican Democrats now own the California Gov.

    And the same corrupt Democrats are now shipping and flying in a concentration of Muslims into Minnesota and Michigan which was also a well planned coup of those states.

    Democrat Politicians are also shipping and flying Millions of Muslims into Californian and New York. As the coup in these states is critical to the Democrat treasonous agenda to disarm and enslave !!!

    VOTE !!!! And Remove all Democrat Politicians in 2020.

    A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero – Addressing the Roman Senate in the year (43 B.C.)

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

    An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

    But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys,

    heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor;

    he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments,

    he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,

    he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,

    he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."

  40. Handguns are used in most deaths involving firearms, yet these people want our rifles – strange. We will NEVER be disarmed.

  41. The democrats use a false definition of assault weapons. Assault weapons are full auto,most civilians cannot own a full auto. Another lie by the democratic socialist.

  42. Hey domestic violence and racially charge violence are two different things. I mean a couple can get into a fight and one breaks a cellphone. That doesn't mean he or she is a terrorist.

  43. While they decide on your safety they don't consider the stats of home invasion and burglary. And then they a going to act like it ain't there fault that other people die because they can't protect themselves. When they are deciding on other people's safety.

  44. Yeah trying to take guns away from Americans is a sure fire way to unite the Country, Nooootttttt! in fact a perfect way to have Democrats never win another election would be to at some point have a Dem controlled House, Senate and President, have them go after every American's Guns, litigation would hold that push in courts for a few years, in comes total control of Republicans and Democrats will never again be in Power, end of story, "That's how the Dems End, That's How The Dems End, Not with a Bang, But a Whimper."

  45. Assault weapons were created to do just that! Guess what, the "AR" in AR-47 stands for "Assault Rifle"! Wake up and elect a president and a congress who will ban these assault rifles!!!!

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