Mortar & Crossbow Launcher – Battlefield 1

What’s up guys Rogue-9 here. We
continue our exploration of the support class gadgets in battlefield one and today we will be looking at the mortars and the crossbows. As you all know there are two different types of mortar in the game, one that shoots a
high explosive grenade that explodes on impact and one that fires a grenade with
a timed fuse that explodes about five meters off the ground showering
everyone below in shrapnel. The basic functionality for both types of mortars
is exactly the same. They each come with five lethal rounds and two extra smoke
rounds, you can deploy a new mortar every 45 seconds and reload time in between
shots is 2 seconds. The maximum firing ranges of the two mortars
used to be different but as of the current build of the game (in the Name of the Tsar) both
have a range of 100 meters although this of course can’t be significantly longer
or shorter if you are shooting down or uphill. I tested both of these mortars against vehicles
and infantry and here are the results. Against heavy vehicles the HE mortar does
between 17 and 22 points of damage, with most hits causing 21 points in damage
and near misses result in 12 to 13 points. Against the three lighter armoured vehicles the direct hit damage was 32 to 34 points per hit and 16 to 18 points for a near-miss. Drop off against
vehicles is decently forgiving, starting at 2.4 meters and ending at 5 meters.
Infantry is also very vulnerable against HE mortars with a direct hit enough to
kill a full health opponent in one shot. Near misses will cause up to 60 points
in damage, with the drop off a little harsher beginning at 1.5 meters reaching
zero at 4 meters from your target. The air burst mortar on the other hand is
designed for use against infantry and will know more than scratch the paint on
a tank. Damage against heavy vehicles during my tests was normally four to six
points and against lighter vehicles it was six to eight points for direct hits
with misses beyond three meters causing no damage at all. Against infantry the
air burst mortar is more effective especially against larger
groups of enemy in the open, since it can deal a maximum of 65 points of damage up
to 2 metres distance, dropping off to 0 at 7 meters. Direct hits do not occur
since the grenade always explodes in the air. Considering that both variants have
the same range nowadays, I believe that the HE mortar is the better choice in
almost all situations. It’s a super useful tool against vehicles, you can
fire it from behind cover over quite a considerable distance and with a bit of
luck you can use your 5 shots to take out even a heavy enemy tank, while 3
shots can be enough to dispatch a lighter armoured vehicle. Against infantry
in the open direct HE hits will kill instantly and you’ll only need two near
misses to take out a full health opponent. Sure, the air burst is more forgiving,
with a damage radius of up to 7 meters but you will still always need
at least two shots to kill and it’s basically useless against vehicles.
Another advantage of the HE mortar is that it can quickly destroy buildings
and other forms of cover that might be sheltering your enemies. And in contrast
to this even a thin wooden roof will be enough to make your air burst shells
completely useless. The only map where I would currently use the air burst mortar
is Argonne forest. Infantry will frequently be bunched up and there are
no vehicles or cover to worry about. On any other map the versatility and
effectiveness of the HE mortar makes it my go-to choice any day. Having said this
if we calculate the efficiency ratio using the data
from the 4th of September 2017 (that’s divide the kill percentage by the time
percentage) we can see that even though the pick rate is 50/50 for this date the
air burst motor gets 64% of all the mortar kills giving it an efficiency
ratio of 1.28 over 0.72 for the HE mortar. This would
suggest that objectively the air burst mortar is better but I would caution
against this conclusion. A lot of the time you can fire all of your HE
mortars against a single tank and while deterring or even destroying a tank
can be great for your team, it might only get you one kill. So even though the
airburst mortar gets more kills per time unit on average the HE variant is
still my preferred choice. The grenade crossbow launcher; medieval technology at
its finest adapted for the modern age. Each of the two crossbow launcher
variants comes with two grenades, has a reload time of around two seconds and
auto replenishes its ammo every 25 seconds. In terms of their detonation
methods the frag grenades explode after a hang time of 5 seconds, while the HE
variants don’t explode until they hit the ground. In addition to this, the frags
have the same delay timer as regular grenades, around 1.75 seconds after
landing on the floor, while HE grenades are more like impacts and can explode
anywhere between almost instantly and up to 850 milliseconds after touching any
surface depending on the prior hang time. According to these Symthic code dump for
Battlefield 1 the crossbow launcher projectiles are supposed to be exactly
the same as those for the rifle grenade launcher for the medic class. When I
tested this in the game though I could not quite confirm these stats. No matter
how close I got the explosion to the opponent I could never quite get a
one-hit kill with the frag grenades 89 points was the maximum damage I managed.
Conversely the age a grenade is supposed to be quite weak but it consistently
managed to do 49 points of max damage instead of the expected 40. It seems as
if there is something else at play here. But whatever the case the takeaway is
that you will need two frag grenades against a full health opponent and even
both HE grenades will not be enough. Against vehicles both variants are
pretty useless although with seven to nine points of damage against heavies
and 10 to 11 against light armour the HE grenades are slightly less useless
than the frags which only do about 4 to 5 damage against the three heavy tanks
and 7 to 8 damage against light armour. If you’re bringing the HE launcher to give
yourself an anti-vehicle capability I can only recommend that you consider the
HE mortar or the limpet charges instead. For me this makes the frag launcher
the better choice of the two and judging by the user data, most of the players
agree. The only saving graces of HE launcher are that its range is not
limited by the five second timer and it has a shorter fuse. All in all though
these minor advantages are not really important for me personally and I
definitely prefer the anti-infantry capabilities of the frag grenades.
Calculating the efficiency ratios for the two launchers further cements this
conclusion. The HE launcher is used 14.5 percent of the combined
crossbow launcher time but only achieves seven percent of the kills,
giving it an efficiency ratio of only 0.48 versus the ratio of 1.09 for the frag launcher. That being said, even the frag
launcher is not a great tool. It’s only with map and game-mode combinations
where a lot of the combat takes place indoors, for instance Fort de Vaux or front
lines on Monte Grappa that the grenade launcher wins out over the mortar. On any
other map if I’m looking to take an explosive offensive capability for the support
class, the mortar wins out for me every time. The crossbow grenade launcher is a fun addition to the game but with only two
shots a slow reload and an even slower resupply its usefulness especially when
compared to the mortar is really limited and at the end of the day given how
grenades are already such a dominant part of the game that’s maybe not such a bad thing. So there you have it, all the secret little stats about the two mortars and grenade launchers in Battlefield 1. Did any of this info surprise you and
which of these gadgets is your favourite? Let me know in the comments section
below and as always, thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and I
will see you in the next episode! [Music swells]

100 thoughts on “Mortar & Crossbow Launcher – Battlefield 1

  1. the answer to all those "dunno why thise things do less dmg"
    the damn flak specialization -> 10% less explosive dmg, in fact, teorically now u cant kill with a nade

  2. All jokes aside, I really like this video. I really appreciate how you give your opinion on preferring the HE but give evidence that the airburst might be objectively better in terms of getting raw kills. I have never seen a battlefield YouTuber do that, props to you sir.

  3. At long ranges and with some skill in the HE Xbow you can lob a grenade into a room that basically instantly detonates, making it handy for finishing off enemies. It also does destroys buildings, letting you kill enemies hiding in pristine buildings pretty easily. The frag can't do any of this and still requires two shots to kill, and provides the enemy with time to escape its wrath in most situations. I do agree though, just take the mortar instead, since the Xbow is pretty weak.

  4. i more or less always use the frag bow. its just extremely useful for clearing out buildings and entrenched positions. since the flak perk have been added, its also very useful to combo it with your regular grenade, giving you the ability to kill someone quickly, before they get away. id probably consider the he mortar for the more open maps in the future though, even though I'm not too fond of the passive play style 🙂

  5. Repair tool, limpets or crossbow frag for me any day. It is so boring for me to use mortars, but i can't deny hos effective they are 🙂

  6. The stats make the HE mortar look soooo much more appealing but I cant be the only one who finds it annoying to get two well placed mortar shots and still not get a kill. It seems like such a minor difference but in my experience the HE mortar is much less consistent against infantry. Could partly account for the lower efficiency rate maybe?

  7. Honestly, I prefer the crossbow because I can still move while using it, while you have to stop to use the mortar, and I’d rather continue moving with the squad, and not many people will protect you from a flanking enemy while on a mortar. Also it has indoor capabilities. But I do agree that it’s kinda cheap to use the crossbow launcher because it’s just spamming more grenades. It’s kind of like the pouches vs the crates, but instead there are noticeable advantages to using the mortar. But I prefer mobility.

  8. If you lay down and aim as far up as possible with the he grenade launcher you'LL fire exactly 132m. just to let you know

  9. the key to the airburst mortar is when you get a good hit on a group start spamming the fire button and you can fire all 5 shots pretty quickly.


    If you play War Pigeons, please check out this clip from a 63 minute round I had this past weekend. 347 resupplies, 127 kills, and 37,800 score. Enjoy!

  11. What about a plane or parachuting infantryman being hit directly with the airburst mortar? It is extremely unlikely but I would still like to know, for science!

  12. Hey rogue, whenever you get time, could you do a video on spawn and respawn times on vehicles (including transport) and elite kits because it seems so random at times

  13. I think the reason why airburst grenades have a higher kill rate is that due to the greater area of effect, they can be fired in faster succession and still cause damage to the same enemy or group of enemies. The HE might kill in a single well placed hit, but it is much harder to place an accurate on a small target such as an enemy player, since you have to not only wait for accurate fire, but also wait for the travel time of the mortar.

  14. That crossbow I've never liked, I had to do an assignment with that thing and I have no idea why people use it. Also mortaring doesn't fit my playstyle. I hope to see more people using it. However, I choose, as I said in the last video, to use the ammo box and crate for I am usually in the center of combat laying down suppressive fire. By putting the crate in the group of advancers and give the pouches to those who are requesting ammo, I don't go a game without a resupply highlight of over at least 100

  15. I've had a long running suspicion that the HE Mortar is the superior choice. Thank you for the final proof. See you on Discord! – Cross

  16. I think Airburst gets more kills because since mortars are so bloody hard to actually direct hit someone, people get better with the Airburst because it requires less accuracy.

  17. How about the vehicle mortars(the landship and artiller truck variants)? How are they compared to the infantry mortars? I know their range is huge, but how about the damage?
    I would be happy for videos like this also about vehicles and variants, for example AP canon vs HE canon of tanks.

    Do you know if the medic rifle granade is better than the crossbow? The frag variant seems to be more effective and the smoke one is great for cover because it has 4 grandees(opposed to only 1 you usually have)-very good for attacking operations.

  18. Rogue-9, the real saving grace of the of the crossbow launcher is that the grenades can be shot with more force that a normal grenade throw. In addition to then bouncing the grenade off walls and other things, you can penetrate cover deeper and eliminate enemies without exposing yourself to enemy fire. With a bit of practice you can get those grenades to go exactly where you want. If you hit a pocket of enemies on your first shot you kill the ones without flak and damage the rest. You fire a second one in and you're guaranteed at least a few kills, whether they're running flak or not. I'd argue that this makes the frag crossbow the best support gadget for CQC in the game.

  19. The dividing factor for me between mortar and crossbow is the ability to be moving all the time. It's a big difference even if you can launch the mortar behind cover. That said, I'll probably have to try the HE mortar again… Or not. I'll stick with my limpets. Too damn fun to use those bad boys.

  20. This video highly underestimates the Air Mortars ability to completely slow down a group of infantry. The HE mortar may give 1 or 2 kills through direct hits, but that's it – the survivors can either instantly revive the one unlucky guy you killed or simply leave him behind to respawn on his advancing squad.

    This is the advantage of the Air Mortar – it hits EVERYONE at once, and this can completely halt an assault. When multiple squads are at below half health at the same time, almost an entire team can be forced to wait a full minute to heal up before advancing or they will easily be picked off by medics/snipers. This is why the Air Mortar has double the efficient – users are getting piles of "Assist Kills".

    The end result is that HE Mortars are better for long range maps where you will be shooting at individual soldiers and vehicles often, and then the Air Mortar is best used in infantry maps (not just Argonne).

  21. I really wish they would Implement some new versions of the mortar and crossbow. The fragmentation crossbow is probably the better one especially in confined areas. But the airburst mortar in my mind it just isn't that useful. I only used it in the past back before it got a pretty significant Nerf. And then of course again when it was a requirement to unlock the Parabellum low weight. Which by the way I still haven't managed to shoot down the effing planes…

    I think it would be nice if we had units that launched either instead of fragmentation or high explosive maybe incendiary or gas. It's just like when you use the Siege Howitzer on the Verdun Heights map. It has high explosive, smoke and gas. I know a lot of people don't like the gas in the game but I feel that having a mortar that launch Gas would be a bit more realistic.

  22. you can use the high ex crossbow and the repair tool to support the tank but you need the mini at grenade too , you can try to distract the eneym thank with your three anti tank grenades and run to the tank with a repaior tool and smash it , if you do not succseed the frienldy tank will sucseed, well thats the teamplay for me and thats pretty useful ecxept in long ranges

  23. I didn't know how much more effective the he mortars are on infantry than I thought. Explains why I'm seeing more he than airbrush these days

  24. I dont get why airburst is basically worse than the he when it comes to infantry. It definitely should have a 100% damage radius, even if super small

  25. I find airburst is more useful in gametypes where getting kills is the most important thing, such as Defense in Operations, Rush, Frontlines, and TDM. I've honestly never run the HE variant because for me, I'm far more likely to be shooting at infantry than saving that for the off chance an enemy vehicle crashes the party. At that point, it's probably time to pack things up anyway.

  26. When it comes between the two types, I tend to go with the HE crossbow. Unless it's an infantry rich map, which I will switch to frag (maybe not in the French fortress though, might need the HE to blow doors. Why do I prefer the HE crossbow? Yeah it sucks against vehicles but it does well against structures. It's very annoying when the enemy is picking people off left and right while on a second floor of a house. If I can, I'll try and shoot the HE through the window, if not then onto the roof. Then I watch the building collapse, removing their vantage point for the rest of the game. And perhaps get kills from the them getting crushed.

    I used to use the HE mortar a lot but there is one thing you forgot to mention. Players using the more effective mortars, show up on the enemies' minimap. Even if the enemy can not get to you, you open yourself up to "anti-battery" fire from enemy mortars or maybe even planes.

    Right now I'm on the limpet mine spam, figured it would be easier for me to unlock the one specialization with 25 limpet tank kills rather the 50 horseback kills. Too bad the behemoth dreadnought doesn't count 😉

    Anyway, I prefer to use the ammo packs and repair tool. It just seems more beneficial for the repairs, where a tank will do more killing than whatever you decide to use for explosive ordinance. Save the anti-tanking to the Assault class, just keep them supplied. Also not to mention it can be pretty nice repair AA guns after the enemy aces have continually pound every one into the ground. Just wish you got XP for repairing "neutral" stationeries. If a teammate is operating one, you get XP. If you fix one so you can use it, you don't get any.

  27. Really hope DICE can buff the HE crossbow vehicle damage to 20-21 rather than 10-11 to make it more feasible. hopefully.

  28. IIRC crossbows can't be resupplied with ammo pouches, so their resupply times are agonizingly slow (definetly slower than other non-support gadgets since the only other support gadget taht can be resupplied is Limpet, covered below), and therefore their usefulness is highly limited. on areas where i need explosives and can't or won't use a mortar i prefer the limpet since:
    -it can destroy environment (walls, doors, etc). crossbows can't
    -limpet can be resupplied (immediately, like bullets), and ready to use after a short "arming" period (5 secs tops) after resupply
    -you can stick limpets anywhere and it's effective vs vehicles. crossbows are the complete opposite.

  29. When I play as support, It's always: Ammo crate and then frag crossbow or limpet charge. I find myself getting kills with the crossbow alot when used. Easy to get into hallways because it shoots so long

  30. I am confused. The airburst mortar used to have anti vehicle shells. You just need to press "3" in mortar to fire them.

    Did you not know that, or have they been removed?

  31. Regarding mortars, I usualy use the airburst against concentrations of infantry in trenches or in the open (typically shelling objectives on operations and conquest), and the explosive against occupied buildings. The damage capabilities of the explosive mortar against vehicle is not enough for my taste, as vehicle usually move after being hit. That said, if 2 or 3 explosive mortars on your team focuses against 1 vehicle, it can be really effective.
    Regarding crossbows, the frag is way better indoors, used in choke points (fort de vaux, argonne forest for example), but the HE crossbow can be useful againt occupied buildings.
    Against vehicles, the only use of the crossbows is to harass them, by cancelling their repair cycle, making it easier for your teammates to take them down, making them comparable to K-bullets. The explosive mortar is more relevant in this case, and even the airburst mortar can be. It will do something like 2 damage, which is enough to cancel repair cycle, and will arm anyone around the tank trying to repair or support him (or bailing out after using it as a spawn point). If you can get closer, the limpet can deal heavy damage, but its more a suicidal attack.

  32. I prefer the HE launcher for several reasons. First, it destroys cover and second it works as an impact grenade. It is at least a deterrent against vehicles since it's easier to hit them with the explosion. It's not powerful by itself but it has more utility and can be used effectively in conjunction with your main weapon or a gas grenade which is my choice of grenade for the support class. I basically use it like someone would use the M320 from Battlefield 4.

  33. Limpet charge is better than both of these, much more satisfying too use against vehicles I was playing turning tides and swam behind a boat and sunk it.

  34. Im very bad with mortar so I use limpet charge. And crossbow launcher is just reskined rifle grenade for support.

  35. they are expecting you to make kills with the grenade launcher but they dont even one hit kill. so the way to complete that mission is to just keep trying untill you hit someone that doesnt have full health

  36. Really want to get into this mortar but I'm always getting the red indicator for non flat surface when I want to deploy. Only seems to work out in the open for me

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