Moscow Design Museum

Moscow Design Museum is an international project. We will hold six exhibitions per year, three of which will be devoted to Russian design and three to the international. Soviet design became fashionable again, youngsters are very interested in it. Today our museum is probably the most complex research project on subject. Our aim is to explain to all Russian people what a design museum is. People in Europe got used to fully-fledged industrial exhibitions, but here the term “design exhibition” often means the exhibition of beautiful but not functional items. Here we show a prototype of the Moskvich S1 car, as well as an original export model of the right-hand-drive Moskvich. There is also a showcase for the design of toys, including scientific approach to it: the projects of the Toy Research Institute and Technical Aesthetics Institute (VNIITE). We focus on the scientific methodological school of Soviet design, and on the technical achievements: photographic equipment and watch manufacturing — major export products in Soviet times. We have a bus for mobile exhibitions. It will be an educational facility, and it will travel round Russia giving lectures on design, just as people did in the 1920s. We already have plans concerning exhibitions of Russian avant-garde classics. We hope to stage a retrospective of Chernikhov and Leonidov. Naturally. If we look at poster art of the 1960s, it’s a typical mid-century modern. If you look at Aeroflot’s promotional leaflets, for example, the graphics are similar to what you could have seen at that time in Europe and the USA. And an important moment in the international history of design is connected with the name of Yuri Solovyov. He founded the Union of Designers in 1989 and founded the first architectural design bureau in the USSR… This man, who invented the Technical Aesthetics Institute, was a president of ICSID for many years. In other words, a USSR citizen was president of the international association of industrial designers.

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