Motorola One Action | Unboxed & Review!

Hey guys, welcome back this Bernardo from
the BTNHD and do not freak out there is sound within this video. So you just saw a very quick unboxing of the
Moto One Action smartphone device. I am not a huge smartphone reviewer. So I was super surprised to get this guy in
the lab to test it out for you guys for me to review a smartphone, I definitely have
to use my son because what is the best way to test out a phone is to give it to a child
that loves to use smartphones to do YouTube and play games and take pictures and do all
kinds of crazy stuff with it. So during the video you’re going to see my
son because my son used his phone more than me, but the performance wise is pretty good. So what comes inside the box we have our startup
guide. We have our safety guide as well as a sim
pin which allows you to eject the slot. So you can insert your sim as well as your
micro SD card which supports up to one terabyte. It also has a USB two type C cable and also
your 10 watt charger adapter. Like I said before this phone was used a lot
with my son. He fell in love with it he thought he was
his to keep he was playing all kinds of games the performance is pretty well the weights
on this particular Moto One Action smartphone is around 0.40 pounds. The thickness of it is around 0.34 inches. price tag for this particular phone is around
$349 this phone is advertising two colors. I actually got the pearl white, you’re also
able to get the blue edition. I really liked the blue edition rather than
the white edition also. So the Lenovo hooked me up with a plastic
clear cover this cover does not come within the box so it’s an additional accessory that
you have to purchase. But it’s really nice that they gave me it
just to make sure it doesn’t get scratched up. One of the cool things about the Moto One
Action is that a comes unlocked so that allows you to use T-Mobile Verizon or AT&T or any
carrier that you have just insert your SIM card and bam it starts working with no problem
if you have the smartphone facing you to the point that you are able to see the display. On your right hand side we have a power button
as well as our volume buttons. On your left hand side you don’t have any
buttons The only thing that you have is your SIM card slot which allows you to hook up
your SIM card or your micro SD. At the very bottom of the phone you have your
type C connection which allows you to hook up your power adapter to charge it as well
as a Type C or USB cable to hook it up to your computer to transfer or get files from
the SD card right next to the Type C port you have your speaker at the very top of the
display you will see a 3.5 millimeter jack which allows you to hook up and headphone
it’s pretty cool to have a phone with this feature up here but the majority of us are
normally have like Bluetooth device to listen to music. Now to power on the device again like I said
on the right hand side there is the power button. There’s many ways to log into this phone which
is pretty cool. One way is the fingerprint scanner which is
located right here in the back. You are able to unlock the phone using the
front camera with your face. You have the traditional ways to log into
the phone with a pin or password or like a pattern which is well known within the Android
world. Alright, so we just went over some of the
ports on the Moto One Action smartphone How about the display so the display size is around
6.35 inches IPS with a resolution of 1980 by 2520 with a PPI or pixel per inch or 430
which is really good when you’re viewing video or playing games which my son loved it for
real seriously he thought it was his when I gave it to him to play around with. So for the brightness level, I think this
is around 93 and 96% right now and this is the lowest that this phone could go and let’s
bring it all the way to 100% and this is the brightest and bring it down a little bit because
that’s too bright for me now for the speakers for the Moto One Action. It caught me off guard and the reason why
is because they are extremely loud. The speakers are located at the very bottom
of the phone right next to this type C which allows you to hook up your cable to power
it or to hook it up to the computer. If you want to know the decibel on the loudness
of these particular speakers I got around 105.3 decibels and that is extremely high. Now for camera. You have a couple of cameras you have one
in the front which is pretty cool. But the main focus is the one at the back. This guy is actually 12 megapixels has a ultra
wide FOV which FOV stands for field of view of 117 degrees which is awesome. You are able to capture footage in landscape
or portrait and just capture everything with no problem. Now let’s take a quick sidebar and go inside
the computer and look at some of the photos that I took on this particular phone and check
out some of the specs there. Alright, so we on the desktop by now I have
a folder called Moto One Action with two sub folders I got a folder called photo features
and another one with photo only with personal stuff. One of the cool things I like about the one
action smartphone is that you are able to change the settings to RAW which actually
allows you to get the DNG files and you are able to do a little bit more within Lightroom
now within light room, I’m gonna open this guy up I have two subfolders a two collections
and one collection is standard stuff of me changing settings and just taking pictures. This picture right here with an ISO 124 standard
zoom looks really clear. I didn’t see any distortions or you know any
blurriness. When I kind of zoom into 3.5. I see a little bit of blurriness around the
areas right here it’s kind of really soft, right? When I zoom in all the way to 8X with an ISO
of 56 you really see that like around the white
areas is like really blurry, it’s not really clear. Now with the ISO I started messing around
in the dark ISO 100 with a little bit of light in the room, this is what you get. This is not that bad. When I bump up the ISO 200 still in a dark
room doesn’t look that bad when I bump it up again to 400. I see a little bit of like, it’s really soft
around the areas a little blurry around this little corner right here going to zoom in
so you guys can see. Now if I go up to 800 like it really gets
really blurry, really soft around the areas, when I bump it up to 1600 it looks it looks
really horrible you see on the picture is like a little green. And when I bump it up to 3200 with 3200 you
see like a lot of green in the corners is like really horrible. I turn the lights on inside the room with
an ISO 100 it does not look bad. Looks pretty clear. Zoom in his little corner right here. You get a little softness around the edges
but not as much. When you bump up the ISO to 200 doesn’t look
that bad, but like the corner of the monitor. It looks kind of faded out kind of blurry. bump it up to 400 ISO. You don’t see it’s not that bad. I did notice that one of my monitors needs
to be switched out ASAP is kind of crappy. When I bumped up the ISO again to 800, you
see like a little bit of color issues around the corners, get these white lines around
here like black lines actually white and black lines, bump it up to 1600 you will definitely
see that black line around the images. And for 3200 like you, you’re going to see
like greenish. And like my monitor right here, I definitely
need to change this monitor like, ASAP. Look how bad that monitor is. Alright, so let’s talk about the performance
on the Moto One Action smartphone device. So let’s talk about specs, right? Because I’m all about the specifications because
that’s how the way I do it with a my laptop reviews. So for a CPU, this guy actually has two CPUs. One is a ARM Cortex, A53 with a clock speed
of 2.21 gigahertz. And the second processor is an ARM Cortex
A73 with a clock speed of 1.64 gigahertz. For the operating system. It has an Android 9 pie, memory only comes
with four gigs which I’m a little disappointed with the memory it would have been cool if
it had a little bit more memory, let’s say around eight gigs that have been awesome. For the GPU. It comes with a Mali G72. For storage, I was super surprised with the
storage this guy actually comes with 128 gigs of storage, internal. Now you can actually bump it up with a micro
SD card, and the micro SD card actually goes up to one terabyte overall performance on
this particular machine. I was super satisfied with it. I did do a Geekbench kind of stress tests
on it. It worked pretty well. When my son was playing Call of Duty. It was really seamless. I didn’t see any hesitations. It was pretty smooth. And again, you know when you give a phone
to a child and is sluggish, they would definitely let you know. And my son fell in love with this guy automatically. Like for real guys, he thought it was his
to kept. Okay, so let’s talk about the battery because
with smartphone devices the battery is the number one thing. So the battery life is not that bad standby,
which is what I had this machine for the past couple of days. It lasts around four or five days, but it’s
19% right now if you look at the top, but standby if you’re not using it a lot you’re
getting a couple of messages like I got right here a couple of messages it’s around five
days now if you’re using a really heavy I would say two or three days when my son had
it it last maybe two days straight. And he was like dad where’s the where’s the
power supply was the power supply you know, I needed for to play Call of Duty. I was like No, just play with it, play with
it. And with 10% on red, he was still able to
play with it with no problem. Alright, so let’s conclude our review on the
Moto One Action smartphone. Now this phone right here is a nice addition
to carry around. I mean Phone and makes calls you able to text
you able to go to Twitter, Instagram, blah blah blah you know that’s all the standard
stuff that you get on a smartphone. The price is pretty awesome around $349 it
is unlock which allows you to hook up your you know your carrier T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T,
whatever you have Sprint, you can hook it up with this guy with no problem because it
is unlocked. One of the things I really really like about
this phone is the 4K recording. That is a huge, huge plus. I like the way that it captures the 4K with
no problem. The camera being 12 megapixels, it’s pretty
fast. But when I was taking pictures I did notice
a little sluggish when taking fast pictures with my son when he was playing around. But you know it’s not that bad. It does have many features that I do enjoy. One of the cool things about this phone. It does have Google lens. I like that feature a lot. You’re able to take a picture of a particular
item and then it kind of like searches the database that’s kind of freaky and tell you
what it is and allows you to go inside Google and provide you more information right? Another thing that I liked about this phone
is that my son when he was taking pictures and I was recording him he was watching YouTube
and taking pictures at the same time. I’ve never seen that before. Again, I’m not a huge smartphone reviewer
so you’re probably saying What are you talking about Bernardo and you adding a mean comment? Like for real? I still own an iPhone and I know when I want
to take a picture and when I’m viewing a video, it kind of shuts down the video and then the
camera automatically loads up on this phone my son was able to still watch YouTube and
take pictures with no problem. I think that’s pretty awesome. Overall, I really had fun reviewing the Moto
One Action smartphone device. I’m not a huge reviewer dealing with smartphone
devices. So the best way for me to review it is to
actually give it to my son because his always using a phone and why not right hopefully
guys enjoy and leave comments right below don’t forget by hitting that like button also
subscribe, share out the video and I’ll catch you guys on the next one peace out!

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