Mr. Nobody Explained (Spoilers)

last night I kept off a movie marathon
by watching mr. nobody which is a movie I’ve seen before it stars Jared Leto and
it also has Diane Kruger and Sarah Polley in it and it’s a great movie with
a very complex very well-executed plot but there are lots of various mr.
nobodies to follow and the difficulty is is that some of them have very little
variation at least physically so it is a little bit difficult to track at times
and I think that’s potentially one of the reasons why this movie didn’t do so
well in cinemas because it is complex I intended to take a couple of notes just
to kind of keep track of the various Nemo’s and this is what ended up
happening you can see there’s copious amounts of notes and that happened
because the more notes I took and the more I tracked the life pathways and the
life choices of Nemo the more interested in this plot I got it’s a really
interesting movie it’s two and a half hours long but it’s really one of those
movies that benefits from multiple viewings this movie is about choices and
it’s about how seemingly tiny events in the world or in someone’s life can have
a huge butterfly effect on the outcome of your life and the events of your life
and how each choice can take you down a completely different path and that no
choice is the wrong choice but that making no choice at all
allows anything to be possible still so it’s a very interesting movie I think
the way it has been put together is to allow for multiple different
interpretations of this plot and of this storyline and I think that’s done
deliberately to allow the viewer the choice and any choice is the right
choice and it’s it’s just such an interesting way to put together a film
it is potentially a little bit complex though for like mass consumption in us
in a cinema type viewing situation which is why like I said I don’t think that it
did that well in the illness but it is a very interesting movie well
I saw an interview with Jared Leto about this movie when he was filming it a
while ago and he said he plays 12 different versions of Nemo I counted 10
last night but it was after midnight so I probably missed some but basically
from this point on this video is going to be spoiler heavy so you can either
keep watching because it’s a movie that is not going to be ruined by you knowing
some spoilers in fact it might help you follow it a little bit more but if you
really like unraveling a complex plot on your own and really like just having
your mind exploded a little bit by movie then stop watching now so it is hard to
know where to start with this movie and how to start explaining it because it’s
so multifaceted and everything kind of links back up to back together and
essentially what happens is that Nemo is a child like many who you see them as
children before they’re born and before they’re born they know everything they
know how their life will will be they know how everything will pan out and
then once they’re preparing to be born the angels of oblivion come and take
them and then you choose you know a mother or father and family to go to and
the angels of oblivion touch the children on the lips and that basically
wipes their memory of everything that’s going to happen in their life and it
marks the child with that kind of little groove that you’ve got above your lip
and basically the angels of oblivion forgot to do that to Nemo so Nemo still
knows the outcome I love the concept of the butterfly effect and it is very
richly involved in this movie and quite early on they make a point of you know
the importance of each moment why were you born on the day you were born and
not any other day Nemo’s father slipped over on a leaf and
that was how he met his mother but had he
stepped in a different place he wouldn’t have stepped on that leaf he wouldn’t
have fallen over and they wouldn’t have met on the street so it is a really very
interesting movie from that perspective and there’s you’ve got to be prepared
for a lot of butterfly effect in this movie but essentially because the angels
of oblivion didn’t touch Nemo on the lips he is able to predict some things
that happen like for example an accident that his father has he predicts it
happening but is unable to stop it from happening
and Nemo talks about this as remembering the future which frustrates his mother
because she says you know you can’t remember the future but the concept of
time is played with in this movie the concept of the universe and time
expanding and contracting and how some things once you do them you can never
take them back like for example once you mix sauce into something you can’t unmix
it you can never have two separate entities again smoke never goes back
into the cigarette it only comes out of and there’s a moment in the early phases
of the movie where the young nine year old Nemo is standing in front of like a
table covered in cakes and sweets and things and he’s got some money to buy
one with but he doesn’t know which one to choose and the quote is we cannot go
back that’s why it’s so hard to choose you have to make the right choice as
long as you don’t choose everything remains possible and so young Nemo
basically in that moment realizes that if he doesn’t make a choice everything
is still possible and he walks away from the cake table and as he walks away
we’re introduced to the three women who will be part of potentially one of his
lives and that’s Anna Jean and Elise and they are young girls same age sitting on
a park bench saying hi to him as he walks past having walked away from the
cake stand as he walks past these girls you get flashes of his wedding to each
of these three women but he continues to walk past them because at this point no
choice has been made so anything remains possible so as I
said before Nemo is able to predict certain events in the future because he
says that he’s remembering the future so he predicts his father’s acts
which is essentially him getting distracted because he was eating
something and the manufacturer had left an eggshell in it and he’s pulling it
out of his mouth going oh that’s disgusting and he leaves the handbrake
off his car and his car rolls down the hill and rolls over a mother who was
pushing a pram across the street and Nemo had had the vision that this was
about to happen and had raced out onto the street to try and stop it from
happening but because he’s remembering the future so to speak he can’t stop it
he’s just aware that it’s going to happen and and then that kind of that
marks the beginning of the demise of his parents relationship which then
progresses even further when Nemo comes home from school and sees his mother
kind of walking off into the woods and he follows her and finds her sort of
having an affair with Anna’s father this then takes us to the moment that the
whole film is based around which is Nemo’s parents have separated
Nemo’s mother is leaving there at the train station and nine-year-old Nemo is
asked to choose between his parents his mother asks him if he wants to go with
her or if he wants to stay with his father and really it’s an impossible
choice for a nine-year-old to make and he can’t choose so he kind of just
stands there and you get this visual image of train tracks and then dividing
off and how many potential options there are
and so his mother gets on the train the use of the train tracks and how train
tracks divide to really make a very very powerful image of the different choices
and the different outcomes of each choice and how many paths there are
available as a result of each choice is really beautiful and it’s used a few
times throughout the movie and they then use one of the many versions of Nemo who
I just call scientist Nemo and scientist Nemo then talks about because he’s
filming a TV show he talks about time expanding and contracting and so from
this point onwards you get to see all the various lives of name
play out dependent on which decision he makes and what happens and the butterfly
effect on his life and this is where I think it gets a little bit confusing
although having taken notes it made much more sense but you then meet 118 year
old Nemo who is the last mortal person and 118 year old Nemo is obviously the
last Nemo to die in each of those life choices and then at the point at which
he dies there the universe expands and contracts and time changes and
essentially Nemo then is taken back to being a nine year old and you realize
that all of these various Nemo lives that you see play out are happening in
the imagination of this child this child is seeing the outcome of each choice and
seeing his life and I mean he’s faced with the impossible choice of choosing
between his mother and his father and knowing all the outcomes and because
this movie is about understanding that sometimes no choice allows anything to
be possible Nemo then makes no choice and runs off away from both of his
parents and somehow as a result of that ends up with his true life his true love
which is Anna there’s a very important point that’s made along the way by a
hundred and eighteen year old Nemo that no choice is the wrong choice every
choice is the right choice and every outcome is the right outcome and it’s
just a very powerful movie about choices and the butterfly effect so now I’m
gonna take you through I think the various Nemo’s so that you
can understand the various Nemo’s and then I’ll take you through the outcomes
of mom or dad and the women involved in his life it’s very hard to explain how
this is gonna work out so by my count there were like 10 maybe 11 Nemo’s
depending on if you count nine-year-old Nemo I remembered Jared Leto saying he
played 12 Nemo’s there’s a lot of Nemo’s so there’s a
hundred and eighteen year old Nemo and letter does an awesome job of playing
him and you can also see that this is where the Joker laughs came from
there’s the scientist TV presenter Nemo and he is Anna’s husband and he dies in
a car crash that his car crashes into water and he
drowns there’s the photocopying executive Nemo
who is a Lisa’s husband and there’s to various life’s that he has
well maybe three so there’s a lot of Nemo’s there’s pool cleaner Nemo there
is weird British Nemo and he marries Jean and he his demise is basically that
he ends up pretending to be someone else and gets shot because the case of
mistaken identity then there is we don’t wanna mow who has a burn on his face and
he dies in Mars and then there is Nemo who has a burn on his face who is a
widower who is a scientist there is Mars Nemo who is a widow widower and he dies
in a meteor ice meteor strike there’s kid Nemo who dies as a result of
injuries sustained on a motorbike and there is weird plaid shirt Nemo who is
kind of Nemo in a dream state limbo land but there were a lot of Nemo’s and I
mean a lot of well they all die I guess and I mean when I first watched this
movie I was kind of like well what’s the point of making a choice because any
choice this kid makes he’s gonna die prematurely in 98 percent of the cases
and I mean I guess that’s kind of the point is that he is seeing the life path
and the result of the life on each of these choices okay so now we’re done
with the hundred Nemo’s so then Nemo is faced with the option of going with his
mum or staying with his dad there are kind of two things that happen
here so in one option he decides to go with his mum and he Sprint’s after his
mother as the train is pulling away and he makes it he makes it and he gets on
the train with his mum Nimmo making it on the train with his mother ven leads
very heavily into his storyline with Anna and Nemo’s mother ending up with
Anna’s father there is also the other option where Nemo runs after his mother
his father screams out his name as he’s running Nemo turns and looks over his
shoulder and kind of doing that slows him down enough and his sugar shoelace
breaks because of the butterfly effect of a manufacturer deciding to use
cheapest shoelaces that they know are gonna snap and so Nemo doesn’t make it
onto the Train and he ends up living his life with his father living with his
father leans heavily in towards the élysée storyline
so basically when Nemo’s lives with his father his father becomes disabled by
some means and Nemo becomes his carer like he bathes him he shaves him he
takes care of him and the frustrated fifteen-year-old Nemo basically rides
his motorbike around screaming at night to let go of all the things he’s feeling
and he goes to a dance party and that’s where the élysée gene storyline starts
to happen so there are a couple of main points in which you get Nemo in his life
when he’s nine years old and his parents relationship is
exploding and he has to make this choice when he’s 15 when you start seeing some
more about the repercussions of whatever choice he makes when he’s 34 and then
when he’s 118 so if we start with Elyse so Elyse is the blonde wife
so that’s played by Sarah Polley she meets again fifteen-year-old Nemo at
this dance party and she’s there with her boyfriend they have some sort of
like fight and you see flickers of what’s to come with Elyse and she has
this huge emotional breakdown on the floor and then pretends like it’s
nothing encourages Nemo to follow her out of the
dance and he does and then she’s crying on the streets and he
is comforting her this is where then the the choices of Nemo start to to divide
so as part of the conversation that they have in order to have something to say
Nemo starts talking about Mars Elyse makes him promise that if she ever dies
he will take her ashes to Mars and scatter them and he agrees and promises
that he will nemo then goes to kiss her and there are multiple outcomes so I
mean in all of them he actually kisses her in one outcome he would she rejects
him and in another outcome he stops her before she can fully reject him so when
he stops her before she can fully reject him and walk away he tells her that he
loves her and then that life choice pathway leads
to him marrying Elyse the this is where this story line gets a little bit
complicated and I might not have followed it perfectly but did my best
the nemo marries Elyse and there are now a couple of options that happen after he
marries Elyse so one is that they very happily driving themselves off from the
wedding and they get stuck in some traffic behind an oil tanker and the oil
tanker explodes which kills Elyse then there is one Nemo who basically becomes
a little creepy and has a shrine to his wife at home and is kind of a scientist
and he has a burn on his face from the accident there is also and I’m not sure
if that Nemo and this Nemo are the same there is also scientists TV presenter
Nemo with a burn on his face who is still the widower who goes to a funeral
of one of his co-workers who died in a car crash where the car crashed into the
water and his colleague died and that colleague is turns out to be Anna’s
husband and so that death kind of mirrors one that Nemo has in an
alternate life and yeah so that’s kind of that side of
Nimmo who’s a widower who has a burn who either kind of gets a bit creepy in his
own house and takes photos of things dying a lot or becomes a TV presenter
and retracts and finds an ER and freaks her out a bit at the funeral or then
that nemo then goes to mars to spread her ashes on mars and dies as a result
of the travels so then we go back to Nemo marrying Alise
so the alternate side of that is that then they have children and Elise
becomes really severely depressed she has manic episodes she basically has
some undisclosed mental illness and you watch how their family kind of works
around that situation and I I don’t want to explain that whole thing because it
takes up quite a large chunk of the movie there are moments where he he’s
driving in his car and he drives beside Anna but doesn’t realize that it’s herb
he continues to try and help Elise function and be happy and tries to
support her as much as you can and he quits his job as of I think he’s a
photocopying executive at this point and he is spending more time with her and he
washes his car a lot and in one life she comments about you know what’s the deal
with the car why do you spend time with a car when I’m at home alone inside by
myself and you’re out there with the car so Nemo goes and sets a car on fire and
then they seemed to be happy after that but like a split second later I don’t
know if she hadn’t made the comment about the car or he’s just kind of
shrugged it off but you see her leaving in the middle of the night walking past
the perfectly intact car and she leaves him because she says she’s still in love
with her ex-boyfriend that she broke up with at the party when she was 15 I’m
pretty sure I didn’t track that name that’s too hard and she becomes a
hairdresser who’s obsessing over a photograph of this man that she’s
she’s in love with and that’s kind of the Elise storylines so then if you go
back to when ELISA Nemo were 15 and he kisses her and then she either rejects
him or she doesn’t reject him if he allows her to reject him then we go down
another pathway one pathway sees Nemo right at least a letter expressing his
feelings for her and he goes to her house to give her the letter now there
are two options here in one option Nemo sees a lease with the ex-boyfriend
reunited on the doorstep and he leaves without giving her the letter and rides
his motorbike off screaming again to get out his pain and his frustration and he
has a motorbike accident smacks his head against a tree and essentially after a
long time dies and then there’s the alternate option where he is a little
bit later like a few seconds later and he doesn’t notice the ex-boyfriend
leaving and he gives at least a letter then I can’t remember because it was
1:00 a.m. but I’m pretty sure she NEMA gives her the letter she rejects him and
says look I’m still in love with my ex-boyfriend and Nemo is crushed and and
so basically he goes well that’s it you know I’m gonna marry the next girl I
dance with because they’re going to another dance that night and he tells
his father I’m getting married his father’s like who’s the lucky girl he’s
like you don’t get at me I’m just gonna marry the next girl that I dance with
and the next girl that he dances with is genes so basically because Elise
rejected Nemo fifteen-year-old Nemo fifteen-year-old Nemo goes to dance
hooks up with Gene who genuinely has feelings for Nemo and Nemo’s kind of
like looking at Elise hooking up with her boyfriend okay it’s not great but
let’s face it it happens with 15-year olds but Nemo commits himself to that
life that relationship but he’s not really present in that life he’s not
really present in that world and it kind of comes to a climax when he wakes up
poolside having a guest tried to drown him
and Jean tried to save him and he’s kind of confused about who these kids are and
whose family is and and he doesn’t really love her and he seems very
confused about the whole world because there’s some crossover so as
Alicia’s husband with kids he’s going to take the kids to school and the postman
puts some things in their letterbox and he opens them up and it’s a photo of
Nemo with a family with Jean and he doesn’t really understand and
everything’s moving backwards because of the time concept anyway so back to G so he is poolside trying to recover and he
goes inside and they’re talking and he’s kind of you know blocking her out and he
sees on the news there’s been an explosion on the bridge and liking the
traffic and that is the the reflection of his life where he would have married
Elise and been in the car when there was the explosion on the bridge just as the
resulting reflection of widow and Nemo sees an agreeing over her husband who’s
died in the car crash that is submerged in the lake it’s very complicated I hope
you’re following anyway so Nemo basically is not really super
involved in the family of a gene it’s not really a big storyline he basically
kind of gets up and wanders off and goes on his own little adventure he’s a weird
British Nemo at this point which I don’t understand why he needs to be weird
British Nemo but whatever and he goes to a hotel and having pretended to be
somebody else at the airport and you know how they hold up a sign that says
you know Jane Smith and he said you know I’m that person and they took him to the
hotel and it’s a case of mistaken identity people come looking for that
person and they shoot him in the bathtub and then Jean you know has to identify
his body okay so I think I’ve covered all of that now we go to if he goes with
his mother which is the Anna heavy storyline so he NEMA chooses to go with
his mother and they set up a new life together and Nemo is at school and he
and Anna paths and recognize each other and they
go to like a lake to have a school event and they go swimming and Nemo can’t swim
and there are two options here so Anna comes over and says come on you want to
have a swim with my friends and he is either rude to her and sort of says I
don’t swim with idiots or he says look I can’t swim and so she covers for him and
says look I’m not gonna go swimming I’ve got my period when her friends ask come
on you know let’s go so then you see the the life pathways of what happens as a
result of what Nemo says to Anna so in the pathway where Nemo insults Anna
he basically bumps into Anna at the train station years later when they’re
34 and she’s there with her kids and it’s kind of like oh hey how are you
okay bye and that’s kind of that so in the pathway where Nemo admits he can’t
swim and Anna stays with him on the beach basically they fall in love and
unfortunately for them their parents also still are in love and they get
married and they talk a lot about Nemo and Anna being brother and sister
despite the fact that Anna is like hey he’s not my brother and you kind of see
them sneaking around the house to be together while once again Nemo’s
mother’s relationship slowly explodes and you know Nemo does not have a good
relationship with his mother at all she’s very dismissive of him very rude
to him and he likewise not a lot of love lost there when Nemo’s mother and and
his father are splitting up Nemo and Anna have a conversation about you know
we’ll find our way back to each other go to the lighthouse every Sunday and I
will get there when I can wait for me like this is forever the rest of his
life is about going to the lighthouse every Sunday and waiting for Anna there
and he becomes a pool cleaner basically there is this train station and he keeps
walking through the train station as a result of traveling to this lighthouse
every Sunday and there is a homeless girl there and he gives her money and
then one time he’s coming back and she’s not there
and he notices like a pile of boxes where she normally is and he lifts up
the boxes and she’s dead underneath there I think she’s probably indeed and
so because he has given her money before because he has noticed this woman before
he’s not one of the many that just walks past this dead body and so he is he then
obviously calls the paramedics and he’s still there when the paramedics take the
body away and because he is still there because he made the choice to give her
some coins before the butterfly effect of that is that he is reunited with Ana
at the train station and they get back together but because Ana has become so
used to living alone and refusing to love anyone because she she says she
renounces all possible lives for one only with you but she’s become so used
to living by herself and having conversations with Nemo in her head that
she’s not quite ready to you know jump straight back in and she just needs a
little bit of time so she writes down her phone number for him on a piece of
paper and she says call me in two days and then we’ll meet at the Lighthouse
and she walks away and basically then it’s kind of an everything there’s
nothing and nothing is everything situation and it’s the importance of the
place you stand the importance of a raindrop and basically that something as
seemingly insignificant as a raindrop can change your life because a raindrop
falls down and hits the piece of paper that she wrote her phone number on and
the phone number because it was written in ink just is gone and he can’t call
her and he has no way of getting in contact with Ana again so he loses her
again and basically what they then show is that that storm was the butterfly
effect of somebody else not going to work and boiling an egg and that putting
steam into the atmosphere which changes like it’s basically that that concept of
a butterfly can flap its wings in Saigon and create a tornado somewhere else and
so it’s it’s just like it’s really beautiful that something is
insignificant as a raindrop can change your life and be so significant even
though it’s one of many and it’s just really beautiful and very sad moment so
then because Nemo is left without options he just continually goes to the
lighthouse to the lighthouse and waits and waits and waits for Anna and has
this kind of vision of seeing her in his dreams and marks that spot on on the
ground but presumably never comes because then you go back to 118 year old
Nemo who is basically being interviewed by someone and the guy is going look I
don’t understand like how are all these lives possible you can’t have married
someone but not married them but died but not be dead but you know what the
hell is going on so then 118 year old Nemo says look mister nobody’s a man who
doesn’t exist which makes Nemo’s name really relevant because Nemo means
nobody and his surname is nobody so his name is nobody nobody and then 118 year
old Nemo explains that they are imagined in the mind of a nine-year-old boy with
an impossible choice and everything disintegrates because nine-year-old Nemo
realizes that these are the outcomes of all of his choices and it’s an
impossible choice to make so faced with an impossible choice of choosing between
his mother and his father and of knowing the outcomes of all possibilities as a
result of each choice Nemo is still unable to choose so he chooses not to
choose and he runs away from his parents there’s a nice line in this area of the
movie where it says when the only viable move is not to move so as nine-year-old
Nemo bolts away from both of his parents he I guess essentially becomes homeless
and he floats a leaf up into the atmosphere and then you go back to Nemo
lying on the bench and outside the lighthouse where he’s marked a circle on
the ground where he thought he saw Anna and she walks into that circle and so at
the end of the movie he’s reunited with Anna because she is essentially his his
true love and his true life and so somehow they wind up back together so
it’s a very interesting movie it’s a little bit difficult to explain because
there are so many threads and I’ve probably missed a few because there are
so many memo’s but it’s a really interesting
movie about choice and about how there’s no wrong life there’s no there’s no
right life there’s no right choice and about how you end up where you need to
be and about the butterfly effect and how seemingly insignificant things you
do in your life could affect other people’s lives and it’s you know like
the significance of a raindrop it’s a really beautiful movie it’s very
complicated if you’re going to watch it you need to be concentrating and it’s
two-and-a-half hours long so it’s a pretty long movie but it’s well worth a
watch especially if you like movies with more complex plots that have been really
well thought out it’s a great movie so I would definitely recommend mr. nobody if
you are looking for something a little bit different

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