36 thoughts on “MTA Facing $2.5 Million Lawsuit After Employee Allegedly Assaults 13-Year-Old Girl

  1. You ain't getting a penny out of MTA kind of like Lil Wayne trying to sue Birdman for his 5 million.

  2. All he had to say was hey you have to pay the fare! You don't just put your hands on a child like that. Some people walk around life angry waiting to take their anger out on the weak.

  3. He was defending himself against a little girl. He's a real honorable man here. He deserves an award and pay raise. We love him so much, he's so great!

  4. Watch the video carefully. The token booth clerk gently prods her to leave since she’s right by the gate door. She then overreacts and grabs the man by the neck and pulls him through the door. She’s the one choking him and he’s trying to simply break free. She may have been triggered to overreact. No one is in the wrong here. Stuff happens.

  5. He starts to push her to move her along to leave. She reacts and grabs his left arm from the back. Then she reaches over with her left arm and bear hugs him around the neck and drags him out the door. Watch video slowly. No one wrong here. He was doing his job and she was defending herself. Call it even and have a good day.

  6. Ok let's stop the bullshit Mom about your daughter has this and has that, it's all a show to get more money……….BUT YEAH GO AFTER MTA N ESPECIALLY THE EMPLOYEE.

  7. Mans lost his mind over the girl not paying $2.75, now he's arrested and his employer might have fo fork over $2.5 million. Use your brain people, you are an MTA employee you're not guarding the Holy Grail.

    I remember back when I was in achool and had lost my pass the driver didn't want to let me on even though i clearly had my book bag with me. He shut down the bus and wouldn't start it back up until another passenger volunteered to pay for me.

    Some of these workers be thinking they're God, but it's ok homegirl bout to get paid you see her smile at 0:31? Get that money!

  8. Tgey dont have sufficient evidence that she claim the MTA employee harmed her in any way but the MTA can turn it around on her to get her charged with Thief of service

  9. OK so the phuket out of them because this has to stop you don't have a right to put your hands on someone based on stipulation or anything else you supposed to call the police. She did not pay. However it was worth assaulting someone over a less than what 3 dollars ….

  10. This woman talks like being prompted by her atty. I bet she's already got 5 Gucci purses, a Lexus and CK eyewear picked out!

  11. Pay the fare! If media keeps posting this bs, more people will take advantage.
    What the hell is, “endangering wellfare of child” how would she get hurt. This unbelievable stuff I cannot stand in America that we allow to happen.

  12. She was trespassing by not paying the fare, the guy should be innocent. I hate this kind of stuff so much where the criminal gets away but the innocent does not. This is an example of why people don’t stop fare invaders. You’ll just get sewed 2.3 million dollars. Stop giving these people power to do what they want. They are bad people since they don’t pay (theft of services).

  13. Did this guy have a mental health issue why would you attack someone from behind for such a piddly amount of money. The common sense approach is talk to the person and seek a resolution. But in this day and age commonsense is extremly rare.

  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk3IVE5m580&feature=share
    Check out this rude overpaid MTA bus conductor throw door towards passenger!

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