Museum Maintenance Magic – Enterprise at the Smithsonian (2016)

COLLUM: Well, the display case is very fancy. (Laughs) I call it the state-of-the-art display case. It’s a separate, rolling platform on wheels. So we mounted it here, rolled it straight in, fitted out this case… so these two panels here are actually hinged doors, it’s incredible. The hinges themselves, I was marvelling at; they’re works of engineering feat. It is not hermetically sealed, but it has conditioned air that’s being piped in here from a conditioning unit down in the basement. Dust is a big concern at the museum here, so this case is under continuous, positive pressure to make sure that air is flowing out. The air that’s pumped in comes in at perfect fifty-percent relative humidity, and a controlled temperature as well. TREKCORE: Did you build any particular accessibility into the model for future repair issues? COLLUM: Oh yeah. Originally, the bridge was secured with screws; we changed those out with just basically pegs. So I can reach over there and lift off the bridge section, and then key it right back on if I need to – so we can access all the internal lighting right through the upper bridge section. TREKCORE: That’s great. COLLUM: The lower dome, the cap at the bottom there, that’s held on with magnets – so we use screws that go into the wooden fixture, using the original screw holes, and then use some rare-earth magnets to hold it in place. You just stick it up there, and it just clicks into place. TREKCORE: Wow. COLLUM: Yeah, you really want to build it for maintenance, which is how it was originally. Same thing with the nacelles and the struts, all of those come apart. When we got the model, it had been secured with these HUGE carriage bolts, all that’s been done away with. We’ve actually taken it back to how it was originally, which was something that could be easily taken apart, taken out of the studio, and sent back to the shop for repairs or adjustments.

9 thoughts on “Museum Maintenance Magic – Enterprise at the Smithsonian (2016)

  1. Awesome, of course, but I dunno … I think it would look much better surrounded with black starfield backgrounds to really make it pop.

  2. Just saw this a couple of weeks ago and I have to tell you, I was so disappointed in how dark the case is. Yeah it may be a state of the art display case, but the lighting in my opinion does not do it justice. Tiny LED lights both top and bottom to light up this big girl just isn't enough. Lighting her up internally only three times a day also really sucks. Why not keep it lite all the time? LED's surely wouldn't be burning out fast enough to make this a headache maintenance wise.
    Here I've waited years to see it only to be disappointed in how she was presented.

  3. You know I bet you that if someone had to know how to work with it they can copy this really easy. Or a Paramount wanted to they can license out and someone asked you build the Enterprise it would be costly to have one that size I would love to have a space for a whole Fleet thank you for reading

  4. With all of that work, and all of that time invested, and with all of that money spent….. WHY DID THEY ALLOW ANY WIRING TO BE SEEN FROM THE OUTSIDE OF THE SHIP????? ABSOLUTELY STUPID DECISION!!!!!! 🙁

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