Museum Monday 1/28/13: General Philip Sheridan’s Gauntlets

Hi, this is Greg Goodell at Gettysburg National
Military Park, and welcome to another Museum Monday. We have a very interesting artifact
out to show you today from a very well known Civil War general. This is a recent donation
to us and these are the gauntlets of General Philip Sheridan. General Philip Sheridan was
a very well known Union army cavalry commander. He was famous for operating in the Shenandoah
Valley in 1864 and well known for routing Confederate forces in early 1865 as they retreated
from Petersburg west in Virginia. What’s unique about this set is two things. First, the very
ornate nature of the gauntlets. You’ll see here wire bullion appointments, adornments
on the outside of the edges says US. These were probably produced as a made-to-order
item from Schuyler, Hartley & Graham, a well known military goods manufacturer during the
Civil War. Historically there would have been a five-pointed star at this point here where
my finger is; those have been missing for quite some time. We know that because another
thing that’s unique about this piece is that we have the letter of authentication from
the gentlemen who received them from General Sheridan directly. He notes that he was the
one that had removed the stars and was going to try to find them, and unfortunately, never
did. It’s very rare to have something that is directly attributed to such a famous Civil
War general and, on top of it, to have a letter of authentication that proves it. Thanks for
stopping by today and we’ll see you next week.

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