Museum Monday 3/27/12: National Cemetery Bass Drum

Hi everyone, welcome back to Museum Monday.
I’m Greg Goodell here at Gettysburg National Military Park. I pulled out today a bass drum,
a very special history behind it. It was actually used in the dedication ceremonies for the
Gettysburg National Cemetery, November 19, 1863. Of course, many of you know, that’s
the day that Lincoln delivered his immortal Gettysburg Address. A very typical drum of
the time period, the only difference of course is that it’s a bass drum so it’s much larger.
It would have been carried by the drummer, not in this orientation, but in front of them
across his body. But it’s got some typical things that are characteristic of drums in
the 1860’s, especially military drums. This American eagle motif, very common to see,
often times put on by the manufacturer. The drum tensions, strings here are in fairly good
condition, as are the leather tension adjusters. Typical color of red on the drum stays here,
top and bottom. So again, just a really nice example of a 1860’s military drum. If you
look through the peephole on the inside you can see the makers label as well. So, a really
nice piece from the collection. Thanks for coming by.

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