Museum Monday 4/9/12: Soldier’s Tin Cup

Hey everyone, welcome back to a new Museum
Monday. Greg Goodell here at Gettysburg National Military Park looking at some interesting
pieces in the collection. What I’ve pulled for you today is a typical Civil War soldier’s
tin cup made out of tinned iron and then stamped into a bowl-shaped design. This, as well as
the more cylindrical cup, were your common designs of cups for soldiers during the Civil
War. This cup has actually got a great history connected to the 8th Illinois Cavalry. It
came to the park in the collection of artifacts that belonged to Morgan Hughes who was a member
of the 8th Illinois Cavalry. The interesting thing about this piece is that the inscription
that’s scratched in to the cup, which, unfortunately, you can’t see really well unless you have
really good magnification actually has the name Owen Whitaker, 8th Illinois Cavalry,
scratched in place. So, it’s an interesting story to tell, because it shows that comrades
were changing equipment all the time during the war. It was never easy to keep track of
personal equipment and small things like the cup here could change hands very easily and
very quickly. So obviously, even though Morgan Hughes drank from this cup, so did Owen Whitaker.
Thanks for coming by today, and we’ll see you next week.

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