Museum Monday 6/11/12: Leander Gage King Pt. 1

Hi everyone, welcome to Museum Monday, this
is Greg Goodell again from Gettysburg National Military Park, thanks for coming by today
to see pieces from our collection. This is actually going to be the first of a three
part series of items from a particular individual who died here and lost his life at Gettysburg,
and that is Leander Gage King. Leander Gage King was an officer in the 16th Massachusetts
Infantry. The 16th Massachusetts Infantry was heavily engaged in the fighting on the
second day of the battle near the Emmitsburg Road. What we have here first is Leander Gage
King’s hat device and this is actually something that would have been pinned to the front of
his either kepi, or his Hardee hat, his regulation slouch hat. And it’s made of gold bullion,
the gold bullion is threaded in the shape of a bugle, which is the symbol for the infantry
during the Civil War and you can see the metal brass numbers one six in the center of the
horn, denoting the 16th Infantry regiment. And as I said, Leander Gage King unfortunately
lost his life here on July 2nd during the heavy action near the Emmitsburg Road. This
is a very typical hat device for an officer to be wearing during the Civil War, it would
have been privately purchased, it would have been privately made by a manufacturer, usually
a jeweler or similar device maker in one of the major cities in the north. So again, a
really, really well preserved example with a great history behind it. Come by next week
and we’ll show you the second of our three Leander Gage King items that we’ll be showing.

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