Museum Monday 6/18/12: Leander Gage King Pt. 2

Hi everyone, welcome to Museum Monday again,
it’s Greg Goodell here at Gettysburg National Military Park and if you were with us last
week you saw the first of three items that we’re showing that belonged to Leander Gage
King of the 16th Massachusetts Infantry. And as I said last week, Leander Gage King lost
his life here at Gettysburg on July 2nd in the heavy action along the Emmitsburg Road
in the afternoon as part of Sickles’s corps. What I pulled of his this week is actually
a personalized stencil. In the days before name tags in your clothing or prefabricated
identification, Civil War soldiers and officers had to buy their own marking equipment or
their own identification discs or things of that nature to mark personal property and
also themselves. In the beginning of the war, Leander Gage King went to a company called
the Valentine Company, or that would have been a possible small business or manufacturer
in Boston on Hanover Street and purchased this stencil and had this stencil made. He
would have used this stencil to mark his personal equipment, also his clothing, as well as maybe
some of his other personal effects carried during the war. It’s a very small piece but
a very significant one in representing what many soldiers during the Civil War had for
marking their personal items. Thanks for coming by today, we’ll see you next week for the
third part of our story of Leander Gage King.

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