Museum Monday 8/20/12: Carved Powder Horn

Hi everyone, welcome to Museum Mondays, I
am Zach, I am an intern here at Gettysburg National Military Park. We have a very interesting
item from our collection today. It is a carved powder horn. The story behind the object is
that it was carved by one prisoner at Andersonville prison camp and given to another. We’re not
really sure whether or not that’s true, but to the best of our knowledge that is the case.
It was given to a soldier L. Wilkins, and you can see the full extent of the detail.
There is Abraham Lincoln carved in to this object, Ulysses S. Grant, and if I rotate
it here you can see even President Washington. Here is the man who received this horn L.W.
Wilkins’s name carved in to it. It was reportedly given to him by M.C. Johnson and tucked underneath
where we can’t see it says, “The only tool used on this horn was a pocket knife – M.C.
Johnson,” so we’re not really sure if the tool was used in Andersonville, but you can
see there’s some green ink added to the carving so we don’t know if that was added afterward
or if it was added at the same time that it was carved and that it really wasn’t carved
at Andersonville. But nevertheless, there are some really cool carvings on this object,
very detailed, and it is a real treasure for the collection. Thank you for tuning in to
Museum Monday, be sure to tune in two weeks from now for the next edition.

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