Museum Monday: July 1 Edition

Hi, it’s Greg Goodell at Gettysburg National
Military Park here with another Museum Monday. We’re doing this week a series of special
presentations to commemorate the 149th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. We’re going to
have some interesting objects associated with all three days of the battle and the immediate
aftermath of the battle on July 4th. The first item we have today that I want to share with
you is something with a good association with July 1st, 1863. What I have here behind me
is a hospital bed tag that was a hospital bed tag for a soldier wounded on July 1st,
here at the Battle of Gettysburg. His name was John D. Weaver and he was in the 11th
Pennsylvania Infantry. John Weaver had fought in a number of battles prior to Gettysburg
and was part of the first day’s action north of town where he was wounded. Here is a hospital
bed tag describing the wounding of John D. Weaver. We don’t have a date of admission
or date of discharge on it, but we do know that he was wounded in the thigh by solid
shot, according to this tag. This is quite a unique piece because of the fact that not
many pieces dealing with direct hospital stays exist from the Civil War, but this is one
of them. This is a really unique snapshot into the medical side of the Civil War that
we don’t often see. Thanks for joining us and tomorrow, we’ll be back with another Museum
Monday actually talking about July 2nd, 1863.

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