Museum Monday: July 4 Edition

Hi everyone, Greg Goodell here at Gettysburg
National Military Park for a special July 4th edition of Museum Monday. What we want
to talk about today is the immediate aftermath of the battle. Even as the guns fell silent
at Gettysburg on July 3rd, there was still some activity on July 4th, and one of the
things that began to happen on July 4th is prisoners of war began to be consolidated
and marched to prison camps. Right here we have a letter from a Confederate prisoner
of war dated August 30th, 1863. It’s from a soldier named Richard T. Boswell. Richard
T. Boswell served in the 1st Maryland artillery in the Confederate army, Maryland being a
border state had units on both sides during the war. Richard Boswell was imprisoned in
Fort Delaware on August 30th, 1863 and while we don’t have specific evidence that says
he was captured here, given the date and given the proximity of Fort Delaware to Gettysburg
and that many Confederate prisoners from Gettysburg were incarcerated there, we really believe
that Richard Boswell was one of those prisoners who was marched south starting on July 4th.
So again, it shows that even though the guns fall silent, there is still quite a human
impact that is happening on Independence Day in 1863. Thanks a lot and we’ll see you again
soon for another Museum Monday.

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