“My Dream Exhibition”: Van Gogh re-invented in the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage

It may be confusing when you enter this Van
Gogh exhitition in “The Beurs van Berlage”, because there is not a single painting on display.
These are all reproductions. Many photos of paintings, and not a single
one is real. “We opened up the paintings in the computer,
so you can give an interpretation to them.” The colors are brighter, just as lively as
when the painter put them on the canvas. “That’s why they may have become even very
real Van Gogh paintings”. A matter of advanced photo-shopping.
Important hints for the modifications were found in the letters of Van Gogh.
To his brother Theo he wrote about this painting: “The woman wears a green dress, and she’s got
orange hair” “The other one has black hair, and a striped garment, green and pink.” “And behind it, a landscape of blue hills,
and a yellow, rising sun.” The painting could have looked like this,
how it may have been seen by Van Gogh. But, the organizers of the exhibition even
go a step further Some paintings have been re-made in 3D. We
can’t show this on television What I see now is a waving field of wheat,
it seems I can just walk through It moves, and birds are flying by. The opinions will be devided.
A show of reproductions tries to find the balance between art and kitsch. But the concept is right: view the art through
the eyes of Van Gogh. For those who want it to be an experience.

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