My Friend Pedro Review (Nintendo Switch / PC)

My Friend Pedro is the closest I’ve ever
felt to playing a Deadpool game, this is coming from someone that’s played the actual Deadpool
game. It’s a ballet of bullets, destruction, humor
and your sentient banana friend, Pedro. For the sake of not spoiling any surprises,
I’ll try to only scratch the surface of My Friend Pedro’s narrative. You play as this nameless assassin who has
lost their memories now following the orders of his friend, a banana named Pedro. As you make your way through the 40 missions
that can take you anywhere between 4-6 hours to complete, you’ll slowly unravel the truth
of your past and why you’re going on this murder rampage. In what I can only describe as a bad drug
trip or a fever dream, My Friend Pedro is packed with chuckling symbolism humor and
just bizarre scenarios that you can’t help but smirk at. It takes you on a wild adventure that’ll
have you gasping and laughing by the end of it. At its core, My Friend Pedro is a 2D platformer
shooter with an incredible amount of control. Traditional gameplay will have you running
through levels, shooting any enemy in sight, platforming your way to safety and dodging
bullets along the way. A ton of games have done this before but what
makes My Friend Pedro stand out is its ability to integrate this slowdown meter that feels
ripped out of any popular action flick. With the press of the left stick, time slows
down and you’re able to more precisely maneuver not just your aim but your body too. Suddenly you’re doing flips mid-air, rotating
to dodge bullets while double aiming at two guards on the separate ends of the screen. It’s absolutely bananas and a ton of fun. Shooting combat is the constant throughout
gameplay. You fire your primary weapon with the right
shoulder button all while aiming with the right stick. It feels a lot like a twin stick shooter only
now in a side scroller view. With the press of the left shoulder, you can
also lock onto enemies or interactable objects scattered across the stage that play a bigger
role in the overall platforming. As you continue on through the story, you’ll
find and unlock new weapons like the double handgun that’ll open up your bullet ballet
arsenal. These new weapons are sprinkled in throughout
the game and act as a way to spice up gameplay not only in combat but even in platforming. It’s impressive just how much My Friend
Pedro manages to integrate its many gameplay features into moments you wouldn’t normally
expect. Let’s take the platforming for example,
it’s heavily focused on physics based puzzles that’ll have you rolling, wall jumping and
even using your gun to shoot levers across the screen. These are just the core mechanics that then
get fleshed out with just about every new level or section of levels throughout the
campaign. I was pleasantly surprised with every new
platforming mechanic that was introduced. Just when I thought I was done seeing anything
new, something entirely different would be introduced like lasers, shields or a skateboard
that changed up the gameplay entirely. That’s yet to mention the dynamic moments
that completely altered the core gameplay into something new too like a motorcycle chase
that opens up to a fun boss fight. Again this is just scratching the surface
because part of My Friend Pedro’s charm is the delivery of unexpected. It’s a shooter that’s just as ungrounded
as the 4th wall breaking humor of Deadpool. Throughout my time playing, I only ever ran
into one bug that managed to score an infinite amount of points, luckily it was quickly patched
out right before launch. That also gets to the scoring system that
plays a big role in the campaign. As you perform all these crazy acrobatic kills
and moves, you’ll earn points for your style and time to completion that tally up to a
final score. These are then uploaded to an online leaderboard
categorized by the difficulty option you have set. While there isn’t any form of direct multiplayer
at the moment, it was fun to try to improve my score and beat out my reviewer friends
who were also playing. If you’re into getting the best score, this
will pretty much also be your main reason to replay the campaign. While I don’t think you’ll notice it from
the trailers released so far, My Friend Pedro has a wide color palette that isn’t introduced
so much at first. Early stages appear dark and gritty, taking
place in the slums of the city. While that main grudge style is kept throughout
the campaign, a bit of color and style stars to show its head in later sections of the
game. It admittedly isn’t the best looking game,
with the switch version definitely showing it’s hardware limitations on the jaggy edges
of characters and the occasional frame rate dip with the action gets heated. Is it playable and acceptable though? It is but if you’re a purist that wants
that 4k 60 or just 1080p 60 performance, PC is the way to go for this one. Playing on a larger tv screen, those jaggies
become much more noticeable on Switch so my preferred way to play was actually in handheld
mode. On the smaller display, things looked a bit
sharper, even running at a lower resolution. With that said, even with the average so looking
visuals, My Friend Pedro emits this charm to it that somehow looks better because of
how average it looks. My Friend Pedro’s soundtrack has a heavy
mix of drum and bass. They may not be the most catchy songs I’ve
heard in a game recently, but they still do a good job at capturing the ambiance of a
bad guys warehouse or I guess more accurately a grimy night club. I do like the attention to detail to them
when you activate the slowdown time. The music tempo starts to slow down with only
the fierce sound of bullets piercing the background. It pairs nicely with the hd rumble on the
switch that is tuned to have variations of force depending on the weapon you’re using. Tiny rumbles for the handguns and a loud tremble
for the shotgun, it’s a subtle but a great touch. Seeing the evolution of the 5-year-old prototype
to the final product, I’m happy to see My Friend Pedro finally get released and actually
live up to the initial reveal hype. It’s quirky, fun and hilarious to play through. It’s admittedly a small adventure that you
can run through in a quick afternoon but it’s time well spent with a story you want to tell
your friends about as soon as the credits roll. My hat is off to the ex-media molecule one-man
team behind this lovable experience.

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  1. Is this gameplay on the switch or PC? I really wanna get this game on my Switch but I'm worried about its performance lol

  2. Honestly I have to say I preordered this on switch e-shop 2 weeks ago and was HYPED. But, after playing for only 10 minutes( yes I know this is not a lot of time but hear me out) I felt completely overwhelmed by all of the mechanics and made want to cry. In my opinion the flash version(yes this was a flash game first) of this game is much simpler and fun. All in all, I hope you get this game and enjoy it.

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  4. Nice review! I really don’t think it’s better than katana zero by a long shot, but that’s just my opinion. Love your videos ^^

  5. Great review! I was debating getting it on my Switch and your review helped me decide to pick it up. Definitely subscribing as well.

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