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hello everyone i’m Chandra from mysteries
of writing if you’re new to this channel welcome it’s great to have you here and
today we’re gonna be talking about my favorite physical writing devices on a
short little side note I’d just like to say happy new year thank you for sticking
around with me for so long despite the fact that I’ve been kind of gone for a while
I’m so sorry sorry that I haven’t been able to post in the last past few
months and a bit but I’m sure once I told you all where I’ve been and what
I’ve been up to I’m sure you’ll all be super super excited but I’ll leave that
all for the end of the video so stay tuned anyways back to this video when I did my
video about my favorite writing devices which you can watch in the cards up
over there I got a lot of people asking me about physical writing devices when
that video is just about my favorite writing devices like personification
etc and I do love stationery so I thought it would be extremely fun to
speak about it to you guys but unfortunately it’s not just about
stationery because I don’t really use stationery only for my writing number
one this one’s probably a little bit duh because I know a lot of people do use thiss
for their writing but people do have other software that they use I just go
with Microsoft Word and it really does work for me so that’s where I type out
my book if I’m not writing it out number two so here’s the thing I love taking a
little notebook with me to everywhere that I go but I often forget it and
I need somewhere to write down my notes about story ideas that randomly pop into
mind or just some conversations that I’ve heard that sound really interesting
so that note app comes in handy quite a bit so when you think I’m texting I’m
actually just writing down notes about what you just said number three
pretty little notebooks do I even need to explain this one number four scented
pens so I’m sure you guys have heard of those scented pens that are around
they’ve been around for quite a few years already I think and they are one of my
favorite stationery items to have so yeah I’ll use them for new a purpose
even because they’re just that great number five and this one’s pretty obvious
I love highlighters and colorful pens for editing purposes
and that’s it for now let me know what your favorite writing devices are in the
comments down below I’d love to know about any stationery that you guys love
to use for your writing and now you can all know which rock I’ve been living
under ok no seriously I’ve been busy with a website and I used to have a
rather pathetically free wordpress blog that wasn’t really working for me because it looked really stupid I didn’t really have full control over it so I got a little bit
annoyed and decided to not work with it so I finally got my own website yep
it’s got a .com on the end so basically I’ve been working on that for the whole
of December and January and maybe even a little bit of November so basically I’ve
been working on a whole bunch of blog posts and a few little goodies that I’ve
been coming up with which you can check out in the shop section when my website
comes out so here’s the thing it’s not ready just yet but you can get super
excited because it’s gonna be out soon and when it comes out I will make a
much bigger video about it all so that you guys know exactly what to expect I’m
also going to be coming out with patreon which I’ll also explain in the video
that I create and basically on that patreon side there’s going to be things like
lots of blooper videos and all of that stuff so you guys can check that out
when that comes out too but this is just so that you guys know where I’ve been
and yeah that’s all for now I’d just like to say thank you to everybody who’s
being super patient with me so that’s all for now I hope you enjoyed this
video if you did please give it a big like share it with your friends and
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6 thoughts on “My Top Favourite Physical Writing Devices πŸ“œπŸ–‹οΈ| by Mysteries of Writing

  1. Sticky notes are my best friend πŸ˜‚ I have them everywhere with random ideas on them! I’m also so excited to see your website!

  2. I like your edit. Keeps you guessing. Also thanks for the info. I have been trying to find the best way to write out β€œscripts” for my videos. This helps.

  3. love this topic! i'm such a tactile person that physical writing devices just get me so motivated. pretty journals, smooth paper that feels nice in your hand, nice pens, different color markers… mmmmmm i'm inspired just thinking about it!

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