Mythic Nythendra – BALANCE DRUID [7.0.3] – Ranged perspective

23 thoughts on “Mythic Nythendra – BALANCE DRUID [7.0.3] – Ranged perspective

  1. Awesome video, awesome gameplay. I dont main boomy so I was wondering where were those starfall procs came from and if you could explain why you were using whatever caused it. I'm assuming its a legendary or something.

  2. Can you help me out? I noticed in first minute of your video, your solar wraths and lunar strikes were crazy quick cast time. Even after heroism/haste buff from the 3 min cd, you still had very quick cast times. Mine seems to be like .5s slower than yours, for every spell. Im 846 and doing like 170k dps. It's lame :/

  3. Gz mate! Why did you keep fury of elune? Aren't other two better anyway for this fight particularly?

  4. what UI/addons and such do you use? I really need to setup my UI… and kind of like this setup. Also why do you swap to bear form so much with frenzied?

  5. What would be better for a Moonkin , having some trinket dilemma atm… my 830 blue trinket has around 1000 Int and 800 haste , with a socket for a further 100 haste. Or an 865 Epic with 1400 Int and a chance to deal extra damage to the target (about 32k to all enemies) To summarise 1400 int (proccing some extra damage) vs 1000 int + 900 haste?

  6. i have a level 25 balance druid right now, is it worth continuing to level because most the info is people complaining the damage is shit ST is awful AoE is subpar and its nothing but gripes so should i stick wit it for pve mainly or just give up and go back to my monk?

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