Nancy Pelosi: President Donald Trump’s Actions Were ‘An Assault On The Constitution’ | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: President Donald Trump’s Actions Were ‘An Assault On The Constitution’ | MSNBC

  1. She's right, it is a sad day in America, that's why a lot of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, women, and old school Democrats are going to vote Trump. We are tired of you insulting our intelligence!

  2. Democrats have in 3 years done NOTHING of value for the American people. Not a thing.

    The left in 3 years have divided this nation terribly. This milieu of distrust and hatred for our fellow man…. this is ALL ON YOU, Democrats. Your leaders and most powerful weapon: The Media. You all are 100% responsible.

  3. Socialist are worried about the constitution…what a joke…once again, democrats accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of.

  4. Lol, the Democrats would be laughing at all these fabrications if it was the reps doing this to a dem president.

  5. Everyone I know is voting for Trump in 2020. Creepy Joe might as well drop out now and save the embarrassment of losing in a landslide.

  6. You call tell Pelosi is infinitely more intelligent than Trump. She can give a speech from memory. Trump can't even read a speech teleprompter or a piece of paper without massively fumbling it.


  8. If I'm joyful for anything, is the potential for reason and compassion to once again retake the reins of our country's future. I'm tired of the orange party mind-games. This level of twisted governing is really tiresome and concerning. I'd like another Obama back in house, but we know that won't happen. Hopefully the next pillar of American Leadership is a good one that isn't resting on the backs of minorities.

  9. The GLOBALISTS (including the Demonrats) are aiming on the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. President Trump is their first major obstacle since Reagan, so of course they hate him. What we have here is just a current battle in the timeless war between good and evil. There is nothing new under the sun.

  10. Today, Donald Trump. Mentioned "Adam Schiff and TREASON" in the Same Sentence.
    And he is up there Again.
    Spreading False information to the WHOLE WORLD.
    He should be Arrested by the SECRET SERVICE.


  12. Who had the authority to change the "Whistle-Blower" rules?,…and isn't that supposed to be approved by congress?

  13. I'm sorry Mrs: Pelosi but i'm enjoying on what is happening, i'm enjoying that Trump will be impeach, it may be sad for some fellow citizens but not for me.

  14. Bwahahahahaaaaa! More of the same tired dog and pony show. Nothing is going to happen to trump. Politicians are above the law.

  15. She really is under the thumb of the Hispanic Caucus.
    Keep in mind during the early part of Obama she was for border security and ICE deportations… because it made sense.

  16. Pelosi has abandoned the majority of the democratic party to cuddle a smaller portion of her voters.
    She thinks we will support her just so she can get votes from them.

  17. The World will come Crashing Down on the Left when he does Not Get Impeached.
    And Then he gets Reelected for his Second Term. Will you leave the Country then.??

  18. Nancy Pelosi and Thomas Paine used to be BBF.
    It's sad when elderly politicians go out grasping at anything they can grab as they are drowning.

  19. I don't like Trump as a person, but I am "saddened" that if she gets him impeached, no one will stand up for us against Illegal Immigrants and Chinese Protectionism.

  20. Pelosi and pencil neck are snakes and if you watched TV you would notice on big screen that a piece of s but was hanging inside Pelosi nose and pencil neck did not clean it.

  21. The US Speaker N. PELOSI is the OUTSTANDING LEADER of USA!!!
    Can SHIELD the US CONSTITUTION from a CRIMINAL Trump and RESTORE Democracy in USA!!!
    Majority of the American people Want LIFE PRISON for TRUMP!!!
    Human Rights Activist,
    American citizen.

  22. Straight out of Hitler's playbook: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

  23. Lol this fossil cant even speak. Stuttering and incomplete sentences. Now that we have more proof of the Democrats corruption (Biden) they are scurrying like cockroaches to protect one another. I am going to vote for Trump as I had enough of these corrupt lying and divisive clowns.

  24. these are the times students of history will examine and ask why we elected a flawed human being to be the president we had to impeach, convict of treason, and execute.

  25. I wonder what documents the State Department IG brought to the impeachment committees this morning. Whatever it was, I am sure that Devil Nunes has shared everything with the White house by now. Are Department of State Trumpets destroying documents? Is the White House?

  26. I love Pelosi. Those who don't like her, generally don't like women who have guts, balls or is honest in business. They don't like those who try to help the poor either. Oh, well, I say go girls!

  27. God bless Nancy Pelosi and all those who have our country’s best interest at heart. She is truly intelligent, has great judgement, proceeds with truth and justice, and upholds the sanctity of our Constitution. We can be extremely proud of her and those who work with her towards cleaning up this terrible mess.These have been very sad times for our country. 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🌏🙏🏻

  28. I am a skeptic… So when every corrupt lifelong politician and late night talk show goes on a four year attack of the President of the US I tend to believe it is that deep rooted corruption peeking through! #TRUMP

  29. Jesus voted for Trump. Problem is, Jesus is not a American citizen. VOTER FRAUD!!!! God also colluded with Americas election!!!

  30. All right I don't care about anything except for checks and balances I'm stuttering because I can't talk about anything because I don't know the truth about anything cuz we've been lying for so long it's terrible why am I up here

  31. a desperate poisonous attempt by democrats to take advantage of national merits such as lowering the cost of prescription drugs and the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement and making it a political tool to blackmail the American people who legimately elected Trump as a president
    taking the national merits a hostage and trying to use it for some political gains is totally an unpatriotic thing…it confirms democrats' moral bankruptcy !

  32. You people are stupid! The corruption is being done by the democrats, have you not watched anything but MSNBC? Obviously not! This is a freaking joke, Nancy Pelosi is a joke, and all of you will see shortly that this impeachment inquiry was built on a lie. Liars in the Democratic Party, a cover up by them. You can dislike Trump all you want, that’s absolutely fine. But, I can guarantee you that you don’t want any of these jackasses as president either. It’s not joyful Nancy, it’s not joyful at all. Because, you people are nothing but criminals! Nancy Pelosi, you just need to go ahead and quit your job to save yourself from embarrassment. This impeachment isn’t going to happen. It’s ridiculous and it’s absolutely going to ruin everything for the Democrats! But, they did it to themselves so, I guess they wanted the Democratic Party to be ruined? Not sure, it’s just insane!

  33. American people.Our country, constitution,rule of law.She never used those words or terms before.Those are Trump words.Go back to your nasty words.Flipping your hands does not make what you say true.Leftovers believe it no matter what so you can rest your arms.

  34. Thank God MSNBC that you were able to somehow hide the GIANT BOOGER that was hanging from Nancy's left nostril or people wouldn't have been able to concentrate on the nonsense spewing from her mouth. LOL

  35. Pelosi's false God brooch is Baal. The satanic vatican God. You see this symbol in Wall Street today and the ancient Caananites using idol worship to satan. She hates humanity! That's why her district is a fecal ridden, chit hole with drug needles, urine and blood soaked clothes and towels with starving people laying in their own feces! THIS makes her happy! PURE EVIL!

  36. She can't even talk properly and what's with the eye brows.
    Well she is pretty much 80 years old And as corrupt as Hilary and Joe

  37. Hey NANcy…tell up about your hubby's tuna canning business for Starkist while you're at it. How you've made millions off taxpayer money. Pelosi is a pos and should retire before she's in orange and behind bars. She has her magical pin on I see. She has so much power when wearing it…like she's potus or a potuswannabee.

  38. Waste of taxpayers time. Please fix some of the problems this country has and quit thinking you will impeach President Trump. Shifty Schiff is a cheat and liar, its been shown more than once. Your Democratic party is going down. Not sure when or how this will end, TRUMP 2020


  40. This is called a "no vote" impeachment inquiry and what that means is that this is not official in any capacity. In fact, Pelosi knows she can't move forward with anything as that would be illegal. The inquiry must be held to a vote in the house, she has no plans to do this. This is simple optics to make you, those of you who hate Trump and require not ethical procedure, believe she is taking action.

  41. I president Donald Trump want to put to a vote the impeachment of president of myself Donald Trump. Please vote for/against impeachment. That should put s final end to Democrat sniping.

  42. I will be so filled with joy the day when the B is removed forever! It is a cancer and a vile tumor that is destroying too many good people of this world. Eradicate that demonic disease!

  43. I love the conservatives saying there is nothing there. I guess if he was wearing a tan suit. Or getting a bj……..

  44. No pelosi, you are an assault to our constitution, and no matter what you do President Trump will be the President in the 2020 Election

  45. I see that MSNBC decided to cut Nancy's Death Threat against Trump — the "I pray for you and your family (Trump) in the same breath as gun control. A very thinly veiled threat — you were smart to cut it so your viewers won't see it for what it is.

  46. “We have been trying to impeach Trump since election night” is this what she’s sad about? HahahahahababsbBHBBBzbaaaahahahshshs

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