NASA | What Is A CubeSat

What Is A CubeSat? CubeSats are very small spacecraft that orbit
Earth. As you might guess, a CubeSat is shaped like
a cube about four inches wide, long and deep. That’s called one unit, or “1U” small
enough to hold in your hand, and very light: around three pounds. And like building blocks, units can be combined
to make bigger CubeSats, by stacking them into two, three,
or even six units. Once in space, CubeSats can open up all kinds
of tools: solar panels for power, communications antennas,
telescopes, and more! CubeSats are great, because they let schools,
universities and other teams launch their very own missions
and who knows what they’ll discover! CubeSats are also made from standard, low-cost
parts that are easy to get, and tested for launch safety. Some NASA launches carry spacecraft that don’t
take up all the space on their rockets which leaves plenty
of room for tiny CubeSats. Build a CubeSat, catch a rocket ride, and
you become a space explorer!

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