National Museum of the Marine Corps’ Museum Manners Puppet Show

(music) (music) at the national museum of the marine
corps there are so many things to see let’s listen in and see what it’s like
to be a special visitor as bunny and lion and their classmates pay a visit
to the museum (noise: children speaking in the background) welcome to the National Museum of the
Marine Corps does anyone know why are our building is shaped like this its shape
that or the famous flag raising at the Battle of Iwo Jima we have this flag inside of our museum
so since we have many important items inside let’s go over our museum manners you must be respectful when inside the
museum you must use your inside voice and stick
with your group you must always walk there is absolutely
no running we hope you enjoy your visit here today
at the National Museum of the Marine Corps Bunny and lion are learning all
sorts of things at the museum like Marines in the air did you know Marine fly all kinds of
aircraft like planes and helicopters you can also find Marines on the land
and on the sea now that we’ve talked about Marines and
what this museum is about let’s check in on bunny and lion uh oh I think bunny forgot one of his museum manners which museum manner did he forget whoa bunny slow down
there is no running in the museum you must walk at all times that’s right
there is no running in the museum we will remember to always walk when we are inside the museum okay everyone listen up I have something really…. Miss Ball is
telling a class about the the important jobs marines have well Miss Ball was right there are so
many important things to learn at this museum yeah this is my favorite place in the Museum because it
shows how brave Marines are it’s my favorite too wait a minute is that Rex touching the exhibit remember Miss Ball told us not to
touch them let’s go remind him to stop hey Rex stop that you need to be respectful and not touch the exhibits when we are in the museum we need to use our museum manners yeah that’s right bunny we need to use our museum manners at all times what museum manner did bunny remind Rex about that’s right bunny reminded Rex not to touch
the exhibits lion rat where is everybody guys! guys! hey little fellow what’s the matter remember you’re inside the museum so you
have to use your inside voice I’m lost and I can’t find my friends oh not bunny is lost luckily security is there to take him
back to his group and look bunny met real-life Marines so bunny did you have fun today yeah i had a lot of fun what was your favorite part uh i loved seeing all the planes and cool things that fly and learning about the neat stuff Marines do me too I loved seeing all of the artifacts that the Museums has especially the flag that the Marines raised on Iwo Jima oh yeah oh yeah I liked that too but you know what was super cool lion no what bunny that we remembered all of our museum manners that’s right now we know how to behave ourselves whenever we visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps thank you for joining bunny
and lion and their friends on their adventure to the National Museum of the Marine Corps we are looking forward to your visit and to seeing you soon (music)

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