National Museum of the United States Army

It’s important to showcase the Army’s
history in this manner because by telling it through the voices and the
experiences of each Soldier the average American gets a feel for what
service members whether they’re National Guard, Reserve or Active Duty the
experiences they had as a service member this project is so meaningful to the
American Soldier this project is long overdue having a national museum to
pay tribute to the sacrifices and the service of our American Soldiers from
really the start of this nation This is America’s Army museum showing America
the history of our army the services and sacrifices the story of our Soldiers
throughout all eras the fact that we’ll have the first ever National Museum of
the United States Army is a significant event in and of itself places that are
particularly interesting to me of course it would be the Medal of Honor site
within the building it’ll be these stories how they’re told by past service members
and any other number of events which are in here whether it’s the battle
streamers on the ceiling or the fighting vehicles within the main area of the
museum I think it’s going to tell a full rich history of the American Soldier. It’s important to have army leadership come to the site now while the museum is
under construction just to be able to understand the very purposeful design
the intent the work that’s gone into the exhibits and in being able to tell
this very broad story we’re telling hundreds of years of
history here in one museum and we’re doing that through the eyes
and the voices of Soldiers from all eras hopefully it will inspire others to
consider the army as a career but to appreciate it for all its given back
to society as well.

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