Neebs Battlefield 4 Godmode Resupply Montage

Hey Thick! Yeah. I also made a montage video Oh OK, well what you got? And I got a back up singer to help me out with it. What’s going on Thick? – Doraleous? It’s going to be EPIC! Oh it’s going to be epic. Ready? OK. Cue Beats! Believe it or not. I have an ammo box. I kid you not. Ammo box. What do you mean ammo box? I have lotses of ammo boxes. Wait a minute is this a re-supply montage? Yes it is THICK! Why would you make that? Because it’s the greatest montage of all time!!! And whey are you apart of this? I don’t even what to say why. Sorry You need some. You need some and you need some you need some and you need some you need some and you Are you serious? Oh yeah he’s dead serious. A re-supply montage? I’m afraid so. That’s ridiculous. It’s amazing! Probably the most amazing thing that’s ever happened TO MONTAGES!!! Never. Nope. What’s this? Is there a battle going on? Soldiers in need of hope. Well I have news for you soldiers. I brought a whole box of hope! For You! Look inside! You know what you will find? Your Wildest Dreams! Re-supplying the world and your wildest dreams one ammo at a time. You can try to empty your gun! Buy you can not empty your gun! THIS – IS – THE GREA – TEST – RE – SU – PLY MON – TAGE – OF – ALL – TIME TIME T I M E T I M E You gotta You thought I stopped But I still have an ammo box I kid you not Ammo box I have lotses of Ammo Boxes A normal average mortal man could never re-supply like Neebs And you would never guess by the size of this box That I have unlimited RPGs You need some. You need some And you need some You need some and you need some You need some and There you go! Is this still going? Yeah. Why is this still going? No one’s gonna wanna watch this Because all epic things are long Thick! What’s this? This is an icicle kill! With Ammo On Top! Nice and random. You just gave ammo to a dead guy. That’s right. But also live guys! OK I guess? Ammo for everybody Thick. Just don’t question anything Neebs does. No I shouldn’t anymore. Welcome a lot. Neebs just gave you and ammo box Mention it not I ran out of time from all the re-supplying to write another verse to sing So Scabba da boo dat deet dat do to tha FLIPPITY BING BONG BING! THIS – IS – THE GREA – TEST – RE – SU PLY – MON – TAGE – OF – ALL TIME T I M E T I M E T I M E Give it a like Maybe even share the video twice That would be nice Give it a like You already said that Give it a like. Give it a like.

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