Nevada History: Battle Mountain Cookhouse Museum

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This building is the Battle Mountain Cookhouse Museum from the “25 Ranch.” This was the cookhouse out there, and it was
built probably about the late 1920s, early 1930s. And this was the big room for all the cow–,
the buckaroos, the cowboys, to come in and eat. The food was cooked in the kitchen, and they
had to come in and help themselves. And all the cowboys that I’ve talked to
that have worked back then, they were very excited about eating. They would come in off the range just so they
could eat, ‘cuz the food was so good. Instead of just naming it the “Battle Mountain
Museum” we wanted something that might attract visitors, which it has. But we named it the “Cookhouse Museum”
because it would catch their attention. So, they all want to know why it’s named
the “Cookhouse.” And it was the cookhouse on the “25 Ranch.” Because the museum has become a focal point
for this whole community, it is used by many of the members of this community. And people can do research about Battle Mountain. The school children can come in and learn
how Battle Mountain was started. And I’ve had many Boy Scout Troops and Girl
Scout Troops and adults, people that have come from out of town, that have come in and
said, “We would like to tour your museum and find out a little bit more about Battle
Mountain.” We have a library here. We have many scrapbooks and yearbooks, and
other books they can look at. Or, a lot of the objects in here, because,
again, everything in here is about our local history here. If you want to go on a trip, back into history, Battle Mountain Cookhouse Museum is the best place to go. For more information on the Battle Mountain
Cookhouse Museum visit To learn more about Nevada’s history, visit and the State Historic Preservation Office at

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