New Assault Rifle – Firefly – Guns of Boom

Time for a new Assault Rifle in Guns of Boom. Firefly. It’s an assault rifle you simply cannot
miss. Because believe me: it won’t miss either. Let’s take it for a spin. Firefly is a mid-range assault rifle that
outputs massive damage. But it gets even hotter than that. Because the longer you shoot the stronger
it gets. It has two different stages of increased damage. As you keep firing the indicator on top of
the gun lights up. First, it goes to yellow, and then to bright
red. And when it goes red, it’s danger time. Firefly is amazing for getting multi-kills,
cause when it really fires up, it can gun down any number of people. And the numbers speak for themselves. So light up the night sky with Firefly.

100 thoughts on “New Assault Rifle – Firefly – Guns of Boom

  1. We're happy to show you a new gun we've been working on: Firefly. It's an Assault Rifle that's both powerful and has a really cool perk. So guys, what do you think, how will Firefly compare to other assault rifles? 🤗
    P.S: We're working on the bugs that came with Update 4.5 really hard, and we want you to know, that it's very much our top priority 🙂- Stanis

  2. Please make this available in gold or gunbucks purchase. I’m sick and tired of you guys only releasing event guns.

  3. Me esta aburriendo el juego,debido a las grandes diferencias de armas de paga con las que no. Asi que en cualquier momento chau guns of boom, una lástima pero creo que estan errando el camino.

  4. Wasted my money buying the wrong gun on accident it sucks and now it just seems impossible to compete smh be 3 years before I can afford another gun and I play alot i won't pay on no games

  5. I have calculated that I need to play 250 matches for 4000 battle case's coins in 5 days (If I win all the matches with coming in the top) So that I can unlock this GUN ……. It is so hard……..😓

  6. Because of this video I stayed up 2 days like for real non stop grinding and now I’m taking a break because I have 900/1000 so it’s finally time to sleep and I have 2 days left

  7. People keep saying fix the game but I don’t see anything wrong with it o and I picked up the fire fly I thought I would find a glitch or bug for it so I took it off auto fire and started shooting thinking if I shout for no reason the gun will go red so really you have to shoot a enemy for it to change colors and it didn’t change colors so guns of boom carefully made this gun affects and watched its affects

  8. I love Guns of Boom! The guns are so cool, and this keeps me going and going and I play this everyday. This is the best game ever!! <3

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