100 thoughts on “NEW BATTLEFIELD V ALPHA CONFIRMED! + Where to Sign Up for a Code

  1. Just hit level Hunny Colonel (lvl 100 for non neebs gaming fans) in battlefield 1 and would literally sell my left nut/first born child for a chance to play the B5 alpha on xbox… As always Flakfire is my number one source for battlefield info/news so thanks and look forward to following your vids as your content was invaluble during B1 including all the historical info that as a nerdy history buff I was delighted to be suprised again and again by tit bits I didn't know.

  2. but i didn t get invited for the 1 closed alpha but got a code from a Dev who posted it on twitter.
    will i get accesses or probably not ?

  3. Wonder if it’ll also come to console I mean I have both console and PC so glad if it doesn’t I’ll still have a way to play it but it should still be on console so more people can test it besides I have a lot of friends who only have consoles so I’d like to play with them as well as my pc friends

  4. Tank gameplay feels smoother but I want faster firing weapons like for the mg42 but not so fast it has no recoil like cod

  5. Interesting the make another Alpha, not a Beta. If the throw some more stuff in there, of the classic/Iconic kind, mabey even a new map… that could give the "hype-train" some fuel.
    If we get to hear a Mg42 buzzing, we call in a new artillery strike from the squad menu, and hear a Nebelwerfer howling in the distance… the possibilities with the Dice soundteam, man. I want them to be used and shown. Without Behemoth the battle atmosphere must be even thicker and the alpha did lack there a little.

  6. Out off all the battlefield youtubers, Flakfire is the most entertaining and informative. Thanks for providing this info (though I must criticise the 360p quality atm)

  7. I absolutely love your videos and i’m hoping to get that sw33t code in my inbox! Keep doing what you do best Flak!

  8. Fuck the closed Alpha! They always hack on pc so i dont fucking get it they should do a closed Alpha on all platforms good job MICROSOFT for sucking a DICK! And why the same People get acces to it again and only most of the youtubers that never played bf in there lives i just dont like the way it goes.
    In a hardcore bf player and i destroy most of the youtube i make m rage quit!

  9. I'm really hoping it comes to console so console can give suggestions and ideas so it doesn't pubg xbox them and run like shit

  10. Give 0 shits about Dem consoles my PS4 pro can shit itself visuals never gonna look good enough to justify playing the alpha on that thing stead of a pc

  11. Hey guys.. Do you know if they have taken out automatic spotting in this? Cause what's the point in doing a Flank move if your automaticlly spotted from anywhere on a map.?.

  12. Flakfires comment section seems to be the only one on YouTube that isn’t toxic, especially with a game as controversial as Battlefield 5…
    Congrats guys.

  13. I have BF5 PTSD, I've been watching nothing but jack, westie, and well you, and everytime I hear anything that buzzes I think of the V1. Worse noise than the artillery in Cod WaW

  14. The consoles hold more of the player base yet we get ripped off with every alpha. It’s not a huge deal, but it’d still be nice to be included, considering there could be things that need to be balances/fixed that weren’t apparent on PC.

  15. Most the Players they want to play the Beta not Alpha 😒 Beta means 80% of the game get completed Beta comes 4th of September 🎮👍

  16. What? Do dice want this game to be hidden or what? The only way of finding this game is typing in battlefield 5 2018, they're losing me man, I will play it but somedays i just totally forget about it they arent trying

  17. it will include everything from the first alpha with minor changes there was a leaked photo that stats this and the changes that will be in the second alpha

  18. yea me too i would give both nuts to play battlefield v alpha microsoft need to get off there freaking high horse and let ea dice put bfv on consoles it plays good on pc why not xbox & ps4 good video flak keep up the good work mate 😀

  19. Good video, Cool Channel
    Thanks for Positivity and Motivation
    Getting COD, BF, or both?
    I'm on Xbox One and PS4, you?

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