guys guys look do you see this what is this madness what even if you if you can’t see what I see I got bookshelves guys I got legit bookshelves like these are sturdy suckers sturdy suckers for those of you who don’t know or don’t follow me on Twitter I had a little situation happened to me a few weeks ago a couple months ago basically I was in the middle of filming I had set up a second bookshelf I was told me this beautiful video of me rearranging my bookshelves and then all of a sudden I would step away from my bookshelves to pick up a pile of books to put onto the bookshelves next thing I know I hear a crack guess what happens the bookshelf completely falls straight into my camera the camera goes through the back just punctures a big hole in the bookcase hole the horror the horror the books were everywhere books just everywhere here’s a picture actually of the situation that happened yep that happened it was the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me probably not really but it was pretty scary so we got happen I decided that I was going to invest into some nice sturdy bookshelves and that I did they’re sturdy they’re actually attached to the wall but this isn’t the only bookshelf I got I also got some more shelves in my room more shelves oh yeah you can’t really see but it’s above my bed above my bed yes bookshelves yeah yeah whoa no put books here I’m gonna put books here and I’m gonna sleep right here I’m just gonna be like oh yeah sleep time books sleep books sleep books this shelf is actually going to be featuring all of my favorite books because they just need their own little place to be showcased you know I’m saying no I’m saying also when I go to bed at night I just want to look up at them and be like ah my favorite books ah so today I thought it’d be fun to do a bookshelf arrangement video what are my arms doing I don’t even know so let’s do this my book 3 is shorter than all the other books don’t judge me I also don’t have book 6 in hardcover this cube is going to be called the odd ball shaped books you oh that took a lot longer than I thought it would take but I really had a great time arranging my bookshelf it took forever and I’m not that great at it and I have a lot of shelf space room which is nice because that means I can go buy more books yeah but now let’s move on to this sucka let’s do it well that is the end result right there whoo I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you soon with another video later

100 thoughts on “NEW BOOKSHELVES!

  1. Bits of this are just WRONG like WHY do you ONLY have Catching Fire and both the Harry Potter AND the Fablehaven series(s) are stacked with number one ON THE BOTTOM THIS IS STRESSING ME OUT… I guess that's what I get for binge watching bookshelf organization videos…

  2. I need new bookshelves so bad. I have 3 but one of them sucks and one is used for contemporary books and the other is my main one and I love it but I need one to take place of my sucky one. It’s like 3 ft tall and 5 ft wide. Which is weird. Bookshelves are so expensive though!!

  3. Why are all of your books so PRETTY. I have paperbacks and hardcovers that are all AMAZING BUT NOT ALL SHINY and AMAZING looking on my shelf. Peasant bookshelf. 😀

  4. I was just about to read miss peregrine home for peculiar children. Now I know it’s going to be a great book.

  5. It was very satisfying and beautiful😍. Really enjoyed the video.😉. Am sorry for what happened to your bookshelf. By the way have you ever read the Pendragon series?

  6. I love this! It's so satisfying. Also why did you put your Hunger Games books in different sections so they are separated?

  7. Is it weird that I freaked out when I saw your Brandon Mull books?
    I'm gonna answer my own question and say no, because I thought I was the only one who still got books from the "children's" section.

  8. I keep getting lowkey mad cuz my fave books arent on the shelf and then I realize they arent out yet cuz this was 4 years ago lmao

  9. makes me wonder if your shelf fell because you stack your books at the edge of the shelf and not all the way back throwing off the balance and also you didn't brace it to the wall?

  10. Omg the shelves look so good, but oh my god I can't STAND that he didn't put Shatter Me with the rest of the series 😭

  11. I know I'm late but have you ever read "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket. It follows 3 orphans called Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. Their parents die in a house fire and there is an evil man called Count Olaf who wants to steal the Baudilaire fortune. The three of them have to work together to save themselves from Count Olaf.

  12. I got rid of most of my a few months ago because they were too easy and I hadn't read them in years. Now I have like 75-90 books on my shelves. I'm planning to busy some more soon, but my shelves feel so empty compared to yours

  13. I have learned the science and art of book arrangement by watching this video. Man, I am pumped with your Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children collection!

  14. I like having my books like this:
    I dont like having my books like this:
    When the are like this (=) It really annoys me so every year I reorganise my bookshelf so books don’t need to be like that (=)

  15. well that was fun. It was like watching my OCD brother organize his books. LOL Which is why I noticed two books that need to be swapped with each other, Finding Momo and Seconds. Looks great! Seriously. Also, I saw your Riordan books. Have you read Flanagan's Brotherband or Ranger Apprentice books?


  17. I have a shelf above my bed and it's full of books and if any books fell down it will fall on my head 🙂😂😂❤

  18. Have you tried the Rush series? I can't remember seeing it in any of your videos and such, but still you should read it!
    Let me know if you already have… 📚📚📚

  19. This made me so happy to watch and they look stunning. I wish I had space to keep my books and create beautiful shelves like yours.

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